America’s Neoliberal Fake-left Learns Nothing After Election – Reassure Billionaires they Don’t Care About Us

by Scott Creighton (this is a rant. bad language. bad thoughts. trying to make that “fake news” list so bear with me or don’t read it)

As the Benevolent Billionaire of Orange picks out drapes for the Oval Office and Killary the Aging Globalization Cheerleader huddles in a corner of her room in the fetal position weeping inconsolably, President Peace Prize of Left Cover tells fascist Germany we didn’t “go too fast” in pursuit of their precious New World Order and the rest of the neoliberal fake-left “leaders” as it were, rush out to some retreat to meet with STILL MORE globalist billionaires to get them to help figure out what went wrong.

Are you fucking shitting me?!

Nobody… ever…. liked… neoliberal… globalization… ever… nobody… get it?

In 1992 Independent candidate Ross Perot, the little squeaky guy with the pie charts, YES FUCKING PIE CHARTS, won 19.7 million votes on an ANTI-GLOBALIZATION campaign. He was non-interventionist and strongly opposed the NAFTA “free trade” deal which he said would create a “giant sucking sound” as our jobs flowed into Mexico for cheaper labor.

But of course, Left Cover Slick Willy won the election and sold out the Democrat Party to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars for himself and his Aging Globalization Cheerleader wife, who he prefers not to have sex with apparently.

In 1999 there were MASSIVE ANTI-GLOBALIZATION protests, the largest of which was the Battle in Seattle. 9/11 brought that shit to an end and soon afterward, the anointing of President Peace Prize of Left Cover finished it off. For a while…

In 2011 the real left and the young people finally got their shit together and Occupy Wall Street took off. It was HUUUUGE and stretched across the country. It was soon infiltrated by professional disrupters and in the end, President Peace Prize of Left Cover got together with mayors from all over the country and decided to crack some heads, cus you know, President Peace Prize of Left Cover is all about that “CHANGE” and shit.

Brexit anyone?

Bernie Sanders was a phenom during the Democrat Party nomination process this year. He actually won but the unDemocratic Party made sure to STEAL THE NOMINATION FROM HIM AND HAND IT OVER TO THE AGING GLOBALIZATION CHEERLEADER… because of course, IT WAS HER FUCKING TURN.

And Trump wins because he says (how long till he goes back on that promise you think?) he is opposed to these GLOBALIST TRADE DEALS and ENDLESS WARS OF TERROR and the people decided better him than a corrupt establishment AGING GLOBALIZATION CHEERLEADER.

Look at the history. It’s not hard to figure out. Do you want to know why Killary Clinton lost to a man who seemed like he didn’t even want to win?


So what does the corrupt, bought-off, in the pocket of Big Business fake-left unDemocratic Party do in the wake of all that evidence?

They say “we gotta change. We gotta put our finger on the pulse of the people again”

Great. Ok. Finally something sinks the fuck in. Beautiful. Then they leap into action.

“President Obama has acknowledged a “bumpy phase” in politics — but he said a majority of Americans are comfortable with the pace of globalization, and he also said it’s up to leaders to give people a sense of control and confidence about the future….

Obama also spoke about his successor, President-elect Donald Trump, and pointed to his own approval ratings as a sign that Americans aren’t as dissatisfied with the results of globalism in the U.S. as it may seemNPR

FUCK YEAH! All that other empirical evidence aside, all President Peace Prize of Left Cover needs to justify keeping his foot on the globalization peddle are his stupid rancid poll numbers. That’s all he needs. That MUST mean the people of the country CANT WAIT for Obama to sign our country over to our new Globalist Corporate Masters with the TTIP and the TPP! Of course, it makes such perfect sense if you completely ignore all the other facts on the ground and just look at his stupid approval rating. It’s SO SIMPLE.


