The Other “Trump Protest Buses” Story, the One from Austin, Turned Out to be BS as Well

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday, thanks to a tip from elizabethharris001, I wrote about how Zero Hedge was promoting a flawed, BS story about a score of charter buses being used to bring protesters to Chicago to demonstrate against the future Trump presidency. I showed you how that location was used by ALL of the tour bus companies traveling to Chicago for multiple events and it was certainly not a fact that they were all there to bus in Soros’ paid protesters (though I am sure there were several of those folks there at the time)

While doing research on that story (an idea that maybe someone at Zero Hedge should consider next time) I came across another video purporting to show another set of tour buses lined up in Austin, Texas with a guy spouting off about the “butt-hurt liberals” and how it “takes a lot of money to spontaneously fill up those buses with protesters”

Franco Gonzalez, doing his best Joe Rogan lookalike attempt, made a video where he “sips on liberal tears” and talked about “another hoax” meaning the busing in of protesters to Austin.

Turns out, Mr. Gonzalez is the one “perpetrating the hoax”.. probably on behalf of the marketing scheme website he runs.

His whole video is based on some photos taken by Eric Tucker in Austin on the day of the protest and a Tweet he sent out accompanying them. The Tweet has since been removed but it read “Anti-Trump protestors in Austin today are not as organic as they seem. Here are the busses they came in. #fakeprotests  #Trump2016  #Austin”

Franco, sipping “liberal tears” and saying the “conspiracy theorists were proven right again” actually read Mr. Tucker’s Tweet word for word and then showed all of Tucker’s photos commenting “Look at this. Look at all those buses. Dozens of big expensive buses… takes a lot of money to spontaneously organize all those protesters… when are they going to learn”

After Tucker got some questions from his new followers about the scene he photographed, he FINALLY did some research and found out…

But when people started questioning Tuckers claim, so did he. Turns out the buses were being used as hotel shuttles for the Tableau Conference being held at the Austin Convention Center. “Was I wrong in this case, yes I was,” Tucker said.

But for many, they believed it was part of a national conspiracy that anti-Trump protesters are being recruited and paid. Tucker said it’s a lesson learned for the more than 16,000 who retweeted it. “I don’t want to speculate too much, but I do think that it does speak to sort of shallowness of this current election cycle.” And a lesson learned for him. “I’ll be more careful, especially if I know that it’s going to be picked up by this many people.”

Tucker wrote on his blog and said he would like to express his sincere apologies to anyone who felt misled and his intentions have always been for the best. ” Fox 7 Austin

So, it turns out, that “Trump protest buses” story is just as full of BS as the one I wrote about yesterday.

I wonder if Mr. Gonzalez will be as quick to retract his self-satisfied BS story now that it’s been made perfectly clear that it is based on absolutely nothing. I kinda doubt it since he does mention and link to his personal website which he calls “” but actually goes to “” which is a marketing scheme website.

Yeah, that’s right. The guy runs a website which he uses all sorts of click-bait headlines in order to build lists and incorporate them in his bullshit internet marketing schemes. The guy has a Tony Robbins interview video up on his site if that gives you any indication of how committed he is to “truth media” and “citizen journalism” (as he claims on the header of his marketing website)

It should also be noted Eric Tucker has a marketing scheme business called Pocketmath.

So this whole thing was nothing more than a marketing scheme concocted by Eric Tucker and latched onto by another shyster, Franco Gonzalez, in order to make some money. It was completely disingenuous from the start.

Genuine, alternative, independent journalism is hard to come by because it takes discipline, integrity and work. Click-bait identity politics marketing schemes are a dime a dozen. Make sure you do a little research before you reTweet something, or post a Youtube video sipping liberal tears and patting yourself on the back for your rightness of being. You may just end up looking like a self-absorbed asshole like all those CNN pundits that said Trump was dead two weeks ago.

Get me, Franco?

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Thank you all so much

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9 Responses

  1. “This whole thing was nothing more than a marketing scheme concocted by Eric Tucker and latched onto by another shyster, Franco Gonzalez, in order to make some money.” ~ S.C.

    I want to make a more generalized comment. Gonzalez’s nonsense further exemplifies how we are hurt by fake leftists, and why I hate them so.

    Right-wing imbeciles (like Franco Gonzalez in the video) smugly regard fake leftists as identical with true leftists. Right-wingers do this so they can feel superior to both fake leftists (who worship Hillary) and true leftists (who despise Hillary and who, for example, want single payer health care).

    Therefore, whether you are a fake leftist who champions the “right” of transgender men to invade women’s showers, or you are a true leftist who wants an expansion of Social Security, you are a “butt-hurt leftist and anarchist and communist and socialist…” (Gonzalez’ labels.) If you want single payer (like every other developed nation has) then for Gonzalez you are the same as the worshippers of Hillary (who was adamantly opposed to single payer).

