Britain-backed al-Qaeda PR Group, the White Helmets, Submit a Mannequin Challenge Video Which Exposes Their Phony ‘Rescues’

by Scott Creighton

This is funny. The idiots who get paid tens of millions of dollars by the US and Britain to run a “Syrian regime change” PR operation called “The White Helmets” have created a video of them doing this stupid, trendy “mannequin challenge” in an effort to try to make them look hip and relevant to a certain target market audience.

Unfortunately for these public relations morons, it only goes to prove just how fake these a-holes are as it completely exposes their real purpose which is simply to manufacture videos in a “hearts and minds” campaign that promote the 5-year-old regime change operation we are running in Syria.

The White Helmets are nothing more than the PR wing of al-Nusra which is what what “al-Qaeda in Syria” morphed into a couple years back.

In the video you can see a typical White Helmet “rescue” where they dig a hole, stick part of a person or an entire child in the hole, smear some concrete dust on their faces, maybe a little fake blood on his forehead at the hairline so you can’t see the “wound”  and then they ‘come to the rescue’

As the performers are “frozen” the cameraman walks around the scene and zooms in and out. You see the concrete dust smeared on the terrorist’s face. You see fake blood on his mouth. You see the little hole they dug for his leg. While this happens, you hear the cameraman’s footsteps and ruble moving around. There is no sound of combat or cries of anguish. All of that is added in post production.

This is literally the dumbest thing they could have done in terms of maintaining their legitimacy.

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  1. Humor can make people see reason when mere logic fails.

    Imagine a parody video in which a couple of pot-bellied buffoons devise a scam to get beer money. They fake a “rescue” like the terrorist “white helmets.”™ A corporate news anchor presents their video as “true.” A State Dept. Spokesman touts the video as “proof” that the Russians are evil. The beer-swilling buffoons collect their payment, and then rush to the store to buy more beer. Fade to an image of the American flag waving in the breeze while the soundtrack plays Roseanne Barr’s infamous stadium rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

    By the way, in Stockholm next month the head-chopping “white helmets”™ terrorist mercenaries will be awarded the “Right Livelihood Award,” which Swedish politicians boast is an “alternative peace prize.” It includes a bounty of 200,000 euros (USD $212,000).

  2. On BBC last night (only once)

    IS conflict: How is it getting hold of weapons from the West?

    Ammunition boxes were turning up that could be traced back to factories in Eastern Europe.

    It emerged that the material had been sold – legally – to the governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia. It was then shipped through Turkey.

    The destination was northern Syria and the opposition groups (which the US and Saudi Arabia supported) fighting President Bashar al-Assad.

  3. Donald Trump meets with prominent Sanders supporter Tulsi Gabbard

    But the Iraq war veteran has also expressed views that might appeal to Trump, criticising Obama, condemning interventionist wars in Iraq and Libya and taking a hard line on immigration. In 2014, she called for a rollback of the visa waiver programme for Britain and other European countries with what she called “Islamic extremist” populations.

    In October last year she tweeted: “Al-Qaeda attacked us on 9/11 and must be defeated. Obama won’t bomb them in Syria. Putin did. #neverforget911.” She was then among 47 Democrats who joined Republicans to pass a bill mandating a stronger screening process for refugees from Iraq and Syria coming to the US.

    Media reports have suggested that Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon is an admirer of Gabbard. Last week, when 169 Democrats signed a letter condemning Bannon’s appointment by Trump for encouraging white nationalism, she was not among them.

    Gabbard Statement on Meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump

    “I felt it important to take the opportunity to meet with the President-elect now before the drumbeats of war that neocons have been beating drag us into an escalation of the war to overthrow the Syrian government…”

    ““While the rules of political expediency would say I should have refused to meet with President-elect Trump, I never have and never will play politics with American and Syrian lives.”




    This is cute.

    The EU claims that Russia “violated” sanctions against Syria by delivering fuel to Russia’s own planes in Syria.

    Russia is under EU sanctions itself, and is not subject to EU laws or agreements. To claim that Russia “violated” EU sanctions is like blockading a city to starve it. If the city overcomes the blockade, the city is condemned for illegally “violating” your illegal blockade and your illegal violation. The acquisition of food is condemned as “illegal smuggling.”

    Western arrogance and hypocrisy are truly infinite.

  6. OT fyi: A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs

    It was on NPR today. His company was targeting pro-Trump supporters by planting dis-info.

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