TRUMP EFFECT: Al-Qaeda crushed in Aleppo, Western intervention against Russian bombing ends

from The Duran

One place where Donald Trump’s election victory has had an immediate effect is in the battlefield around Aleppo.

Reports from the area of the battlefield speak of a total collapse of morale amongst the Al-Qaeda led Jihadi forces which have been attacking the city from the south west, as whatever lingering hopes there were of a Western military intervention following a victory by Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential election have turned to dust.

The result is that the Jihadi forces have been rapidly losing ground in the south western suburbs of Aleppo over the last three days, a fact which has apparently obliged Al-Qaeda to draw on its last reserves in order to rush reinforcements to the front to prevent a total collapse there.

As always the situation is confused, but it seems the Syrian army has now entirely liberated the strategically located 1070 housing complex and the Minyan and Al-Assad districts, and that it is starting to develop an offensive towards the strategically important town of Khan Tuman, which is the base from which the Al-Qaeda led Jihadis launch their attacks on south west Aleppo.

Importantly these Syrian army advances are taking place despite the continued absence of Russian bombing in the area of Aleppo.

In the meantime there are reports that the Russian fleet which includes the carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the nuclear powered missile battle cruiser Pyotr Veliky has moved closer to the Syrian coast.  There have even been scattered reports that some of the Kuznetsov’s aircraft have been spotted flying over Syria on what appear to be reconnaissance missions.

There are also reports that the Russian fleet is preparing  to launch heavy cruise missile strikes against the Jihadist forces concentrated in south west Aleppo, and that these will happen within the next few hours.

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6 Responses

  1. Southfront is talking about a gas attack near the airport. Is this a go-for-broke skidaddle move?

  2. Funny what can be done in less than three days(since Obama ordered the military to begin to clean up his act before Jan 20 and go after al Nusra (finally!) on Thursday…if nothing else comes from this election, thank God WW3 has been averted…for now).

  3. Many alleged reports. Lets just wait and see what happens in the coming weeks, when Trump is effectively in office. Like with those rumors claiming to know who is going to be in his administration. Lots of self-promotion by incrementalist foot soldiers.

  4. Russian cruise missiles? I fear for the poor people of West Aleppo. Bush’s middle East mess (backed by sycophants in UK and Australia) will be remembered by future historians as an epic humanitarian disaster comparable to the worst ethnic cleansing. We have destroyed civilised muslim society and unleashed terror. Bombing and especially drone terrorism comparable to the Nazi V bombs of WW2 are evidence of complete disregard for the life by armchair warmongers.


    The U.S. military is increasingly using unmanned helicopters to arm and resupply its terrorist mercenaries that the U.S. pays to execute regime change operations worldwide.

    The helicopters are operated remotely, like drones. An operator with just 15 minutes of training is supposed to be able to steer them via a tablet PC.

    Aurora Flight Sciences, the company behind the technology, is currently installing the systems on UH-1H “Huey” helicopters.

    • I guess that explains how they’re able to resupply isolated pockets of moderate Geehawdees, without the risk of losing pilots (or the expense of training actual pilots). I mistakenly assumed they’d just been sneaking anti-tank missles in with Jimmy Johns deliveries.

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