Californians Slammed with Another Mandated Fascist Program: This One To Benefit Wall Street

by Scott Creighton

At first they got the mandated ObamaCare law which FORCED many Californians to buy useless overpriced health insurance they didn’t need, want or couldn’t afford. In many ways it was based on a percentage of their income.

The only ones who benefited from that were Big Insurance, Big Banking and stock-holders. The mandate was widely viewed as unconstitutional until the Supreme Court said it was a “tax”

Then they were FORCED to vaccinate their children whether the parents wanted it or not. The dangers of vaccines are undeniable. Parents have a right to decide what they want injected into their children or at least they should. The clearly unconstitutional mandate changed that in Cali though.

And now we have this:

“Nearly 7 million workers for California companies will be automatically enrolled in a new state-run retirement program under a bill signed Thursday by Gov. Jerry Brown.”… LA Times

Workers in California, if their employer doesn’t offer a 401(k) retirement plan, will be FORCED to cough up 3% + of their weekly paycheck to this thing called Secure Choice.

Doesn’t sound like much of a “choice” to me. They have to pay into it.

It was marketed as a way to fix the situation caused by all those irresponsible California workers.

“This bill is about personal responsibility,” he said. “The retirement insecurity crisis is looming on the near horizon.”… LA Times

I guess no one in California ever heard of neoliberalism before. And apparently they never heard of the subprime mortgage economic terrorism campaign the Big Banks ran against the people of this country so they could erase billions of dollars from people’s 401(k)s and remake the economy back in 2007-2008.

Personal responsibility? Bullshit.

So Secure Choice is the name and as we see, it’s not a “choice” but it’s also not “secure” either. And for that matter, it’s not “state run”

Yep, that’s right. Another neoliberal, fascist “public/private partnership” (ain’t that what Trump is going to set up the trillion dollar infrastructure plan as? A public/private partnership? Yep)

The retirement program will be overseen by a state board, but most of the administrative work, including investing money for the program, will be outsourced to private companies. Those firms will need to be chosen before enrollment can begin.

Though structured as an individual retirement program, Secure Choice will operate much like a 401(k).

Workers without a workplace retirement account will automatically contribute 3% of their wages into Secure Choice…

The retirement plan is not guaranteed by the state, meaning it is not responsible for any potential losses by retirement savers.”LA Times

The state will create a “board” of Wall Street shysters who will then direct the stolen money from the people of California into whatever schemes they can come up with, they will use that money with probably little to no oversight pocketing the profits for themselves and in the end right when a majority of Californians need their retirement money, these fucks will collapse the system with their high frequency trading trick and PRESTO… granny is licking the sides of dog food cans she found in the trash can in the alley.

Holy shit. The trifecta of fascism in California. Stay the hell out of Cali folks.

What a Goddamned scam. People should be rioting in Cali and don’t tell me they voted for it. Bullshit there to. How many “votes” counted on electronic voting machines in that state you wonder? A lot.

This is the same program of mandated percentages for Wall Street that Hillary’s guy wanted to impose on the entire country.

Twelve years from now workers will be LUCKY if they get to keep 20% of their earnings. Meanwhile the libertarians are happy because it means smaller “gubmint”

Payin taxes to gubmint? =  EBIl!

Payin taxes to Goldman Sachs, Etna and GlaxoSmithKline? = hell, that’s FREEDUMB!!!!!

Do yourself a favor. Get out of California while you’re still allowed to leave.

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Thank you all so much

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19 Responses

  1. The privatization of Social Security is beginning at the state level. Like mandatory vaccination, this is a plague that will spread from state to state. Wall Street thieves will steal 3% of each worker’s paycheck to begin with. Since “Secure Choice” will be a for-profit system (masquerading as a “state government” system) workers’ mandatory payments will steadily increase while retirement payouts will steadily shrink.

    “The board can implement automatic escalation of employee contributions of 1 percentage point annually.”

    “Implement” means “mandate.” This heist will worsen each year in order to maintain “program solvency” (i.e. Wall Street profits).

    It’s all happening because THE MASSES WANT IT. Average Americans INSIST ON IT. I can explain to people that the U.S. government can create infinite money, and that Social Security benefits can and should be tripled, while FICS taxes should be cut to zero, but people don’t want to hear the truth. People would rather believe the lie that the U.S. government is “bankrupt,” and that Social Security is “insolvent,” and that giving their paychecks to Wall Street criminals is proof of one’s “personal responsibility.”

    I was born in California (aka Clinton-fornia).

    Fortunately I escaped. At least for the moment.

  2. Oh, and by the way everyone, the “national debt crisis” is a SCAM. A LIE. A HOAX.

    The “national debt crisis” DOES NOT EXIST.

    National >>private<>public<< debt (aka the “national debt”) is trivial, irrelevant, and is as much an asset as it is a “debt.” No individual will ever have to pay a single penny on it. NO ONE. NOT EVER.

    If interested, ask me for further clarification.

    • Message garbled. It should read…

      National **private** debt is catastrophic (e. g. student loan debt, mortgage debt, medical care debt, and so on.)

      However the national **public** debt (aka the “national debt”) is trivial, irrelevant, and is as much an asset as it is a “debt.” No individual will ever have to pay a single penny on it. NO ONE. NOT EVER.

      If interested, ask me for further clarification.

  3. We have the same deal here in New Zealand, called ‘KiwiSaver’. A compulsory savings scheme that allows the financial institute of our choosing play with our money and collect interest on it until we reach the perpetually increasing age of retirement.

    • Ignorance about government finances is a global phenomenon among the lower classes. This ignorance is voluntary, and it is clung to. It is part of what constitutes the peasant mind, and it lets financial institutions bribe politicians to privatize pension and retirement programs worldwide.

