Despicable Michael Moore Pulls Pathetic Publicity Stunt in New York on Behalf of Elitists Demanding Trump Resign and Electoral College Reform

by Scott Creighton


Michael Moore wants Trump to “step aside” because he lost the popular vote to the lying globalist criminal warmonger Hillary Clinton who was backed by Wall Street and every neocon Bush/Cheney warmongering Republican who still draws breath. This, according to Michael Moore, is the “progressive” call to action we should all get behind.


I hate Michael Moore. Ever since he made Sicko right in time to set the stage for the fascist mandated “Affordable” Care Act ( first created by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank and implemented by Mitt Romney) which cherry-picks millions of healthy young people and forces them to buy insurance they don’t need or want for the benefit of Big Insurance, I have hated Michael Moore.

“Obamacare is a godsend” Michael Moore, 2013

And that is too say nothing about him and that other fake-leftist, Bill Maher, getting on their knees and begging Ralph Nader to give up his run for office in 2004 when globalist/billionaire John Kerry was slated to LOSE to George W. Bush.

Michael Moore a fake liberal and a self-righteous arrogant bloviating sack of shit and right now he is doing his level best to try to undermine the validity of the Trump presidency before it even starts.

On top of that, he’s parroting Eric Holder’s campaign to dump the Electoral College in favor of a straight popular vote election which would be MUCH EASIER to steal than the current system.

Anyone notice they weren’t making a call for this move in 2000 when globalist puppet and future 9/11 traitor George W. Bush “won” with a popular vote loss? You should pay VERY close attention to that fact folks.

In his Rolling Stone interview, Michael Moore described Trump voters as “legal terrorists” for voting the wrong way, in his opinion.

“But I want them to think about the damage they could do by being a legal terrorist on November 8th.” Michael Moore, Oct. 2016

Actually what Moore is doing is trying to pump up his liberal street cred so he can enjoy four years of being in the spotlight in the resistance movement that will surely develop during the upcoming Trump years. I’m sure he is also thinking about the impact this publicity stunt will have on the ticket sales for his next hour and a half propaganda public service messaging he calls “documentaries”

Michael Moore went to Trump Tower yesterday morning. He seems to have brought with him a plethora of mindless followers so they could shoot the event from all sorts of angles but even that wasn’t enough so the vain-glorious piece of crap was constantly holding his “selfie-cam” in front of his face throughout the entire publicity stunt.

Film-maker Michael Moore has called on Donald Trump to step down as President-elect before he even takes office, after joining in protests in New York City

Moore scaled the famous escalator inside Trump Tower in an attempt to reach the President-elect's office, but he was stopped by security

Filmmaker Michael Moore walks inside Trump Tower in New York on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016

Michael Moore talks to a film crew as he is blocked exits to an elevator inside Trump Tower by Secret Service officers

Moore took with him a film crew as well and waited at the foot of the escalator while a cameraman rode up and then rode back down to get that shot as well.

It was a self-centered publicity stunt and nothing more the main purpose of which was supposedly to command the president elect to step down so Hillary Clinton, queen of the corrupt establishment and hand-picked choice of the oligarchs could take her per-ordained seat of power in the Oval Office.

Moore campaigned for Bernie Sanders back when Bernie was serving as nothing more than a sheepdog trying to keep as many liberals as possible in the republican/centrist DLC/DNC. But then after she stole the nomination from Bernie, what did “progressive hero” Michael Moore do?

Did he go to Hillary’s multi-million dollar home and demand she step down for the real winner of the Democrat Primary?

Hell no.

He said this:

“We’re not being asked to vote for Margaret Thatcher or Sandra Day O’Connor or Clarence Thomas. We’re being asked to vote for Hillary Clinton and that’s a good thing. Really. She’s not any of those people.” Michael Moore

The rabid Clintonites, who for a year and a half have accused Trump of being a racist because he dared to undermine the legitimacy of the current president by wondering aloud about where he was born, are super busy doing everything they can to undermine the legitimacy of the Trump presidency before it even starts.

Demonstrators hold signs during a rally outside Trump Tower in New York on Saturday, Nov. 12

The George Soros paid protesters are out in large numbers marching right alongside Mr. Moore on behalf of the most corrupt candidate to ever win a major party nomination.

Thousands of protesters march up Fifth Avenue to Trump Tower to protest against President-elect Donald Trump, in Manhattan

The violence they predicted in the event of a Trump loss has been visited upon our cities in the wake of a Hillary loss. Visited by these professional protesters.

