About All Those “Trump Protest Buses”: Zero Hedge is an Idiot

by Scott Creighton (H/T elizabethharris001)

elizabethharris001 left me a comment about a trending piece of disinfo from Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge concerning a video some guy took driving down the road in Chicago on the same day a Trump protest took place this weekend. Like Di$info Jone$ screaming “I have the DOCUMENTS!” Durden wrote they now “have visual confirmation of how a substantial portion of these professional, paid protesters arrive at the site of the protest, in this case Chicago.”

“I have a video of 5 city blocks on the West side of Chicago lined with busses from Wisconsin (Badger Bus Lines) bringing in protestors. The Sears tower is visible in the background.” “reports” a reader at Zero Hedge

They conclude since the protests took place this weekend and all those buses were lined up together, they MUST be connected, ergo, they MUST have bused all those protesters in from Wisconsin. Damn cheese-heads.

They have the DOCUMENTS!

Well, not to put too fine a point on it, that’s just stupid.

Google street view S. Canal St. Chicago and tell me what you see. I see a bunch of the same buses from the same bus-lines in that same few blocks in images dating back to 2015. Charter buses and school buses alike.

Why is that? Because, according to the city of Chicago, those few blocks are some of the FEW in the city designated as on street parking for ALL the charter bus companies that bring all sorts of tourists and visitors into the city on the weekends.


Yep. thats the blocks

In fact, if you look at a hi-res version of Zero Hedge’s video you will see street signs saying just that.

Chicago is a kind of a big city. They got tour buses coming in every day of the week. There was one large event that took place that weekend called the Festival of Barrel Aged Beers which saw thousands come by and sample beers from all over the Chicago area. Folks from all around went to the city for that one and that’s just one event that took place. There were probably a couple dozen events taking place in the city this weekend.

That video shows school buses, a bus from Ohio State University and ones from other charter companies from other states.

Like I said, Chicago is a big city.

Having some idiot post a video of that designated parking location for visiting tour buses and claiming it’s “visual confirmation” all those Trump protesters were “bused in” is just retarded.

Heck, its so dumb it’s almost as if Zero Hedge posted it in an effort to make his followers look dumb. But no one would do that, would they Di$info Jone$?

Me personally I contacted a couple of the charter bus lines (Badger, Peoria and Lamers) asking them about S. Canal St. and events in Chicago this past weekend and though they couldn’t tell me who chartered which vehicles, they did say they had multiple contracts for various locations and that staging area was used by all the different charter bus services going into Chicago.

Clearly there are some Soros-backed professional protesters involved in these destabilization efforts. But clearly as well, there are some people who drank WAY TOO MUCH of the anti-Trump Koolaid over the past few months and it’s entirely understandable that if they think he’s Satan or Hitler or Jabba the Hut, they might just turn out and protest his election as a kind of a way of venting or cooling off.

Or maybe they’re just trying to get laid.

Plus, you folks do realize Obama comes from Chicago, right? Also the home of the birthplace of American neoliberalism, Chicago School of Economics? They might want to protest his opposition to the TPP and the TTIP as well.

Just sayin… they don’t need 50 buses from all over the place to have a little protest in Chicago. The tourism industry needs them, not the outrage industry. I think they do just fine with CNN and MSNBC.

Maybe it would have been good for the guy who made the video if he thought they were all protesters to hang out and see if the buses all went to one place at the same time to pick up a couple ten thousand protesters. That would have been some “visual confirmation” but alas… we don’t get that… probably because they all left at different times to pick up their visitors at different locations.

Anyone thinking about Di$info Jone$’ videos showing “hundreds of thousands of FEMA caskets” Obama was supposed to use to pack up all the dead bodies a couple years ago? How did that “visual confirmation” work out?

However you look at it, all those buses on S. Canal St. in Chicago weren’t there to bring in Soros’ anti-Trump protesters this weekend. Showing that video and making that claim simply because a  protest took place this weekend in Chicago is just stupid. Lazy, dishonest or stupid. And I am giving Zero Hedge the benefit of the doubt by calling him stupid.