The president’s approval rating is so high right now because he isn’t the Benevolent Billionaire of Orange who has been steadily marketed by the MSM as a rapist, Muslim-bashing, Latino-evicting, Putin-loving monster who’s coming to steal your retirement money. It’s got NOTHING TO DO WITH AMERICANS WANTING MORE GLOBALIZATION, YOU ARROGANT FUCKING LEFT-COVER SELLOUT.

Meanwhile, while our beloved leader is busy in Germany making up stories about how stupid Americans are, the rest of the “liberal” left decided to go huddle with George Soros, lick their wounds, beg for more money and apologize to the Gods of Mammon for FUCKING UP THE ELECTION SO BADLY.

After investing hundreds of millions of dollars into the failed campaign of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, elite liberals and money men gathered in Washington, D.C., to plot a way bring down President-elect Donald Trump in his term in the White House.

The conference, sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club, featured keynote presentations from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), and as well as social engineering mogul billionaire George Soros….

Gara LaMarche, the president of the DA, told donors Sunday evening that some reassessment is in order for the Democratic party. “You don’t lose an election you were supposed to win, with so much at stake, without making some big mistakes, in assumptions, strategy and tactics,” LaMarche said, according to prepared remarks he provided to Politico.

LaMarche would add that the reassessment “must take place without recrimination and finger-pointing…” 21st Century Wire


I wonder what color half-jacket Elizabeth the Angry “Progressive” wore when she got on her knees and sucked SorosMAMMON’s toes? Did she suck his toes with that same FAKE FUCKING PASSION SHE ALWAYS USES WHEN TALKING TO RACHEL “TONGUE UP KILLIARY’S GLORYHOLE” MADDOW? I hope she did because that fake passion thing she does is so convincing (do you feel my eyes rolling?)

Are you kidding me?

Why did they lose? Because people in this country are like people across the world. They are sick and tired of neoliberal globalization and want an end to it in spite of what President Obama says.

So what did the sell-outs and fake left-cover Dems do?


That’s what they did. That’s what they are doing. They are letting the billionaire masters of the universe understand they are not going to change a goddamned thing about what they do and how they do it.

If anybody still thinks the fake-left unDemocratic Party can still be saved, just fucking shoot yourself. Don’t waste time. Don’t waste air. Just borrow a gun or buy one and do it. This is fucking pathetic. I have never seen a bigger group of groveling sellouts in my lifetime. Never. Ever.

They are like crack-fiends begging for another hit.

They don’t deserve a single vote ever again and I don’t care if the Benevolent Billionaire of Orange takes to raping puppies in the Oval Office and sells off Mount Rushmore to the Chinese.

I wont ever vote Democrat again. They make my skin crawl.

(with that, rant ends)

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

Thank you all so much

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39 Responses

  1. Thank you Scott. I feel your pain and disgust and thank you for outlining it so well. I’ve been a Democrat all my life and have been so angry with the party since Obama’s second year in office. I will never plan to vote Democrat again either. To hell with the empire and save our nation. Wish Vic Thorn was here to witness the election results.

  2. Billionaire of Orange? I love it. It combines Trump’s weird orange complexion with the historic Prince of Orange, a title originally associated with the sovereign Principality of Orange in what is now southern France. From that we got the Royal House of the Netherlands — a.k.a. the House of Orange-Nassau. The Dutch flag was originally orange, white, and blue. The French changed it to red white and blue when they invaded Holland in 1796. Today orange is the national color of Holland. It is the color of Dutch athletes’ uniforms when they compete at the Olympics, or at the FIFA soccer tournament. Billionaire of Orange? Clever. 

    Anyway I wouldn’t worry too much about the fake leftists. The Killary’s, the Barak O’bombers, the Rachel MadCows, the Elizabeth WarHens (Warren staunchly supports the War Of Terror) and so forth. I am convinced that average Americans have no interest in anything those creeps have to say. Sir Orange will be President, and people are curious to see whether the new boss will be the same as the old boss. Probably he will be, but then again, Hillary was supposed to win the election.