Michael Moore and a host of globalist elite Clinton supporters are calling for reforming the election system and doing away with the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote system.

Lady Gaga, Eric HolderBill Maher,, Slate, Forbes and others have come out in support of a petition that was recently put up on to do away with the system they say is all about protecting slavery (see here , here and here).

Yep, they are dipping down so low for this one as to bring even this issue to the level of race-baiting. You would think these racist assholes would have learned something by now, after this video, but they don’t give a shit. All they care about is seeing the establishment’s choice, Hillary Clinton, in the White House. They don’t care how many people get hurt along the way.

The dumping of the Electoral College system is a big move for them. They even got CNN to stage yet another fake interview with one of their own cameramen in support of the idea the other day.

When I think about what side of history I want to be on, it’s always on the side of the fake CNN interviews. Am I right? Well, that’s where Michael Moore stands right now.

They lost their effort to steal the election on behalf of Hillary because it’s too difficult to rig the Electoral College system when someone wins by a large percentage. They had to rig too many states in too many different districts early on in the evening which made it nearly impossible for them to flip the election results. All of the important swing states are located in the Eastern time zone so they close their polls first.

Think about it. With a popular vote system, all they have to do is throw the liberal left coast states and maybe New York by massive numbers and they can pick any Dem they want to run. Corrupt, war-mongering and lying or not.

Conversely, when it’s time for Jeb Bush to run, all they have to do is throw a couple states in the mid-West the same way and presto, they can pick whatever president they choose.

They may end up getting enough states to pass something called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, or NPVIC for short, which would allow states to assign their Electoral College votes to the winner of the national popular vote, but it would take some work. All depends on how much juice the Clintons have left in their tank of corruption (or how much liquidity they have in the Clinton Foundation… any Haiti money left you think?)

Ultimately this side show performance by Michael Moore will be for naught.

But it is interesting how this movement to remove Trump from officer before he sets foot in it is suddenly gaining momentum as the CIA’s “moderate” terrorists and al-Qaeda in Syria (al-Nusra) are now on the chopping block according to the White House and State Department. I wonder if the Greater Kurdistan project is involved in any way.


Because we all know Hillary loves her some “moderate” terrorist contractors.


Could be Michael Moore is pulling another Sicko on us: setting folks up for a progressive sounding movement that is really a prime left-cover campaign. This one in support of the Endless Global War OF Terrorism being conducted on behalf of our “national interests”. Donald Trump has vowed to stop funding these regime change terrorists in Syria and Libya and elsewhere.

Is it any wonder so many of our vet voted for Trump?

Image result for troops don't want to fight for al-qaeda

I hate Michael Moore. I hope he chokes on greasy Philly cheese-stake alone and in his dark dank little mansion like the first victim in Seven. That’s the fate that fake socialist deserves. You can’t back Hillary Clinton, call voters who “voted the wrong way” terrorists and incite hatred and violence in this country and call yourself either a “progressive” or a socialist. It just doesn’t work.

Michael Moore has exposed himself in this election process even more than he did when he got on his knees to beg a real socialist and progressive to back out of the presidential race back in 2004.

He doesn’t deserve your support, he doesn’t deserve your $15 to go see his next bullshit movie and he doesn’t deserve even the slightest bit of your respect.

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

Thank you all so much

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30 Responses

  1. Wow. A week ago I commented that the USA had gone surreal because even Michael Moore supported Trump. I said this because several different YouTube videos show Moore praising Trump for remembering the Rust Belt, including places like Moore’s home town of Flint Michigan. On Bill Maher’s show, Moore correctly predicted that Trump would win, because, Moore said, Trump remembered the working man. But when Trump did indeed win, Moore reverted back to his fake-leftist bullshit.

    “Moore is trying to pump up his liberal street cred so he can enjoy four years of being in the spotlight in the resistance movement that will surely develop during the upcoming Trump years.” ~ S.C.

    Make that his FAKE LIBERAL street cred.

    Actually I don’t expect Moore to last much longer. He’s 62 and morbidly obese. This year he was hospitalized with pneumonia. He faces imminent cancer, diabetes, and / or a heart attack. The human body cannot handle Moore’s physical condition.

    Bill Maher? Yes, another fake leftist. (Maher is a warmonger against Muslims, and an Israel-firster, being Jewish himself.) Another fake leftist is Naomi Klein, who is now attacking Trump.