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Thank you all so much

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11 Responses

  1. I didn’t see your comment at Zero Heads. It may have been purged.

    You write, “According to the city of Chicago, those few blocks are some of the FEW in the city designated as on street parking for ALL the charter bus companies that bring all sorts of tourists and visitors into the city on the weekends.”

    Yes….WEEKENDS. When Chicago has a popular event, buses bring people in from Midwest hamlets in all directions. (People can drive, but all things considered, it’s cheaper to go by bus.) The buses arrive on Friday night or early Saturday morning. The bus tourists stay all day Saturday and Sunday, and return to their towns on those same buses on Sunday evening. That’s two days in which the buses need a place to park. So it all makes sense.

    And I repeat, Chicago is a metropolis surrounded by pastures. You would never see something like this in L.A. or New York, whose surrounding layouts and topography are not like Chicago’s.

    Moreover, suppose that fifty buses actually did arrive and disgorge hundreds (thousands?) of anti-Trump protesters in one place. Bus after bus, one after the other. That would be such an unusual sight that Chicagoans would have video-recorded it on their smartphones. The fake leftists would record it so they could boast of solidarity. The Trump people would record it so they could boast of being victims.

    Sorry, Zero Heads, but you blew it. Admit your error and maybe we’ll cut you some slack. Otherwise fu*k off.

    • “Zero Hedge is a batshit insane Austrian school finance blog run by two pseudonymous founders who post articles under the name “Tyler Durden,” after the character from Fight Club.[wp] It has accurately predicted 200 of the last 2 recessions.” -citation n/a

  2. What do you think about the 125,000 Newsweek magazines printed and distributed? I won’t mention any of the self-promoting sources pushing that theory, but Newsweek’s editor in chief said “some people are taking this as proof the election was rigged, now it’s just being taken as proof that we’re stupid” As though it was standard practice in the print media industry to print off *and* distribute a half-mile stack of defective inventory in anticipation of a ??/?? chance of needing them, and as though they had 125k Trump victory magazines waiting in the warehouse on contingency.


    The defeat of Hillary, the TPP, and World War III has tripled the number of calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s 160 crisis centers.

    Between 1 and 2 a.m. on November 9, when it became clear that Hillary would not be able to privatize Social Security after all, the national network fielded 660 suicidal calls, which is three times the average.

    Not since the suicide of actor Robin Williams in 2014 have so many Americans wanted to kill themselves.


  4. Remember…..not too long ago, Alex Jones, Zerohedge etc were the voice of “alt-media”. Now they are on their way becoming mainstream.
    Future is looking bleak, Scott!

  5. You’re right. Zero Hedge offered no proof that they were right. Of course, neither did you. You lost. Get used to it. You’re going to be losing a lot going forward. One more thing. When you call somebody out for a particular behavior, you’re more credible if you don’t do the same damn thing. Tool.

    • The burden of proof was on Zero Hedge, since it was they who claimed that the buses brought in anti-Trump protesters. By your childish line of reasoning, I could claim that the North Pole is populated with millions of elves. If someone asks me for proof, I could just say, “Prove that it isn’t!”

      Now run along. The grown-ups have things to discuss.

    • wrong. I didn’t do the same thing. I showed proof that the location is used by all of the various charter bus companies for daily parking in the city for all events taking place on any given day and I showed a Google street view link which puts many of the same bus companies on that spot up to a year prior to the protests. I even admitted there were certainly SOME professional protesters there, but simply said those buses lined up in that location WAS NOT PROOF that they were ALL professional protesters. And that is absolutely correct. Zero Hedge was absolutely wrong, I was correct. And I did the homework, he did not.

  6. I had a former finance worker recommend ZeroHedge to me, but all I found was conspiracy theories and a bunch of lunatics in the comment section, from Holocaust deniers to crazy xenophobes and more. It needs to dissappear from the internet, it is dangerous

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