My #ThankYouObama Offerings to the Outgoing President

by Scott Creighton

Someone thought it would be a great idea to create a hashtag that would allow the country the chance to show President Obama how they feel about his time in office. I couldn’t agree more.


18 Responses

  1. This post is brilliant.

    I was struck by how revolted I was by the top image of GITMO prisoners. We all know about this. We live with it. It’s so awful that we try not to think about it. Not because we don’t care (we do care, and intensely) but because we cannot stop it.

    Clearly the fake leftists don’t care. They’re too busy calling everyone “bigots” and “homophobes.”

    The U.S. paid a bounty to anyone in the invaded countries who randomly pointed at someone else and said, “terrorist.” Bush started this, but Obama continued it. Both are utter disgraces, but for me Obama is the worst, since he posed as a leftist.

    • yeah, it was like $5,000 US wasn’t it? That’s like $30k or so in comparison. Hell, I would turn in Grandma-Janet for 30k. So you would have a lot of that but in the mix of it all, they were being paid 5k to finger left-leaning educators, journalists, activists and other influential members of Iraqi and Afghani society. Like you point out, it had nothing to do with “terrorism” or even resistance for that matter. This is what we always do when we bring democracy to a country.

    • I should also note.. Twitter has pulled the hashtag from their trending list. Apparently if you look at the “live” heading, they were getting far more negative and sarcastic Tweets under it than they were positive ones. And most of em were funnier and more stinging than mine. Damn negative Nancys ruin everything. Am I right? #GetYourMindRight

  2. Comment eaten by WordPress.


    Obama will deliver a speech to the Greek people today in which he will warn against what he has called a “crude nationalism” that threatens to liberate Greece from the tyranny of the Troika. Obama will also make clear that Trump’s nationalism is not a uniquely American phenomenon, and that it may threaten banker control worldwide.

    Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, who writes Obama’s foreign policy speeches, said Obama will echo some themes of his eight-year presidency, namely that globalization and “free trade” will lead to greater prosperity for rich people and for corporations — but that it must be carefully managed so the peasants don’t revolt.

    At a state dinner at his honor at Greece’s presidential mansion Tuesday night, Obama said his speech also will acknowledge “the ties of history and heritage that bind our peoples together” — ties that include a love of the Olympic Games.

    And they wonder why they lost.

    • Now, there is the new high in hypocrisy. Someone who Wall St. and their puppet masters groomed to be the lawn jockey of Globalism lecturing Greece, the country that invented democracy, about nationalism. After you sucked the souls of the American people dry you leave imparting you wisdom. You are a disgrace to us all, especially to black people. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.


    The fake leftists are still screaming, but hopefully they will soon start to shape up. If Hillary had won, they would have defended Hillary’s evil no matter what she did. Hopefully Trump’s victory will force the fake leftists to start talking more like real leftists. Their attacks on Trump will now be legitimate, instead of being disguised pitches for Hillary and neoliberalism. Their discussions will include jobs and economics, instead of how everyone around them is a “racist,” “sexist,” “bigot,” “homophobe,” and so on. Populism will hopefully overcome political correctness.

    A few fake leftists will continue to squawk, but no one will care. For example, militant feminists plan to converge on Washington D.C. the day after Trump’s inauguration. They will carry signs, give speeches against Trump, and disperse. No one will listen to them, since Americans no longer care about identity politics. (One wonders where the feminists were when Hillary and the DNC fixed the primaries. Oh that’s right. Hillary was a female, which made it okay.) Feminists are textbook examples of fake leftists.

    Trump has hopefully made fake leftists obsolete. When they appear on TV, or in blogs, and they start their politically correct crap, people will hopefully switch off, since they don’t care about Trump’s alleged “pussy grabbing.” People care about jobs, about control of medical costs, about relief from student loan debt, and so on.

    BY THE WAY, this feminist “million woman march” on Washington will be comical. Feminists seek the empowerment of WHITE women. The few that show up in Washington will carry anti-Trump signs, but Trump carried white women in 2016, as did Romney in 2012, McCain in 2008 and Bush in 2004. So who are these idiot feminists? Never mind. No one cares.

    • did you see her concession speech she gave the day after? after all that work they did to include black people in the last weeks of the campaign and after standing up that mixed crowd at her rally the night of the election, there was about 250 people, invite only, there to see her final goodbye the next day and I looked hard at the group and only saw 3 black people in the crowd. I mention this because you wrote about the million WHITE woman march.

    • To read the MSM, one would think the election is still to come. No let up in their attacks on Trump.

