President Trump Will NOT Hold Hillary Clinton Accountable for her Crimes – As Is Our Custom

by Scott Creighton

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Putin once said we are looking more and more like a banana republic these days. I would have to ask him, “when didn’t we?”

In late 2007 there was a rather large movement focused on the impeachment of then Vice President Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush. Slate was advocating it. Dennis Kucinich was advocating for itRep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) came out in favor of impeachment. Cynthia MCKinney was pushing for impeachment in late 2006. She had a jump on all of us. And I got heavily involved in the effort a little later.

Impeachment was our obligation. It wasn’t just the obligation of congress, but it was ours as well because without it… well…

Watching a forum from the Heritage Foundation last night (I know, but you have to keep educated on what the opposition is doing if you are going to stay effective) I was struck by something one of the panelists said when talking about who they think Donald Trump will appoint to the Supreme Court. He said basically that we fall into a trap here in this country where we think of the protection of our constitution as being something only the Supreme Court does or is responsible for, that they are the sole protectors of our rights and that is simply not the way it works. He made the lame but effective analogy of a goalie in a hockey game and said, yes, he is the LAST line of defense, but not the ONLY line of defense and in fact he made a very good point.

There are all sorts of checks and balances built into the constitution. Checks and balances between the separate but equal branches of government (before Dick Cheney’s “unitary executive” theory was put into effect that is) is often the most cited but we also have the first amendment right which specifically names freedom of the press as the FOREMOST concern of the founding fathers. That’s a check on our government and a protection of our constitution which leads directly to the FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE… us.

I don’t often agree with the Ayn Randians over at the Heritage Foundation, but to that point, I have too say his point was spot on. We have to mobilize to protect our constitutional rights and if we don’t it doesn’t matter what the bought off politicians or Supreme Court justices say or do. When we stop caring enough to do something about it, we’ve already proven we don’t deserve it.

Back in those days in 2007, nine years ago, the establishment Dems of the republican DLC/Dems were opposed to filing articles of impeachment against the war-criminals of the Bush administration. Pelosi, Conyers and Wasserman Schultz did everything they could to stop impeachment proceedings after they won back the House of Representatives on a promise of accountability in 2006. I took exception to that decision.

In the end, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and Condi Rice got away with their war-crimes and their assorted crimes against humanity, which is a dark stain on the history of this country one we have mostly forgotten about, but it’s there just the same.

It should also be noted, the leaders of the impeachment effort in the Democrat Party are all gone from congress these days (Kucinich, Wexler and McKinney) while those who protected the criminals from across the aisle are still there and have all been elevated to positions of power in our government (Conyers, Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz)

On September 8, 1974, president of the United States Gerald Ford entered into a “corrupt bargain” and issued Proclamation 4311, which gave Richard Nixon a full and unconditional pardon for any crimes he committed, known and unknown at that time, while serving as president of the United States. Ford said that he was going write the final chapter in the messy saga that got Nixon impeached before anyone else did. He said he did it for the good of the nation.

On Nov. 22nd, 1963, after he fired the Director of the CIA for lying to him about the Bay of Pigs and trying to set him up to start WWIII and after announcing a reset with the Soviets thus promising the ending the profitable Cold War, the powers that be decided they were going to make a major course correction and JFK was shot in Dallas. Allan Dulles, the CIA head whom Kennedy fired, was put on the Warren Commission and they determined there was no conspiracy to kill a seated president in ’63. Kennedy’s own Vice President saw to that.

Just like in a banana republic, criminality in service to the deep state is never prosecuted in this country. Ever. Even after a “smooth transition of power” that everyone has been talking about recently. Accountability is something for the little people to consider, not them. Something for the little people to fear. Not them. It is an unwritten rule but it is a powerful one.

It is understood in certain informed circles that the politicians who advance the wishes of the deep state would not be capable of conducting their criminal enterprises on behalf of our “national interests” if accountability were to be a consideration. What is also understood is future servants to these masters would be less inclined to aid the progress of total global hegemony were they to witness the prosecution of previous servants for their crimes against humanity. Quite the opposite in fact is true. They must see previous complicit partners in crime on both sides of the artificial divide handsomely rewarded for their service. This is incentive. The carrot at the end of a tour of duty. The stick of course being Dallas ’63.