      Any pension and retirement program that is privatized becomes automatically corrupt. When its managers steal everything, they are not jailed or even indicted.


      • As a peasant myself I can’t disagree with you there. I’m afraid you’re right. Jesus, I guess The Walking Dead was just predictive programming after all.

      • the masses do not want this. Social Security is a very popular program so much so that Reagan didn’t dare touch it in his days, the neoliberal Clintons had to do the same in theirs, hell, even Trump said “hands off Social Security” throughout his entire campaign. All of this in spite of the fact that they have been creating their typical “crisis” situation over the last couple of years by 1. underfunding Social Security and 2. constantly undermining people’s faith in it, especially in the “alternative’ communities (libertarians and “alt-right – alt-left “truthsites” have been saying it was “gone’, “not going to be there when you need it”, etc…)

        so, no. the masses do not want Social Security privatized. its that simple.

        • Incorrect.

          Given a choice between

          [1] Allowing Social Security to be privatized to “save it”


          [2] Understanding that Social Security does not need “saving,” since it can never become “insolvent” (unless politicians will it to be so)

          …the masses choose #1.

          It’s that simple.

          • no, they don’t. as I said, go back and look at Trump’s statements about saving Social Security throughout the primaries. It was a VERY popular opinion he held and it was a VERY popular opinion the majority of the left held as was demonstrated by the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Ergo, popular on BOTH sides of the fake political divide, ergo… they CHOOSE Social Security… not privatization… all that in the face of the years of disinfo about it being insolvent.

            its that simple. you can’t argue otherwise.

            that’s why they are trying this via backdoor means… that is why this shit in Cali is mandated.

        • Put another way, the masses choose to believe the lie that the U.S. government (which creates its money out of thin air) is the same as a private entity (which must balance its income with its expenses).

          This choice in turn leads the masses to choose to believe the lie that the U.S. government is “bankrupt” and has a “debt crisis,” and that Social Security is “insolvent” or soon will be.

          Therefore the masses choose to believe the lie that there is “no money” for single payer, and that single payer can only be paid for with tax increases.

          Therefore the masses choose to believe the lie that they need privatization scams like California’s “Secure Choice.”

          All these voluntary choices prove that the masses choose to be ripped off. They insist on it, since they insist on believing the lies. They claim not to, but their continued voluntary choices prove otherwise.

          Of course, the masses deny this. They don’t like having their folly exposed. That’s why the money powers continually get away with stealing from them, like con men.

          You think the masses oppose the privatization of Social Security? Nonsense. Politicians merely need to claim (falsely) that Social Security is “insolvent,” and the masses will choose to believe it.

          Looked at in a broader sense, the 1% cannot rule the 99% unless the 99% choose to allow it. Naturally the 99% delude themselves, and claim that they do not choose to be ruled. This self-delusion is why they are ruled.

          • You are beginning to sound like a suspiciously clever disinfo agent yet again spreading the ugly “blame the masses for the mess we’re in” meme while squawking constantly about THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DEBT!!! If you were a true leftist you would recognize the pragmatic approach would be less ranting and more pointing to the success of the state-owned SD Bank as the means by which your “deluded masses” can learn and retake control (over the very same government budget issues you blur over with your hysterical rants about the existence of debt). Your ranting surely can only distract from the more important subject of bank misbehavior. Perhaps that has been your goal all along?

            PS: Scott is correct about the majority of Americans in both parties rejecting SS privatization. How could you have missed that?

            • I never once said there is no such thing as debt.

              If you don’t even read the comments that you smugly and self-righteously condemn, then I have absolutely no use for you.

              • You wrote: “The “national debt crisis” DOES NOT EXIST”

                THERE IS NO DEBT! fairly paraphrased your comment, as the discussion was clearly about the national debt (though perhaps you’d be happier if I’d added “CRISIS” after “DEBT”?). Neither of us should be so insulting as to suggest either was discussing anything else. BTW, your response to write off in such a ranty way the first accurate criticism of your ugly “blame the voters” meme is also a tell that you’re either disinfo or over-invested emotionally. Your responses will soon tell us more.

  4. Re California, don’t forget about physician-assisted suicide, now legal there–as it is in Colorado, where the Soros front group “Compassion & Choices” just dumped $5.5 million into an election, where it won by Colorado’s standard rigged percentage of 65/35.

    It’s about “your right to die,” dontcha know? As opposed to: your insurer’s right to get rid of you when you get old and sick and finally need some care after paying a lifetime of premiums; and your heirs getting your stuff sooner rather than later. It definitely muddies the waters for physicians. Instead of trying to save your life they will be pressured by greedy heirs to end it, and because they are required to make a false record about the cause of death there is absolute immunity from prosecution for murder.

    I happen to be the aunt of the young woman who has become the poster-child for assisted suicide, Brittany Maynard, and a (former) Colorado lawyer. I have investigated her “suicide” and concluded it is a hoax, or psy-op, staged to advance this very policy objective. Please see my blog post for the evidence, at:

    -Alison Maynard

  5. Talking about fascist programs… My god! I urge you guys to seriously rethink the 3/11 events

  6. The privatization of state pension plans always goes like this…

    STEP 1: Tell the local news media that the state retirement plan is “unfunded” and “insolvent.”

    STEP 2: Blame this alleged “insolvency” on average people for not having voted for sufficient bond issues or tax increases.

    STEP 3: Insist that the only way to “save” the plan is via privatization and compulsory participation, plus tax increases.

    Voila: the private owner of the plan reaps billions in profits.

    We saw this in California. We are now seeing it in Arizona.

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