WHITE HELMETS: NATO’s Finest Terrorist-Linked ‘First Responders’ are Shamelessly Promoted by Georgetown University

by J Michael Springmann, from 21st Century Wire (called a “fake news” site by some corporate ladder-climber)


Image by Cory Morningstar of Wrong Kind of Green

On November 14, 2016, Georgetown’s Foreign Service School, its Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS), and its Middle East-North Africa (MENA) Forum showed the Netflix propaganda film “The White Helmets”.  Following the film (which the Helmets had shot), there was an extremely biased  panel discussion about current Syrian events.

The motion picture, well-received by the audience, offered a carefully-edited account of the White Helmets, an alleged civil defense and rescue group. No member had any kind of background involving rescue work.  Indeed, they all seemed to be either butchers, bakers, or candlestick makers.  One alleged he had been a terrorist but had reformed and now wanted to help his fellow countrymen.  The film depicted the White Helmets rescuing infants at great risk while under fire from the Syrian government and Russia.  The only training they received was in Turkey, coming from classes and drills which the Anatolian government provided.

After the picture, the CCAS Director, Osama Abi-Mershed, praising the White Helmets’ work…

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2 Responses

  1. This “White Helmets”™ presentation was given at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

    Georgetown is for kids who are not very bright, and who decide that they want to become politicians in Washington D.C., or to at least have a career in the Washington bureaucracy. Bill Clinton went there. Former Sec. of Defense Robert Gates went there. Trump sent his kids there. Joe Biden sent his son there. Maria Shriver went there. She and Arnold Schwarzenegger sent their four kids there.

    At Georgetown you learn to be a “statesman” — i.e. a spineless yes-man who goes along with whatever fad the Washington mob is currently into.

    If you remember back to your own college or high school days, there was always one student who wore a necktie (or business suit in the case of females) and who vigorously pursued titles such as class president, or valedictorian, or leader of the Young Republicans. Remember Michael Keaton’s character in the 1982-89 TV series “Family Ties”? That’s the Georgetown type: shallow and wooden, yet “superior.” These goodie-goodies dream of rising “above” average people and becoming part of the Washington establishment insider scum.

    Hence it was appropriate for students in the Georgetown audience to applaud the “White Helmets”™ propaganda. To support the lies and the proxy war is to be part of the Washington.
    “in” crowd.

  2. Georgetown University is a Jesuit breeding ground for liars in office.

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