To that end, for you Trump supporters out there who are waiting with baited breath to witness the assigning of a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s crimes while she served as Sec. of State, I hate to be the one to tell you this….

“Most remarkably, Mr Trump said he might even consider turning to the Clintons for advice during his presidency. “I mean, this is a very talented family,” he said. “Certainly, I would certainly think about that.” Independent

Here is part of the interview Trump did with 60 Minutes.

Lesley Stahl: Are you going to ask for a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton over her emails? And are you, as you had said to her face, going to try and put her in jail?

Donald Trump: Well, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, I’m going to think about it. Um, I feel that I want to focus on jobs, I want to focus on healthcare, I want to focus on the border and immigration and doing a really great immigration bill. We want to have a great immigration bill. And I want to focus on all of these other things that we’ve been talking about.

Lesley Stahl: You– you know, you–

Donald Trump: And get the country straightened away.

Lesley Stahl: You called her “crooked Hillary,” said you wanted to get in jail, your people in your audiences kept saying, “Lock em’ up.”

Donald Trump: Yeah. She did–

Lesley Stahl: Do you—

Donald Trump: She did some bad things, I mean she did some bad things

Lesley Stahl: I know, but a special prosecutor? You think you might…

Donald Trump: I don’t want to hurt them. I don’t want to hurt them. They’re, they’re good people. I don’t want to hurt them. And I will give you a very, very good and definitive answer the next time we do 60 Minutes together.

For people like Donald Trump, everything is a negotiation. He was supposed to spend 15 minutes talking with the president and instead they chatted for an hour and a half.

His message to anyone paying attention is that he ‘doesn’t WANT to” prosecute her and that he will “THINK about it” but would rather focus on various aspects of his first 100 days plan while in the White House but that she did do some “BAD things”

The message from The Donald is not subtle. He never did subtle very well in the debates either.

Trump will use Hillary’s criminality to some degree as a trump card in order to find less resistance from the DLC/Dems in congress (as if the republican Dems would offer any). At least that’s his claim. It may also be used by the fake-left Dems to justify caving in on certain, less than progressive measures Trump and Paul Ryan try to stuff down our throats in the first few months of Trumpland.

Ultimately Donald Trump will not prosecute Hillary Clinton any more than he will completely repeal the fascist ObamaCare act, build a wall or deport all of Big Business’ cheap labor pool of illegal immigrants.

This, according to decorum, is how it should be. It’s that unwritten law we were talking about.

Bernie Sanders is also speaking out against any prosecution of Hillary Clinton. He says it’s not “democratic” for the winning candidate to prosecute the loser because “they disagree with their ideology

Frankly I have too say I disagree with the Clinton’s ideology of stealing everything that’s not nailed down, selling out the State Department to donors to the Clinton Foundation and committing war-crimes on behalf of their wealthy friends like it’s going out of style.

Prosecutors often disagree with the ideology of child rapists but that isn’t expected to stop them from prosecuting pedophiles, is it? Once again proving it’s a totally different set of rules for the servants of the deep state.

The Republican establishment that got behind candidate Clinton are calling for a full pardon from President Obama before he leaves office. They think it will do the country some good to keep criminals from being held accountable for their actions.

Nearly a decade ago I wrote that we had an obligation to hold our leaders accountable for their crimes and that if we didn’t what we would see would be near anarchy from future leaders.

Today Obama kills US citizens with drones. He wages regime change operations utilizing terrorists who supposedly attacked us on 9/11 as our proxy warriors in places like Libya and Syria. He kills civilians of other countries with impunity while demanding our soldiers take orders from soulless monsters running the CIA. He arrests whistle-blowers with stunning regularity. And in all likelihood, he has allowed someone somewhere to wage psychological warfare against the people of the United States on US soil killing scores of innocent civilians and pretending to kill even more in what can only be described as state sponsored terrorism.

In 2008 when they had the chance to hold previous criminals responsible, Obama did his part, the remaining DLCers in power today did their part and nothing was done and the criminals were allowed to slip quietly back into civil society without so much as an indictment or an investigation into their criminality on behalf of the deep state and the national interests it represents.

In 2016, both Obama and Clinton fully expect the same professional courtesy.