    The masses want change. They may disagree on what kind of change, but all of them want change in general, even if the change is not as populist as they want. Anything – ANYTHING – but the same old shyte. As for the corporate media outlets, no one pays them any attention anymore.


  3. Speaking of corporate media outlets, CNN was the first all-news channel, and the first to provide 24-hour news coverage. On 28 Jan 1986, CNN carried the only live television coverage of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Four years later, during the Gulf War (a.k.a. “Desert Shield” Aug 1990 – Feb 1991) CNN made a huge splash with its you-are-there presentation style. CNN’s audience share skyrocketed, forcing the other “news” outlets to change their own styles, at least for a while.

    In October 1996 Ted Turner sold CNN to Time Warner. After that, CNN became a geyser of raw sewage, and eventually became the Clinton News Network.

    MY POINT is that the masses want something new and different. Until they get it, they will have no interest in today’s corporate media outlets. It’s the same with entertainment TV. It all turned to shyte, and so audiences turned to cable-channel series like “Breaking Bad.”

    The fake leftists have no clue, and therefore cannot adapt. Therefore nature is selecting against them. They no longer matter.

  4. Comment written in two parts, but only the first part appeared. Second part vanished.

    Looks like it’s time to sacrifice another chicken to the WordPress gods.

  5. This rant is so awesome and would be funny if the whole thing wasn’t so sad.

  6. “In 2011 the real left and the young people finally got their shit together and Occupy Wall Street took off. It was HUUUUGE and stretched across the country. It was soon infiltrated by professional disrupters…”

    What makes you so sure it was legitimate to begin with, and not just another staged event? Even if 95% of the participants were genuine, they were just the followers, not the leaders and organizers.

    • it was hijacked. had it been fake, they wouldn’t have needed to break out the thugs to bust heads to get it to stop. Plus, what good could it have done for TPTB in terms of exposing Wall Street bankers as the monsters and traitors they are? Lots of times “alternative” sites will try to undermine the credibility of legitimate movements so that folks think everything is controlled and there is nothing they can do. They did that with the uprising in Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia and they did it with Occupy. It was hijacked and derailed. But it was legit originally. Just like the Battle for Seattle was.

      • Agreed. I can say Seattle seemed pretty legit; many of the people who turned out weren’t demonstrators but simply bystanders who’d been gassed by the police while walking home from the grocery store. You don’t fuck with little old ladies up in here! This our shit!

        The ‘everything-is-staged’ worldview is a dark path. Doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and gives TPTB way too much credit for sloppy work. Judging from recent ‘actual’ staged events, I suspect the spooks just aren’t as clever as they used to be (hard to find good help these days). The astroturf movements (i.e., Bundys) stick out like sore thumbs when they parrot ALEC/ALC memos. Too dim to write their own copy.

        BTW, best of luck making that fake news list, dude. If the toe-sucking or analingus bit doesn’t score, perhaps try some religiosity like ‘GOD WILLS IT!’ or something like that?

    • No populist movement has ever succeeded without having a very clear and specific list of demands. The Occupy movement had no such list. That was its fatal flaw. Young “Occupy” activists prided themselves on having no common demands, no formal organization, and no leaders. They said this made their activism more “organic.” Well I’m sorry, but human society doesn’t respond to “organic.” And “organic” lets the talking heads at the corporate media outlets say, “What are they protesting anyway?”

      If the Occupy movement had specifically demanded single payer health care, for example, then. police attacks on the activists would be seen as attacks on single payer. As it was, the activists simply squatted in city plazas while they played guitars, compared tattoos, and fantasized that they were “resisting authority.” The cops let them have fun for a little while, and then sent in the street sweepers.

      I repeat: no populist movement has ever succeeded without having a very clear and specific list of demands.

      • I can’t speak for Occupy folks, but I don’t think it’s fair to say they were all just fantasizing about resisting authority. Certainly the lack of concise “demands” was a liability, but it doesn’t really matter in my view. Occupy took pitchforks to the castle gates and scared the shit out of the bluebloods. Mission accomplished.