    What kills the true leftist cause is not right-wing retards, but fake leftists. What keeps us impoverished and enslaved is fake-left dishonesty, hypocrisy, and self-righteousness. It is they who allow idiots like Gonzalez to falsely denounce us as Hillary worshippers when we call for single payer, or when we call for an end to the wars, or for the re-criminalization of Wall Street crimes. You say, “Single payer,” and Gonzalez retorts, “Communist! Hillary-bot!”

    The reason why the USA is such a rightwing nation is not that there are no leftist Americans. No, the reason is that most American leftists are fake leftists.

  2. He must’ve thought he was being terribly clever…for a while. Smackdown!

    • Zero Heads certainly thinks they’re clever. They have not retracted their nonsense about the buses in Chicago. And they claim to have had 1,176,442 views of that post.

      If the numerical reality is even a tenth of that, it would explain why I have seen Zero Heads’ Chicago nonsense repeated in several different blogs.

      And the masses wonder why the rich treat them like cattle.

      • Yeap, I’m afraid if this sort of nonsense continues to escalate it could get ugly. Perhaps by design? Lansdale would be proud I imagine. We may come to wish we were treated as good as cattle. From out here in the desert, it just seems like a bad zombie movie sequel.

  3. Trump’s victory will weaken the fake leftists. As long as a fake leftist like Obama was president, fake left commentators like Rachel MadCow would defend John Kerry no matter what Kerry did.

    Now there are rumors that Trump is thinking of nominating John Bolton for Secretary of State. If that happens, and if the Senate confirms Bolton, then fake leftists like Rachel MadCow will constantly berate Bolton.

    I hope that Trump does not nominated Bolton (who is a psychopath) but if Trump does, then at least we will not have to endure the arrogance and hypocrisy of fake leftists.

    >>>So here is the rule..

    If the president is a Republican, then fake leftists talk like true leftists, and they even mention economics (!!!).

    If the president is a Democrat (and therefore a fake leftist) then fake leftists spew their politically correct venom. They call everyone “racists,” “sexists,” “homophobes,” and so on, thereby distracting from right-wing evil.

    Republicans are thieves.

    Democrats serve as lookouts for the robbery, and they drive the getaway car.

    • Well said!!
      Freaking perfect!!
      We have not had a real leftist or, for christ’s sake, even a democrat as pres since … well since … hell, certainly not in the last 35-40 years anyway.

  4. “Protest-Chicago”-cultivating and promoting divisions in America….immediately my mind did a way-back word association, it’s an old guy thing, I remembered (clearly) Chicago, 1968, DNC….there were riots and it was such great shock to folks that kids were being clubbed by police and this time it was mostly white kids (horror of horrors). There was such an uproar that Mayor Richard Dayley Sr. had to come out and make some conciliatory statement. He was a dumb thug but through clenched teeth he accidentaly let the cat out of the bag, “The police are not here to create disorder. The police are here to preserve disorder.” Now it was official. Still today that is what the media in concert with the Mighty Wurlitzer who create the sets and choreography for the police vs people, white collar vs blue collar, Democrats vs Republicans, and all this vs that, shirts vs skins turmoil they can direct….just as long as they get to referee the outcome of the game (our defeat). Once again we have surrendered our control of this game again to the corrupt officials. This goes back to the beginning of mass information laundering in America.

    There are great academic papers, “Mapping the New Mental World of Radio” (Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 54, No. 1, 1998, pp. 7-27) by Katherine Pandora (you can get it through your library) and from the horses mouths’ “The Psychology of Radio,” Alport/Cantril (link below) that are worth a look to understand the calculated use of propaganda from the infancy of mass media. It can be argued that this was the only purpose of large newspaper chains, radio, and later TV media….to control the masses Between all the sports and entertainment programs was a message “a bifurcated reality” that would always stir tension between Communist vs Capitalists, Rich vs Poor….always an ideological black vs white with absolutely no gray area to connect any two separate (d) belief systems. The simplified Hegalian Dialectic model. One of the first social psychologist Gordon Alport and one of his students, Hadley Cantril, OSS (pre-CIA), were embedded in early media and experimented with media messages. Working in tandem with early pollsters like Crosley and Gallup national surveys showed how effective their program was going. Again this is not conspiracy theory, this is historic knowledge. We have to know that the lack of social cohesion here and in the world has been by design.

    • Thanks for those references, Joe. Wish I’d heard about that in High School…

    • Thanks, JoeB, for those links. I’ve dowloaded the second one and I’m going to start at my library to hunt down that first one. I’m always eager to get these types of researched works as I intend to use them in teaching my twelve year old son about the media.

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