I suppose it would be too much to ask for a leading member of congress to come forward this year like McKinney, Kucinich and Wexler a decade ago. Lessons learned I suppose and all of that.

But it would be nice wouldn’t it?

Just don’t expect it from Trump. He’s a businessman. He knows the deal. Written or not. It’s customary after all. And who would dare stand against custom here in the Shining City on the Hill?

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

Thank you all so much

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18 Responses

  1. Here’s an exercise that shows why we must be careful with what we see on the Internet.

    The video below shows about 50 buses parked on a Chicago Street which supposedly brought in anti-Trump protesters. The Zero Hedge blog is making much of this.

    However there are often buses parked along that street, and there is no proof that these buses carried anti-Trump protesters.

    Below the video is the Google maps street view for the same route that is seen in the video. The image capture is Oct 2016. There are indeed buses parked there, but only half a dozen buses, plus many yellow school buses. Not fifty buses. I don’t know if the video is telling the truth or not.

    Google Maps street view:,-87.6390823,3a,75y,17.77h,93.6t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s0diuh9ZbzJoDCxW6MZd3vA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    • you know I saw that story and thought the same way you did and did not advance it simply because, there are often tour buses parked along streets in lines like that and without confirmation, I chose not to. You would think whomever took that photo would have also took photos of the “protesters” getting off or back on the buses right? no such luck. you can take a photo and search it’s history on the internet to see where it started and therefore, where it is from. I don’t how to do that, but more internet savy readers here might.

      • Yes, although that is an unusual number of buses, I suspect that the fifty buses seen in the video did NOT bring in anti-Trump protesters.

        Most pro-Trump readers and pro-Hillary readers alike believe whatever they are told.

        I’m just saying we must be careful.

      • As humans, we see what we WANT to see.

        If we want to see fifty buses full of anti-Trump protesters (even though the buses are empty) then that is what we see.

        And we attack anyone who questions our interpretation.

        • I just called Badger and Lamar coach services, something that Disinfo site Zero Hedge should have done before posting. You are absolutely correct. That couple of blocks in Chicago is always loaded with charter buses and school buses especially on the weekend because throughout the whole city it is one of a few places chartered buses are allowed to park on the side of the road when someone rents them to go to Chicago for whatever reason. I know that on the 12th there was an event taking place a few blocks away called the Festival of Barrel Aged Beer which probably accounted for more than a couple of those buses. It’s ridiculous what Zero Hedge tries to get away with sometimes.

          • Quick thoughts…

            [1] Kudos for the detective work. You could announce your findings at Zero Hedge, but you would probably be flamed. And thank you for calling ZeroHedge a disinfo site. I routinely catch them in errors, especially when they discuss finances, U.S. government fiscal affairs, and medical issues. They love to claim, for example, that the U.S. government has a “debt crisis,” and that Social Security is “insolvent.” ZeroHedge is right-wing, with occasional forays into fake leftism.

            [2] You say that South Canal St. is one of a few places in central Chicago that school buses and chartered buses are allowed to park on the side of the road. Yes, this fits. Buses and RVs are not like cars. You cannot park them just anywhere. The police in every U.S. city do not want traffic blockages, nor problems with private property owners.

            Still…why so many buses at one time? Because Chicago is a gigantic city surrounded by small communities that are spread out across the flat Midwest. When there are special events, these buses are what you see. Chicago is not like L.A. for example (where I was born) or New York (which I have been to).

            [3] In case anyone thinks I am pro-Trump, I am not.
            I am enraged by fake leftists.

            • I did you one better than that. I posted an article here giving you credit for the find and will post a link to it on his Youtube video page. Lets see if he removes it.

          • Whoops.
            Reply eaten by WordPress.

  2. “I don’t want to hurt them. They’re good people.”

    This is textbook denial that white collar crime even exists: these people are wearing suits, damnit, they just can’t be criminals!

    Never mind that 1000 juries put the lie to that formulation in the wake of the Savings & Loan crisis by sending as many bankers to prison.

    What the fuck is so difficult about taking out the statute book (Title 18 of the U.S. Code) and checking to see whether the elements of a crime are met?

    It sure didn’t look like that job was too hard when it meant getting votes during the campaign now, did it? And why shouldn’t we hurt them? They’ve hurt MILLIONS of people through their crimes; retribution is the essence of criminal law. So is deterrence.