      But, somehow, he won the thing. Maybe enough heard something to give them a new outlook on what’s been ‘business as usual’ for as long as I’ve been old enough to vote.

      I heard something like that, and I wish him well

      • “No let-up in their attacks on Trump.”

        It doesn’t matter. The masses are no longer moved by fake leftism. In the past I would have been revolted by the thought of people like Rudy Giuliani or John Bolton holding cabinet posts. But any change is welcome after years of fake leftists spewing political correctness while they threaten us with the TPP, plus World War III and ever-greater poverty. Years of, “Hillary will be queen…PERIOD!” Years of people insanely apologizing for neoliberalism because Obama was behind it. Years of FAKE LEFTISM.

        Consider California. It was Democrats who ordered mandatory vaccination with retroviruses and neurotoxins (mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc). And it was Democrats who engineered the terrifying “Secure Choice” heist.

        That’s fake leftism. The nation is tired of it. The more that corporate media outlets continue to indulge in it, the more they will lose audiences. If you go to Google news, and you see one attack on Trump after another, do you click any of them? Any? ANY? No, because you know it’s the same old shyte. It’s boring. It’s nothing. It doesn’t apply to you. It’s the ghosts of Obama and Hillary stinking up the place.

  5. There’s something happening here; what it is ain’t exactly clear.

    I listened to this podcast today that discussed the election from a statistical and probabilistic (I know that’s not a word) point of view. It’s not shocking but intriguing. It made me think that in the clutch TPTB engineered the result again (Surprised, anybody?). And that’s confounding.
    The source is, which I find reliable on the whole.
    Friends, we’re in deep, deep trouble.
    As always Scott, thanks for all the hard work. I doubt I’ll be able to choose my stalag but I hope we’re in the same one.

    PS #ThankYouObama “For deepening my understanding of the word ‘sellout.'”

    • Rigged? This would mean that Wall Street, warmongers, neocons, big corporations, big media outlets, and most Republicans all cheered for Hillary, only to rig the Electoral College for Trump at the last minute. I don’t see why they would do that. How will Trump benefit TBTB more than Hillary? How does the derailing of neocon war plans help the neocons? How does derailing the TPP benefit the corporations that pushed for it?

      Isn’t it possible that Hillary and the DNC simply ran the stupidest campaign in decades? Isn’t it possible that amid a downwardly mobile American nightmare, people (including members of the Electoral College) got tired of being told 24 / 7 that the cause of their poverty was their failure to sufficiently worship Hillary, and hate Trump? That the cause of their poverty was that they are racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes? Isn’t it possible that the lying, thieving Obama wore out his welcome after eight awful years, and the masses did not want Obama II? Isn’t it possible that the masses got tired of everything from the “Fast and Furious” gun debacle to Obama’s refusal to indict any Wall Street criminals? Isn’t it possible that the masses are just plain weary of endless wars in distant lands? Isn’t it possible that the War *OF* Terror is no longer novel and sexy?

      At the fake leftist blogs, the more they attacked Trump, the fewer readers left any comments. Not because readers liked Trump, but because they got tired of being insulted, dismissed, and shouted down. Tired of being the targets of lame sarcasm and smug self-righteousness. Tired, in short, of the same old sh*t.

      • Here:

        Question, why this does not get any traction in MSM? Why the Dems do not scream about it?

        • Q. “Why don’t the Dems scream about this?”

          A. Because Palast makes no sense. At least 80% of all Republicans opposed Trump and said they would not support him. Neocons and Wall Street attacked Trump, and favored Hillary.

          And yet, according to Palast, at the last minute those same Republicans who opposed Trump rigged the popular vote to favor Hillary, and the Electoral vote to favor Trump, so that Trump would win. Trump who most Republicans despised.

          Palast’s claim does not add up. Why can’t it be true that Hillary simply lost fair and square?

        • Greg Palsast is full of shit. Now you know me. You know I don’t support Trump, never did, and I have written about REAL election fraud over the years MANY times…

          Here’s some quotes DIRECTLY from what you just posted:

          “On Tuesday, we saw Crosscheck elect a Republican Senate and as President, Donald Trump. The electoral putsch was aided by nine other methods of attacking the right to vote of Black, Latino and Asian-American voters…”

          Ah, so he has proof that Crosscheck kept all those voters from turning out and voting for Hillary?

          “No, not everyone on the list loses their vote.”