        • I would agree. What also scared them was the speed in which it grew. I was live-blogging it one day and they resisted the distrupters’ call to keep moving, broke through a police barricade and went straight to Wall St. They were outside the stock exchange and tons of folks followed them. While the professional disrutpers tried to convince them to leave, some of the real leaders got on the phone with the Teamsters and they told them to stay right the fuck where they were, they were coming down there to join them and bringing trucks to shut down all of Wall St. Once they announced that to the crowd it was excited and a bunch of the phonies started talking with cops and in short order tons of cops showed up, the opening bell was delayed 15 mintues and the disrupters claimed that was their “victory” and convinced a large group of them to leave before they got arrested. so yeah, it was real,for a while.

        • Forgive me, but how exactly did the Occupy activists “resist authority”? Who exactly did they frighten? What exactly did they change?

          I don’t imply that they were fake. Just directionless, and therefore easily dispersed.

          • Elizabeth, “resist authoratie” was your line. And I don’t have data to address your questions but I’ll speculate that even “directionless” demonstrations like Occupy impose increased costs on the “authoraties” (i.e., security services, propaganda campaigns). Not all of those costs can be externalized to the taxpayers and that probably worries TPTB (they like money a lot). Just because the crowds were “easily dispersed” doesn’t mean it was for nothing: even “peasants” (as you say) watching TV saw grown men in uniform attacking young girls.

            Would you prefer they’d brought automatic weapons and hand grenades to Wall St instead of guitars and tattoos? What direction would you have them take to be more effective?

            • QUESTION: “What direction would you have them take to be more effective?”

              ANSWER: In order for any movement to be effective, it must have a very clear list of demands that all participants agree with. It must have order, discipline, and a chain of command. It must have clear goals and specific missions. It must have discipline and team coordination.

              We did not see this during the “Occupy” sit-ins of 2011. Instead we saw little mobs here and there. Participants imagined that they all wanted the same things, when in fact each participant had his own idea of what the sit in was about. If you asked 100 participants what they were protesting, you got 100 different answers.

              Today in hindsight, people romanticize the “Occupy” episode. They fantasize that it scared the rich. They imagine that it was far more effective and cohesive than it actually was.

              I’m not belittling it. I’m just explaining why it fizzled.

              • Agreed, I’m with you there. But I don’t think anyone here is romanticizing shit. No one said Occupy achieved world peace or brought Charlton Heston back from the dead. We know it scared the rich folk because they resorted to a (probably expensive) full-court press to shut it down. It was somewhat effective (15 min. of fame) in spite of itself.

                If someone, noDAPL for instance, want to prevent fizzling in the future they’ll need viable solutions to Occupy’s problems. I’m hip to your plan but I don’t understand how it would’ve ensured better results with Occupy. For example, how will the ‘list of demands’ deal with brute squads and military hardware? How will discipline be maintained when provocateurs are cheap and plentiful? And how will organizers coordinate effectively when their communications are monitored, Pony Express? Homing pigeons?

              • it didn’t “fizzle’ the fake-left Obama administration got together with mayors from affected cities and they decided, en masse, to move in and break up the protests all on the same weekend. They also sent infiltrators into the groups in an effort to keep them disorganized. There was a concerted effort to destroy the protests, so it didn’t “fizzle” due to lack of cohesion.

                • Elizabeth is exactly right. I am continually astonished that even on a blog like this people seem to have no idea whatsoever of real political action. It is truly pathetic to watch Americans pretend they are anything but spectators.

                  Occupy did exactly nothing. They never threatened anything in any way. They never had a goal. They never had a platform. They never had a political idea. It was a complete lifestyle wank-off from start to finish. The most important thing to know about Occupy was that 75% of the public supported the idea of regulating Wall Street and forcing them to disgorge the funds and sending a bunch of them to jail on the first day – meaning they already had all those opinions – and all Occupy did was choose a stupid irrelevant and wrong wanker name and proceed to co-opt and utterly and completely drop the ball on that 75% majority they started with. It doesn’t get much more incompetent than that. They were totally incompetent poseurs.

