You Think What I Wrote Yesterday Was Hyperbole? Check This Out

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday I wrote Obama’s Reactionary Attack on the Disabled is Followed Up by HUGE Unpayable Bills! Just Like Reagan did in the ’80s.  It was a reaction to my personal situation where I have been kicked off SSDI by a dishonest Administrative Law Judge, Judge Weakley, and have now been notified by the Social Security Administration that I owe them $34,000 and have to pay it by next week.

Upon further review, the title of yesterday’s article couldn’t have been more accurate. I found this today:

“In 1981, Reagan ordered the Social Security Administration (SSA) to tighten up enforcement of the Disability Amendments Act of 1980, which resulted in more than a million disability beneficiaries having their benefits stopped. This, as well as enforcement by the SSA of the Debt Collection Act of 1982, resulted in widespread public, media and federal court criticism of the agency. By 1984, the disability review process had nearly collapsed, and an internal SSA memo acknowledged that the agency’s credibility was at an all-time low.[3] This resulted in Congress creating the Reform Act, which had the effect of strengthening the legal position of SSDI beneficiaries.[4]

The neoliberal “free market” ideologues in the Reagan administration kicked over a million disabled people to the curb AND THEN THEY UNLEASHED THE DEBT COLLECTORS ON THEM. Going after people who are already disabled with no way to pay for a debt they don’t really owe since they were disabled and provided aid legally.

Astonishing in it’s abject cruelty.

The disability review process had collapsed that means they were rubber-stamping anyone they could to get them off the SSDI program. An estimated 80,000 people with severe mental handicaps were kicked off disability and literally tossed into the streets.

What neoliberal Obama is doing is the EXACT SAME THING only he gets to enjoy left-cover while he does it.

Yesterday I wrote about one of the panel members who provided cover for this new round of Social Security Reaganomics plans and how she was from the historically neoliberal RAND Corp and how she wrote studies on how SSDI hurts the labor pool by keeping disabled people from working themselves to death due to sheer desperation.

Today I found out some info on another panel member:

Manasi Deshpande – University of Chicago School of Economics (pure neoliberal) – research “Empirical public finance and labor economics, effects of social insurance and public assistance programs, and labor markets.” – she is a research fellow at UC School of Economics’ Becker Friedman Institute – the institute is named after Milton Friedman and promotes neoliberal economic ideology

Straight from the University of Chicago School of Economics, birthplace of American neoliberal economic ideology. She also believes disability insurance hurts Big Business’ profit margins.

Also of note: A reader, Obama-Jugend, left a link to something that is of particular interest. Keep in mind, Reagan beat G.H.W. Bush in 1980 in a contentious primary battle. Then, 60 days after his inauguration, he was shot by the son of a close business partner and friend of G.H.W. Bush. From that point on, Bush was running the Reagan White House, not Reagan. He was more of a front-man. G.H.W. Bush created the neoliberal fake-left party in this country by cultivating one William Jefferson Clinton and his father, Prescott was called a “Nazi banker” in congress. In fact his namesake was George Herbert Walker, another Nazi banker.

So it was Bush who was really behind the 1981 attack on the disabled in this country and lo and behold:

Using a practice developed for the child “euthanasia” program, in the autumn of 1939 T4 planners began to distribute carefully formulated questionnaires to all public health officials, public and private hospitals, mental institutions, and nursing homes for the chronically ill and aged. The limited space and wording on the forms, as well as the instructions in the accompanying cover letter, combined to give the impression that the survey was intended simply to gather statistical data.

The form’s sinister purpose was suggested only by the emphasis placed upon the patient’s capacity to work and by the categories of patients which the inquiry required health authorities to identify.” United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

It’s such a small world when you dig a little deeper. Ain’t it? Still think I was exaggerating yesterday? Under the left cover of Obama (created by the Clintons by the way) the neoliberals are reconstituting one of the cruelest crippling austerity measures that fascist economic ideology has too offer.

Over a million disabled people were kicked off their disability insurance program in the first years of the Reagan administration. I wonder how many millions have been kicked off in the past two years under “progressive” Obama’s watch?

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Thank you all so much

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14 Responses

  1. I hope you have good legal representation. I think you are being targeted for you’re outspokenness. Something we are going to see increasingly in the near future.

  2. As long as people continue to believe that a currency issuing government like the US is constrained by the income it receives and its ability to ‘borrow’ then they will keep getting away with this sort of shit.

    Because DEFICIT!!!!!!!

    • ah, the horrible deficit monster. Bringer of all sorts of austerity measure saves. Just ask Greece about that one. That particular monster sure has hurt a lot of little people and enriched a lot of IMF/World Bank financiers over the decades, has it not?

      • I don’t know that it enriches anyone directly. It certainly puts commercial banks in positions of power that should be in the hands of the state.

        But as long as people believe that their government needs to ‘balance its books’ then they won’t demand full employment or filly funded health care or reasonable incomes for those unable to work like yourself.

        It’s a social engineering con to suppress wages and increase the sahre of national income going to profits.

        • of course the debt monster directly enriches certain folks. Look at the various countries like Greece who are forced to take out the IMF loans because their debt is so high. The IMF gives them the loans, they in turn hand the money back to various Western banksters and financial institutions, they have to impose crippling austerity along with taking out the loans which make the business owners super rich, they have to open their markets to various globalist interests, they privatize their public resources all in exchange for the loans that renew the debt, go to the banksters and enrich many others at the same time.

          • Greece isn’t a currency issuer.

            • what does that even mean? Greece took out IMF loans after the people said they didn’t want anymore. the money came from the IMF, not Greece. Greece still has a national debt, does it not? I have no idea what that statement even means

              • Greece is a currency user. It uses the Euro.

                The Greek government doesn’t issue its own currency.

                That is its major problem. It has to get euros from somewhere else whereas a currency issuer creates its own currency out of thin air.

    • Ask the people of Venezuela how that unlimted printing of money is working out for them.

      • I can’t imagine why you would make that remark.

        Has Venezuela been ‘printing money’ without restraint?

        Can you tell us how that fits in with running a currency board?

        • Yes, Venezuela has been printing money without restraint. Welm], they were until they could no longer buy the specail paper required for printing money. Google it 🙂

        • Yes, Venezuela HAS BEEN PRINTING MONEY WITHOUT RESTRAINT. Not sure if they are any more since they are now unable to buy the necessary paper stock 🙂 Google it.

          • And yet it’s so called national debt is less than that of nearly all the advanced economies.

            So no.

            Governments and banks create and destroy vast sumes of money every day, Henny Penny.

  3. Thank you for totally clarifying the full truth behind this Social Security deficit bullshit, Scott. I also hope you get the help and support you deserve for your atrociously unjust situation!

    On a side note, though, I have to say that the links of this crap with past fascism and Nazi Germany adds a very creepy angle to the whole “SS number” thing…

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