          No. Not everyone? How many? How many were registered democrats? How many were republicans? These things are important. Greg offers no stats for that. Nor does he tell us how many ACTUALLY lost their chance to vote on Tuesday. But that’s OK because he says the dirty republicans had OTHER METHODS to keep blacks and latinos from voting:

          “But this was not the only racially poisonous tactic that accounted for this purloined victory by Trump and GOP candidates.

          For example, in the swing state of North Carolina, it was reported that 6,700 Black folk lost their registrations because their registrations…”

          Oh yeah, I remember that. But wait, didn’t they win a court case and get their chance to vote?

          “The 6,700 identified in two counties were returned to the rolls through a lawsuit.”

          So they got their vote back and Trump won the state by 177,000 votes.

          And that is the substance of his argument. Oh wait. He does bring up the history of stolen elections and exit polls. Ok, what does he have as proof?

          “And here we go again. 2016: Hillary wins among those queried as they exit the polling station—yet Trump is declared winner in GOP-controlled swings states. And, once again, the expert pollsters are forced to apologize—when they should be screaming, “Fraud! Here’s the evidence the vote was fixed!”

          And that’s it. No link to those exit polls. No discussion about who’s exit polls he’s talking about… all he offers is his say-so that “hillary wins” and that is it.

          That’s fine if you want to talk about the possibility of a stolen election. God knows I know that shit happens and did in fact happen during the unDemocratic Primary. But if you are going to say it like Greg does, you better have some evidence and your argument better not be self-contradicting like his is. Like all of his is.

  6. My Allstate agent called me racist and “anti-immigration” in a 15 minute long rant yesterday.

    To cut to the point, the man’s name was Vietnamese and he had a thick accent, but the accusation was quite unexpected and without merit. I was sitting next to my mother with him on speakerphone, and I recorded the final 5 minutes, though I wish I had the entire thing on tape. There were a multitude of unprofessional outbursts on his part in the last 5 minutes alone.

    We’ve been scraped raw by allstate for the last year and we changed insurers. I wanted to cancel my policy and get a refund. I’d made the request a month in advance and included an invitation to offer a better quote but it was ignored. I tried 3 different 800 numbers and they all forwarded my call back to this agent’s office. There was a point regarding the refund of which I asked for clarification, to which he suggested I take my questions directly to allstate. When I said I’d already attempted to call them directly, and would gladly do so if he could provide me with a valid number, he apparently took offense to the fact that I heeded his advice and wanted to settle the matter with someone else, at which point he launched into said rant.

    I won’t entertain the idea that something I said could have been misinterpreted, because I know I said absolutely nothing which could be construed in such a way. I’d have asked him what he thought he’d heard if I hadn’t literally been interrupted at every point before ever getting a complete word out. My recording confirms this. While I had no difficulty understanding him, there was clearly a communication barrier of some sort, and he clearly had some baggage pertaining to his “status”.

    Part of me wonders just how much influence this most recent campaign has had, for example, on how comfortable an individual (or small businessperson) might be with casually accusing a stranger (or client) of being racist and anti-immigrant based on nothing more than a feeling of being somehow slighted.

    To me it reflects perfectly what we’ve seen this election, a display of the ‘liberal’ attitude of entitlement, as though minority status entitled him to lash out on the basis of his own feelings of inferiority, to be a shithead while my only choice and my moral obligation was to accommodate him.

    I never contemplated the ways in which I might be dragged into it, and I’ve always considered myself about as liberal as they come for lack of a better term, but I guess my status as a ‘native’ white middle class male makes me an obvious target in this regard.

    I guess the answer is obvious, and this is precisely the kind of strife TPTB endeavor to sew among people who ought to be cooperating for mutual benefit. Unfortunately it seems these days it’s not terribly difficult to induce people into loosing their minds. I guess I’d better warn my Asian same-sex domestic partner that I’m a bigot who thinks he should be deported.

    So, thank you Barry Soetoro for making all that possible, and thanks for contradicting all your expertly insinuated campaign suggestions of sweeping reform and “moving forward, not backward”. And thanks for going in to the White House with a democratic majority in the House and Senate and immediately/i> declaring defeat, proclaiming the need for compromise. And, thanks to you, some people are catching on.

    • I certainly hope this dies down after Jan. 20th and folks start focusing on the real potential damage that is going to take shape but something tells me the complicit media have their orders to keep people looking at skin tone and not neoliberal austerity measures and the rebirth of trickle down economics. I did see an image of a cordoned off area for anti-Trump protesters this weekend somewhere that had three angry people in it and a lot of empty space. my guess is, folks didn’t fall for all the hate mongering before the election, they aren’t going to fall for it afterward either.

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