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  1. From the video: “Greece is a big signpost for how predatory capitalism is failing.”

    Capitalism is not failing. Capitalism is succeeding at its core function, which is to widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

    As for Greece, the solution is so simple that it eludes most people. In the past, the Greek government created its own currency out of thin air (the drachma). On 1 Jan 2001, Greece surrendered that ability to the bankers when Greece adopted the euro. This would not be a crisis if Greece had a trade surplus, such that euros flowed into Greece from other nations. However, Greece had a whopping trade deficit from 2001 to 2012, which meant that billions of euros were sucked out of Greece. The government had to borrow all its euros. The result was ever-worsening debt, austerity, and neoliberalism (privatization etc). After 2012, Greece did a little better, but Greece still see-saws back and forth between trade surplus and trade deficit.

    There are only two possible ways that Greece could escape from its current crisis. One way is to develop a huge trade surplus like Holland’s or Germany’s. This route is unlikely, since Greece would have to become a manufacturing powerhouse. The other way would be to dump the euro. Greek politicians cling to the euro because they are on the bankers’ payroll. Meanwhile Greek newspapers falsely claim that “Without the euro (which is killing us) we will all die!” The newspapers lie because they are owned by the rich, who like the euro, since it forces privatization in Greece.

  2. Excellent video. Jimmy Dore really nails it, and I like listening to him. However, regarding those clips of Obama’s speech, I always jump over them without listening.

    I cannot stand to hear Obama speak. Not a single word. It was the same with Killary.

    Every single detail about these two disgraceful maggots is deeply depressing. However I have a different emotion regarding people who adore these two wretches, and who wail that Killary lost, and who call me a bigot for not agreeing with them. That emotion is blazing anger and disgust.

    I repeat: Jimmy Dore really nails it here.

  3. Whoops. My second comment in this thread disappeared.

  4. I’m starting to fall in love with Jimmy.

  5. Obama’s final insult to the nation will be his blanket pardon of Hillary, and his refusal to pardon Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, who has served five and a half years of his 35-year sentence, having been jailed since May 2010.

    Meanwhile if Trump pardons Snowden and Manning, the fake-left bloggers and media hacks will continue to pine for Obama and Hillary.

  6. While I enjoyed the video … it is a bit naive. Let’s just review a few things.
    1. The CIA started running the country unhindered after assassinating JFK.
    2. All presidents are merely spokemodels for the deep state.
    3. Obama’s mother worked for the CIA. He grew up in the company… what did anyone expect?


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