                  Thank you Elizabeth for voicing the correct adult idea. Are you European? I’m guessing you are since no American left liberal understands these things.

                  • And you’re right Scott, it didn’t fizzle from lack of cohesion. The “no demands” operatives were almost certainly government operatives – I met several of those “leaderless” leaders and they were very sly people and not egalitarians by temperament in any way – they were soft-authoritarian infiltrators and it was quite obvious. But the decent cohesion the multitudes had was to no purpose so it was in effect just standing around which is not anything. The name Occupy was what really irked me, as if occupying anything without clear specific demands is anything either. It isn’t it’s just a lifestyle gathering without political or social consequence.

                    • both of you seem content to completely disregard the comment I left about watching the key event during the Occupy Movement, when they actually broke through a barricade and took Wall St. itself. Had they stayed there until the Teamsters got there, it would have been a totally different outcome.

                      I can understand your misgivings though. I also wrote back then that it was bullshit in terms of them being convinced to sit around in some park a mile away from Wall Street, strumming on their guitars and doing that stupid “repeating” “megaphoning” trick they used to do which was ultimately designed to FORCE speakers into a stilted, passionless presentation. It was retarded, but in terms of disruption, it was brilliant.

                      I also called out the fake David Swanson Occupy DC bullshit event. They claimed they would go there and remain until their demands were realized, but they left after a couple days and after David sold a couple thousand books.

                      I wrote all of that shit back then, so don’t act like either of you are coming here and telling me anything.

                      But don’t dismiss the entire thing. There were good people there with good intentions and at one point, they nearly had what they pretended they had, Wall Street occupied and shut down.

                      What they didn’t understand was the concept that if they were marching in places the police allowed them to march, they weren’t in a protest, they were in a parade and that is very true.

                      The biggest weakness in Occupy was falling for the disrupters’ notion that it had to be a “bottom up” movement. Of course the Harvard educated government plants wanted a ‘bottom up” movement so they could influence it’s direction and make neuter it more easily.

                      That’s why Ghandi ran his organization like a military. One person, one true and committed person in charge. Castro was the same way. Ghadafi was the same way. That’s why these so-called “militant leftists” were hated so much by neocons over the decades. Because they understand if a movement is run by one person calling the shots and they can’t own that person or get to him/her, then they are fucked. That was the weakness of the Occupy Movement.

                      Hows that for an ‘adult idea”?

                  • We’re not trying to “tell you” anything. We are simply correcting you. The “occupy” kids did NOT “take Wall Street” or “shut it down” (your words). They did not challenge the financial economy for the sake of the real economy. They did not make any change whatsoever.

                    I am not belittling the “Occupy” party-goers. I have no problem with that they did; only with over-romanticizing them in hindsight.

                  • Friend, please tell us ignorant Murkan savages what “real pollitical action” looks like? I’m hoping you more enlightened folks can give us actual advice that addresses actual problems instead of pointless fucking name-calling.

  7. Even Ralph Nader is now attacking Trump.

    Scientific dogma progresses not because scientists change their minds, but because dogmatists die off and are replaced. So it is with political memes. Hillary has died off, and will be replaced by Trump. Ralph Nader at age 82 will soon follow. The mass desire for change is pushing all these fake leftists into their graves. (Nader used to be a true leftist, but he is now sclerotic.)
    Many elderly people still cling to “centrism” (i.e. fake leftism) but they are dying off.

    Among the living, they cannot pay their bills by waiving the flag. Student loan debt is catastrophic. Medical costs are obscene. One in forty-two boys now has autism because of vaccination mania. Fewer and fewer people have any hope of ever owning their own houses. All the stores that used to cater to the middle class are now extinct or nearly extinct. (Sears, Dillards, J.C. Penny, Robinsons-May etc.) The financial economy continues to suck the life out of the real economy (i.e. Wall Street is a deadly parasite on Main Street).