    That interview of Trump does NOT bode well. Neither do early indications about DT’s cabinet. In fact both look like a fucking disaster and a wholesale repudiation of voters. As Arthur Silber says, Trump “IS draining the swamp–directly into his own office.”

    It also looks like we’ll have to wait another four years for a shot at restoring the rule of law. In the mean time, it seems that criminal bankers and their toilet scrubbers like the Clintons will be getting another pass so that the looting, corruption, graft and subjugation can proceed with the untrammeled annihilation of the middle class, which voted for Trump in large measure to end this nightmare.

  3. Another way to look at this is the “funeral approach.”

    Hillary is out, hopefully forever. She came, she saw, she died. Even a son-of-a-bitch becomes a “wonderful person” when we are lowering his casket into the ground, and we are finally free of him. In saying farewell, we have the luxury to be magnanimous to the bastard.

    Moreover a lot of Washington establishment scum was aligned with her, and all the corporate media outlets worship her. To go after Hillary now will further inflame those insiders and corporate media outlets, with nothing to gain from it.

    Furthermore, if the screws are put to Hillary now, Obama would simply pardon her on his last day in office.

    So it’s thanks for the memories, and here’s our heartfelt best wishes.

    Godspeed (you evil bitch).

    • I’m really enjoying your comments elizabethharris001 [along with willy’s]. I think you nailed it here. Also, since the titanic is about to break in half, having a trial for the negligent captain may not be the best focus right now. This whole thing is about to blow to hell… the phoney federal reserve printing trillions, the petrodollar, bankrupt pension funds, unfunded social benefits… it all won’t go past june imo no matter what Trump does.

  4. They say that there is still a slight possibility for Hillary to be elected as president. There is a petition going on in «» with 4 million signatures at the moment, so that on 19th December, every member of the electoral College might vote again for the presidency.

    Also, the new Vice President, Mike Pence has said: «“We are going to rebuild our military. This whole Putin thing, look, America is stronger than Russia. Our economy is 16 times larger than the Russian economy. Our political system is superior to the crony corrupt capitalis system in Russia it every way,”

    What will the system do now? Elect the corrupt Hillay Clinton, or kill Trump and elect Mike Pence (a sort of what was done in 1963, with the election of Lyndon B. Johnson)?

  5. I apologize, but what is “DLC” again?

    • sorry. should have explained that. its the neoliberal Democratic Leadership Council created by the Clintons a long time ago. they are the pro-corporate “moderate” Dems like the Clintons. They supposedly broke up a couple years ago because people got wind of their corruption and “right of Reagan” ideology, but they didn’t really, they just took over the whole DNC instead.

      • The losers are still whining. They call themselves “leftists,” yet they cheer for Hillary, and for Democrat insiders who torpedoed Sanders. At least Sanders called for single payer health care, whereas Hillary openly vowed that as president she would make sure we never got it.

        When Sanders called for single payer, these same fake-left idiots echoed the right wing retort of, “How will you pay for it?” I refer to today’s protesters, not the genuine leftists who filled stadiums to hear Sanders speak.

        Today’s whiners are fake leftists. They don’t do revolutions. They march in the streets for a day or two. They are helpless to stop their own ever-worsening impoverishment (since they cut their own throats by worshipping fake leftists), but by God they can righteously condemn Trump as a KKK member, a Communist, and a Capitalist all rolled into one. “Trump is Hitler! Worse, Trump is Leona Helmsley!”

        Rich people regard these losers as cattle, because they think and act like cattle.

  6. On going after Hillary using a special prosecutor, why? He doesn’t have to. Right now the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation. As he will shortly appoint the new head of the FBI and Justice Dept the investigation will continue and, in a year or so once Obama is long gone they will convene a grand jury and a lengthy trial will begin. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    • Agreed. The Investigation into the Clinton Foundation is ongoing. I believe it will not end well for the Clinton Crime Cartel. By not tipping his hand, Trump may have given Peace Prize a reason NOT to pardon the witch. She will skate on many crimes but at least get nailed for something. I shudder to think of Obama’s plans for a bigger and more corrupt post-presidency “foundation”. Hopefully, this will prevent it.

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