“State Owned” John Kirby’s Tirade at RT Reporter Provides a Glimpse into the Mind of a Desperate Fascist

by Scott Creighton

‘Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.’ George Orwell

Admiral John Kirby who now serves as the spokesman for the Department of State, a position he has held since May of 2015, has been “state owned” since 1985. That is when he was commissioned as an officer in the Navy. He attended the Naval War College before that I believe, so he may have been “state owned” even longer. Not sure.

For those of you doing the math, that’s 30+ years of a “state owned” paycheck, retirement plan and healthcare benefits. For Kirby’s entire professional career since he left school he has been state owned and there isn’t a single question anyone can raise about that conclusion.

Throughout that entire time, Admiral Kirby has lined up, toes on the line, for whatever administration policy that was put before him. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria… it made no difference. Regime change or Shock and Awe, Admiral Kirby unquestioningly backed the state’s actions… some, most, undoubtedly criminal in both nature and actions.

A year ago in an interview with Tampa Times, Kirby said his mother watches and critiques all of his official appearances including his work as spokesperson for the State Department.

I wonder how she feels about his last one.

During a US State Department briefing, RT’s reporter Gayane Chichakyan expanded upon a line of questioning put forward by another reporter regarding statements made by John Kirby about Russia and Syria targeting and destroying 5 hospitals and at least one mobile treatment center in Syria “all in the span of the last day or so”. The reporter had asked for clarification and Kirby could only say that they received their information from “credible” humanitarian outlets. He refused to name the hospitals or give their locations. He also stated, without a shred of evidence, that Russia and Syria have been keeping humanitarian aid out of eastern Aleppo for the past 28 days or so which would be another war-crime if proven accurate.

Keep in mind, he is accusing Russia and Syria of serious war-crimes without offering one shred of tangible evidence and he is fully expecting the press corps, the corporate press corps, to report on statements he makes in these briefings without question and without pause. “I say it, you write it” is the message from Adm. Kirby.

Does that sound like a functioning democracy or Pravda? The Fourth Estate or the Ministry of Truth?

RT’s reporter Gayane Chichakyan asked follow-up questions and Kirby was immediately hostile toward her. She simply wanted the names of the hospitals, locations and the names of the sources they were citing for these extremely serious accusations. Kirby went off on her. Like a good lawyer always does when he is repeating a lie, the first thing he did was distance himself from the statement itself by saying “I’m not leveling those accusation, relief agencies we find credible are leveling those accusations” providing future plausible deniability for himself and the rest of the State Department when it turns out someone does some research and discovers the claims are bogus. When you watch this exchange pay careful attention to the last few moments when Kirby is getting schooled by another reporter over his objections to Kirby’s treatment of another journalist. Kirby begins rambling about RT being “state owned” and says he’s not going to treat them the same way he treats “all the rest of you who work for “independent” agencies”

It’s an extremely important moment of clarity into the fascist mindset of Adm. Kirby.

“She’s asking legitimate questions..” another reporter comments.

“From a state owned, from a state owned, from a state owned… from a state owned outlet Mat that’s not independent… I’m sorry but I’m not going to put Russia Today on the same level as the rest of you guys from independent media outlets” State Department spokesman John Kirby

Let me first of all say that for any reporter to go forward with a story about Russia and Syria deliberately targeting 5 hospitals in “eastern Aleppo” (as Kirby stated) over the course of the past 24 hours, based solely on what John Kirby said in that briefing, would be highly irresponsible and unprofessional since he offered absolutely zero corroborating evidence or even a single sliver of basic specifics about the events. Of course, we know what we already know about the complicit media and the roles they have played in the run-up to various wars of aggression in the past.

So perhaps it isn’t completely shocking that Kirby would fully expect what he calls the “independent media outlets” to run with the story like the good little stenographers they have been in the past.

RT produced a segment after this exchange got some media attention where they explain what happened after the briefing ended. Gayane Chichakyan was provided with a copy of a report from the World Health Organization which stated 5 hospitals had indeed been targeted in the past couple of days but they were not in eastern Aleppo.

“WHO condemns the attacks on five hospitals that took place in Syria on 13–15 November 2016, including three hospitals in Western Rural Aleppo and two hospitals in Idleb.” WHO Nov. 16, 2016

So not only was Adm. Kirby wrong about those hospitals being located in eastern Aleppo, but he was also wrong in terms of the aid agency naming Russia and Syria as being the ones who “deliberately targeted them”

WHO drew no conclusion as to fault in these attacks and since western Aleppo is under government control, it stands to reason it was our “moderate” terrorists who attacked those three and not Russia.