    Quite simply, the sewers are overflowing, and the stench can no longer be masked by “centrism.” MSM audience share is plummeting. Neoliberal fake leftism is screaming as it dies.

    According to the MSM, Trump says that climate change is a Chinese hoax. Does Trump really think that? Or does Trump simply oppose the fake left’s style of climate change alarm — i.e. chatter about it all day while preventing any solutions from being implemented?

    • ralph Nader is the last MF to be complaining about Trump. A couple years ago I called him out for saying “what we need is a benevolent billionaire to run for president” he even put together a list of billionaires he thought would be good. Oprah Winfrey was one of them. Gates another. I said it then, I will say it now. Fuck Nader. BTW, me calling him “benevolent” in the article is a reference to Nader’s call for a benevolent billionaire.

  8. Whoops. Another comment eaten. Where’s that damned chicken?

  9. To those who wonder what the “demands” of Occupy should be (or have been), ponder this….

    The fake left Dems and much of the GOP are ignoring, deliberately or not, the “60% Party” that represents true voter sentiment (as reflected in surveys). Roughly 60%, including over half in each party (note that!), favor things like: Less globalization, reducing wealth inequality, no to privatization of SS, investing in infrastructure at home and not foreign adventures overseas, etc. (there’s more, like fair food safety standards, no GMOs and the like) This is the power the parasites fear; when voters come together, endorse and then vote in candidates who support the 60%. They’d be shoe-ins regardless of party. This may be one of the underlying motives behind all the hate and disrespect – to create hard feelings that will take longer to heal before the 60% come together and finally make things better.

  10. It gets a little tiresome after a while to read continuous diatribes about how stupid Americans are, as if all Americans are simple, lazy idiots. Americans are under deliberate psychological attack by their “leadership”. They are not stupid per se, they are simply faithful to their lifelong training and conditioning. They are trained from birth to be what appears to be lazy and stupid to an outsider or to one who has managed to extract him/herself from the psychological control system. Do we say that Palestinians are all “stupid” for allowing Israel to tromp all over them? Or are the Israeli citizens stupid for allowing their government to do it? Are the citizens of all of the other countries the US dominates and destroys “stupid” for allowing the trillion-dollar-a-year US military machine drive over them and their families, as if they could really do anything to stop it? Is it stupid to believe what everyone around you, who you grew up with and you trust, believes, It’s actually quite difficult for average Americans to make true sense of the world immediately around them, not because they are stupid or lazy, but because they’ve been lied to since birth about practically every aspect of their lives.

  11. Elizabeth Harris….it is quite obvious that you are intelligent and well read…but sometimes you come across as a real know-it-all.
    crank…. sorry mate…but the majority are “stoopid” I speak from experience. I was one of the stoopids for 50 years. When the scales come off and you can see things for what they really are…you admit to yourself… Fuck i was stoopid.
    Willy…love this site…keep up the good work.

    • Surely you weren’t the only reason you stayed stupid as long as you did. Consider what it took to happen in your life before the “scales come off.” Wasn’t there always going to be some period of stupidity before you (or anyone can wake up) A little compassion goes a long way on this subject and the ugly “blame the voters” meme is unhelpful and destructive to any attempts at real change. Those still asleep are our friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. Just because we are frustrated they are still asleep doesn’t give us the right to dismiss them because we don’t think they’re trying to waking up fast enough. And treating them with contempt (not accusing you here, just a trend I’ve noticed) can’t be expected to open any doors for us to assist in any “awakenings.”

    • “Sometimes you come across as a real know-it-all.”

      Please let me know when you get that impression.

      I am willing to change my style if I know what people prefer.

      • And by the way, almost all of us spend the first half of our lives (or more) being stooopid. I surely did.

        I suspect that every man and woman who has ever lived on earth has had the same recurring thought:

        “I wish I’d known then what I known now.”

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