Sputnik EXCLUSIVE: Secret Document Tells Daesh (“ISIS”) Not to Attack US Coalition Planes (in Mosul)

(I wonder why “ISIS” wouldn’t want their sub-contractors to shoot down any US warplanes with the weapons the US gave them.)

from Sputnik International

Decree instructing Daesh fighters not to attack coalition aircraft.

Sputnik’s Arabic bureau has obtained photos of a decree by Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) leaders instructing its fighters not to attack US-led coalition aircraft operating over Mosul and the surrounding area.

The document, discovered in the recently-liberated Iraqi city of Bakhdida, about 32 km southeast of the Daesh-held stronghold of Mosul, explicitly tells jihadis not to attack any coalition aircraft over Mosul or its suburbs.

According to Sputnik Arabic, the decree was discovered by Assyrian Christian militia on an information stand in central Bakhdida, at a so-called Daesh ‘mobilization center’. Such centers were established by the terrorist group to mobilize the local population and train new recruits.

The text of the decree reads: “It is strictly forbidden to shoot down, using any weapons whatsoever, any aircraft that is in the air, no matter what height they are flying at, even if the aircraft lands on the rooftop of houses.”

The document is signed by local Daesh leader Abu Muawia.

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4 Responses

  1. Sorry, folks. Just couldn’t help myself…

  2. Thank you for posting this and for all the other work you do.
    O/T I’d really like to hear your thoughts on the whole pizzagate thing. I think it’s highly disturbing. Giving me nightmares actually. I think this is a reasonable summary. Note: I haven’t watched the video yet, I’m talking about the article.

    • I try to avoid the whole “pedophiles” thing with regard to these a-holes. I am sure that some of them are pedos. Think about it. They are soulless human beings who believe they are above the law. Whether or not they seek out this kind of monster to advance them in government so they can be controlled is not for me to know. I’m sure it is possible. They certainly want some kind of dirt on them. Pedos though? Possible. That’s one thing they could never justify no matter how good their lawyers are and we see over and over again many of them on both sides of the fake divide getting in trouble for such things, so, yeah, it’s possible. Is it at the heart of the cult though? No. Neoliberalism and fascism are at the heart of the cult, and too me, that’s bad and scary enough.

  3. Thank you for covering this, I hadn’t seen it anywhere else, likewise the State Dept/RT segment above. I realize now I had told myself with Trump coming in these agents would fade into the background, I see I was deluding myself, again. I blame Disney for my now flagging belief in happy endings.

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