The WHO report does not give any information about the locations or the names of the hospitals. But I did find something called ReliefWeb which claims all of them were attacked with “barrel bombs” and by airstrikes from Syrian and Russian planes. ReliefWeb seems to be a regime change backing NGO which supports the phony aid group, the White Helmets in their ongoing propaganda campaign.

ReliefWeb was created by the Department of State in 1996 when they needed help creating a pretext justification for all sorts of “humanitarian interventions”

Former CIA contractor Larry Johnson said Kirby’s performance was an embarrassment.

” The US media are so in the pocket of this administration they aren’t even asking basic, critical fundamental questions. They are accepting assertions by this administration for the most part at face value. Not challenging. Not questioning”

State owned John Kirby’s anger is understandable. He is angry because he fully expects the complicit media, to be, well… silently complicit. And he expects that because they are not “independent” like he claims.

Yes, they are working for privately owned independent corporations, but in a fascist system like we have, “privately owned entities” does not equate to “independent” because, in a fascist system, the state merges with the corporations and each serve the other’s interests at the detriment of the people.

Watching Kirby’s anger and frustration build to the point where he’s blathering “state owned. state owned. state owned” is a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a fascist.

Kirby himself is state owned. He never known a time in his professional adult life when he wasn’t being paid and paid very well by the state. And he has never to my mind, opposed much of what the state called for in terms of foreign interventions and regime changes throughout all of that time.

The baseless propaganda that he was spewing, fully expecting compliance from the “independent media”, was stunningly absent a single shred of evidence and STATE OWNED Kirby knew that.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

In that moment towards the end when he says he wont treat reporters from RT the same as he treats our complicit media because they are “state owned” Kirby exposed himself and like that former CIA contractor said, he should be fired immediately for his actions.

His hatred was not born of him thinking she was going to lie or spin his statements the wrong way. His hatred was born of the knowledge that she wouldn’t and the fact that he knew he and his owners couldn’t exert pressure on her bosses to get her fired like he could if someone from the New York Times dared challenge him.

Hatred of the state by a ward of the state. Ironic is it not?

But Adm. Kirby really isn’t a ward of the state, now is he? He’s a ward of the “public/private partnership” we call the US government. And there is a difference.

Most tellingly, as Kirby looked out at the people in that room at the end, he fully expected them to understand him. He fully expected them to be on his side. And they probably were to some degree. It’s the old “turd in the punchbowl” drill.

To their credit, some US reporters have recently been refusing to give Kirby a pass on his proclamations about Syria. After all, the RT reporter was simply following up on questions from a US reporter and after Kirby’s embarrassing outburst, another US reporter came to her defense which prompted his “state owned” melt-down.

So the spokesman’s vitriol toward the RT reporter could possibly be explained away as a measure of venting frustrations that have been building for some time as the veneer is wearing off the facade.

You could also say Kirby was visibly upset because he feared a contagion growing in the room so he lashed out at the easiest target: the “state owned” outlet.

However you want to look at it, you see the growing desperation in the fascist minds of those who profess to be the smartest guys in the room. They can only live under that delusion just so long as everyone else plays along but once that stops, the hollowness shows through and all we see are little, panicked, scared little men trying desperately to be big again.

Don’t worry too much about Kirby though. He’s been state owned his entire professional life. He’s got great healthcare and a damn good retirement plan, so he’ll be OK.

Might have lost a little respect from his mother though.

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Thank you all so much

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15 Responses

  1. Pathetic to the point of being humorous.

    JOHN KIRBY: The Russians targeted five hospitals and one mobile clinic in the last day or so.

    GAYANE CHICHAKYAN: Oh? Which hospitals were those?

    JOHN KIRBY: Ask your own government.

    GAYANE CHICHAKYAN: You’re the one making the accusation. Therefore you should–

    JOHN KIRBY: RT is state owned. Next question? Yes, over here…

  2. He’s just an arrogant bullshitter, but then this is what they do. He’s got a message he’s supposed to put out and, of course, has zero facts to back up any of his statements/propaganda.


    Here’s an example of how “experts” screw up when they fail to distinguish between true leftists and fake leftists.

