About that “Peace Deal” Syria Rejected… It Wasn’t a Peace Deal, It Was the Creation of a Caliphate in East Aleppo for al-Qaeda

by Scott Creighton

We know that al-Nusra is al-Qaeda in Syria. We have figured that much out, right? All you naysayers out there who are bound and determined to continue believing the Global War on Common Sense lies… you can see that much by this point, can’t you?


Then we can also take the “moderates” at their word when they themselves admit all the “moderates’ have been rolled into al-Nusra at this point, correct? That’s all those ‘moderates’ we’ve been backing for 5 years as they rained Hell Cannon bombs down on the people of Aleppo in an effort to get them to vacate the city so they could turn it into a caliphate or Greater Kurdistan or something.

You with me so far?

Syria is now being charged in our complicit and totally “fake” media outlets with rejecting a peace offer put forward by UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan De Mistura. A “peace offer” that was accepted by the ‘moderates’

Seems like all Syria wants to do is kill folks all day long for no good reason right? Shameful… if you believe the “fake news” from our media.

Well, it’s not quite that simple:

“Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem has strongly dismissed a United Nations proposal concerning the establishment of an autonomous region run by foreign-backed Takfiri militants in the eastern part of the strategically northwestern city of Aleppo.” Press TV

“The idea of the self-management proposed by de Mistura in eastern Aleppo is categorically rejected,” al-Moallem stressed. He went on to say ” We have not seen any desire from de Mistura to resume Syrian-Syrian dialogue, perhaps he is waiting for a new administration in the United States or a new leadership of the United Nations,” Syria welcomes any Syrian-Syrian dialogue within Syria or in Geneva,” he said, adding that ” Syria believes in a role by the United Nations that respects its Charter and sovereignty of the member states ,” SANA

“Syria will not accept a UN proposal to recognise an autonomous rebel administration in east Aleppo as part of a truce deal, the country’s foreign minister said Sunday.” Daily Mail

The deal was put together by UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan De Mistura. For a little background on him: “On 28 November 2011, he was nominated Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs in Italy’s technocratic cabinet headed by Mario Monti.[16]    ” and “In May 2014 De Mistura was named president of the board of governors for the European Institute of Peace (a EU-backed NGO) in Brussels.[17]  ”

This is the same guy who, a couple weeks ago, offered to lead the terrorists out of Aleppo like Moses led the Jews from Egypt.

So a guy who is backed by US and NATO interests put forward a plan to bust off a piece of Syria and hand it over to the CIA’s “moderate” terrorists formerly known as al-Qaeda.

Do you think al-Qaeda ops in that new land of theirs would set up a democracy? Anyone want to guess on that one?

Now let’s think about that for a second. Who else wants a home of their own in the Middle East? Is it the Kurds with their US and Israel-backed “Greater Kurdistan” project? Yes, yes, that is true… yes.

But… I could be wrong… but something else comes to mind. Way back there in the dusty part. I don’t want to be accused of producing “fake news” but I seem to remember someone else saying they wanted a home of their own just like the fanatical Wahhabist ‘moderates’ we have working for the CIA in eastern Aleppo. Now who could that be?

Oh yeah, now I remember… the Catholics!

Just kidding… it’s “ISIS™”

So we fight and fight and fight against “ISIS™” because all they want to do is kill the infidels and set up their own caliphate… and the first chance we get, we have our YesMan in the UN put forward a proposition to give a caliphate to al-Qaeda.

Does anyone remember how al-Qaeda deals with the “infidels”? Anyone?

Image result for 9/11 towers


Clearly this plan was devised to be rejected. They do things like that so they can say it’s the government of Syria that is being impossible when it comes to a cease-fire deal. Nobody in their right mind would think that Assad or the millions of Syrians who are being terrorized by our al-Qaeda terrorist branch of Special Operations would hand over a chunk of their country to these monsters… especially when they are losing badly.

It’s a PR move but it’s a PR move that is extremely enlightening when you look at it in a certain way… and by that I mean with some common sense and a little knowledge of our history.

I personally can’t wait til Samantha PowerMad gets up in the UN and complains that Syria didn’t take the deal she backs for creating al-Qaeda’s caliphate in Syria. That should be a fun one to watch. Well, it wont be fun for people who lost loved ones on 9/11 or someone in one of the many wars that followed BECAUSE of 9/11 or someone from another country that was bombed due to 9/11 who’s country had nothing to do with 9/11 or anyone who has a moral center… but for everyone else it’ll be a blast.

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Thank you all so much

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7 Responses

  1. Are you implying al-qaeda did 9/11?

    • I’m speaking their language. It’s code to you and me. 😉 In all honesty, it doesn’t matter what we know about who pulled off 9/11. They blame al-Qaeda, they back al-Qaeda, they protect al-Qaed and now they seek a new caliphate for al-Qaeda. My guess is, anyone reading this article is going to start having doubts, if they don’t already.

  2. Novelist Stephen King is despondent that Hillary lost.

    (Actually if you dig into both Clintons’ background, it was John Podesta and his crowd who lost. Bill and Hillary and Obama just did as Podesta instructed them.)

    (Also defeated was the TPP, TTIP, World War III, and the mass bombing of Syria.)

    King, 69, says that as a result, he is going offline, saying there will be “No more book recommendations or politics for the immediate future. I’m shutting down.”

    Poor clown.


    Question for all the whiners… Regardless of what you think of Trump, what makes you think Hillary would be better?

    • Good point. I raised that recently with some old “liberals” and at least one squawked about Trump: “He wants to take away my rights!” Didn’t say which ones though, and to be fair I realized I did not want to have that conversation at that time, and left.

      It may have been here, but somewhere someone wrote that the left has been reduced to arguing over which bathroom someone can use. This while ignoring far greater thefts of rights such as our loss of sovereignty via global slave pacts. This deliberate obfuscation and blurring between minor individual rights and major shared human rights is probably intended.

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