    Mark Blyth is a professor of international political economy at Brown University in Providence R.I. In 2012 Blyth published a book titled “Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea,” which is full of errors. (But that is another story.)

    In the YouTube video below, Blyth takes 90 minutes to claim that there is a statistical correlation between [A] lack of education, chronic low wages, and chronic unemployment and [B] support for conservatives like Trump.

    Blyth is wrong in two ways…

    First, a person can be highly educated and still support Trump.

    Second, chronic low wages and unemployment create as much support for authentic leftist candidates as for conservatives. Bernie Sanders filled every stadium, and if he had not been torpedoed by the DNC, Sanders would have beaten Trump in the popular vote, and perhaps the Electoral vote.

    For Blyth, no such torpedoing occurred. You are either a conservative (i.e. stupid and uneducated) or a liberal (i.e. a Hillary fan). For Blyth, Trump won because most Americans are uneducated (i.e. stupid).

    In short, Blyth cannot tell a fake leftist from a real one. Therefore he thinks that SYRIZA in Greece, the Podemos movement in Spain, the Labor Party in England, and Democrats in the USA are all leftists, when in fact they are all fake leftists.
    If we fail to distinguish between true leftists and fake leftists, our “expert” comments will be worthless.

  4. Comment eaten by Worpdress.

  5. Wow. His shoulder pads seem to be getting wider. It’s almost like Kirb just doesn’t care about his product anymore. Too lazy to care I guess? At least Colin Powell brought a power point show with the all those slick, fake WMD graphics. Cain’t make em like they useta could.

  6. Wow, this guy something. It almost seems that beneath the obfuscation there is a shill little boy desperately trying to “win” the argument. This is our “government” having hissy fits on stage while real people die.

    Good work Scott, I liked your prose in this one as well. If you haven’t heard of him check out Pete Hamill and “Irrational Ravings”. It’s a classic in the genre. I think you would enjoy the energy he brings.


  7. Isn’t this the guy who fixed Rumsfeld’s office chair so it wouldn’t squeak, back when he worked at the Pentagon?

  8. What astounds me is:
    Have these people never heard of … Karma?
    I mean it’s hardly, at this stage of the game, some kind of esoterica.


    Bernie Sanders is more fake leftist than ever. In a speech at George Washington University, he warned that he and his fellow Democrats “are not going backward,” even though Democrats went radically backward by supporting Obama and the Clintons.

    Sanders, as politically correct as ever, said we must resist the “bigotry, racism, and sexism” of Trump and his supporters.

    “Mr. Trump, we have a list of everything you said, and we are going to hold you to account.”

    However Sanders applied no such list to Obama or Hillary.

    “I say to Mr. Trump from the bottom of my heart. We are not going backwards in terms of bigotry. We will go forward in creating a non-discriminatory society.”

    However discrimination on the basis of wealth and income is okay. And it is okay to fund municipal governments by jailing black people on bullshit charges and making them pay outlandish fees for everything from public defenders to rent for their clothes, handcuffs, and jail cells.

    Useless old fool. Just die already.

  10. Speaking of fascism……comments & thoughts guys! thanks.

    “A former Trump PAC spokesman responded to criticism of the president-elect’s proposed Muslim registry by citing precedent – the much-maligned Second World War Japanese internment camps.

    Carl Higbie, an ex-Navy SEAL and former representative for the Great America PAC, said he was in favor of the registry which has been criticized for its similarity to the controversial vetting system put in place after 9/11.

    When challenged by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly – who said that any Muslim registry could be a ‘slippery slope’ and subject to abuse – Higbie replied that the United States had a history of screening by race and religion.”

    People like him are obviously working to fail Trump before he got started.

  11. Major-General Igor Konashenkov (Russian Defense Ministry spokesman) says the “bombed hospitals” exist only in Kirby’s imagination.

    “This news blunder will leave a lasting stain on Kirby’s biography,” Konashenkov said. “If one counts the allegedly bombed ‘hospitals’ and ‘mobile clinics’ mentioned by US and British officials over the past year, it will seem that there is nothing in Syria except ‘hospitals’.”

    “We have repeatedly asked officials in the USA, Britain, France, Germany and other countries and also international organizations for information about the location of ‘hospitals’ and ‘schools’ in terrorist-held areas of Syria. The answer is always the same – nobody has such information. Everything comes in the form of statements by the White Helmets or anonymous ‘journalists’.”


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