    Personally I am delighted that Trump won, because I hate fake leftists more than I hate right-wingers. Fake leftists do much more damage than do right-wingers, and they are much more closed-minded. The fake leftists who now worship Hillary also worship RomneyCare. They don’t care if people like Obama and Hillary destroy entire nations. What do a bunch of exterminated “rag heads” and “camel jockeys” matter to fake leftist “anti-racists”?

    Fu*k their hypocrisy.

    • that video you linked us to was part of his “Trumpland” “movie” which was basically him giving two speeches in rust belt states and trying to appeal to Trump voters to get them to vote for Hillary. He was patronizing them.

      Here’s what TrumpLand really is: a quiet, personal and sympathetic plea to vote for Hillary Clinton, aimed at people who don’t like her. The film’s viral success on conservative websites means it’s doing a pretty good job (even if the message on those sites is truncated). In typical Michael Moore-fashion, the filmmaker is trying to reach the autoworkers, laid-off manufacturing employees, and the rest of the disenfranchised middle class with a message about why the former first lady is the country’s best choice for president.

      But while he’d probably be happy to sway a few Trump voters, residents of TrumpLand aren’t the target audience. The movie primarily takes aim at the Bernie-or-bust and Jill Stein contingents.

      Moore’s attempts to persuade revolve around not how terrible Trump is, but about how much he admires Hillary Clinton. Speaking against a backdrop of black-and-white photos of the young candidate, he talks about her campaigns for women’s rights and her work on expanding access to health care, among other liberal projects.

      And he closes the movie by urging people to go vote for her, even if they have to hold their nose while doing it”

      • Wow. That’s clears things up. To be honest, I didn’t watch the videos to their end.

        Moore is truly disgusting. A classic fake leftist.

        I apologize for spewing so much hate in my comments during the last week, but I am sick of fake leftists with their smug hypocrisy, their self-righteous elitism, and their enabling of neoliberalism. Always ready to brand you a bigot and a racist, they are the most bigoted and racist of all.

        I repeat again…fake leftists do far more damage than do right-wingers, and they are far more closed-minded.

        • fake leftist do more damage because, one, we need a balance between opposing belief structures and when we don’t get that, the results are more and more reactionary, neo-feudalistic measures being imposed on the people and TWO, all sorts of horrible shit can be done in the darkness of left-cover than could ever be done in the country under the full light of day the neocons require. so I agree. and personally, I hate them more than neocons because they betray the ideals they pretend to support.

          and let me add this in as well, I really hate fake leftists who make themselves into multi-millionaires by running around pretending to be for the little guy.

          they really make me sick.

  2. Comment eaten by WordPress. This might have to do with its length. It was 261 words.

    Perhaps, after 200 or 250 words, WordPress automatically shunts a comment over to the “awaiting moderation” category.

  3. the current movement to overturn the vote of the electoral college is probably the most disgusting thing i have ever seen from the public in regards to politics. are we supposed to throw away the votes of tens of millions of our fellow citizens? are we supposed to allow the biggest & most populous states to decide elections from here-on? evidently, that’s exactly what’s expected & it’s no wonder the idea is getting so much exposure from the msm & being pushed by any number of celebrities.

    • Suppose things were reversed. Suppose Trump had won the popular vote, but Hillary had won the Electoral vote.

      In that case, these same idiots would be praising the Electoral College as our only “protection” from mass stupidity.

      • or protecting us from the votes of the “legal terrorists”

      • you’re absolutely right. and whether they know it or not, what these idiots are suggesting is the dismantling of democratic elections.

        • Fair elections have already been “dismantled” via electronic voting and messing with voter rolls. That’s why this electoral college BS is such an obvious diversion and propaganda ploy. Anyone concerned about truly electing someone who represented real Americans would focus on undoing the dismantling already done rather than lobbying for more potential mischief.

  4. The fake leftists are screaming that Trump will further lower taxes on the rich and on corporations. Let’s clarify something…

    [1] Rich people and big corporations pay little or no taxes anyway. Therefore it makes no difference if we “lower” their taxes.

    [2] At the federal level (unlike the state, county, or municipal level) taxes do not pay for government. The U.S. government has no need or use for tax revenue, since the U.S. government creates its spending money out of thin air, simply by crediting bank accounts. We could quadruple federal taxes, or we could lower federal taxes to zero, and it would make no difference to the U.S. government’s ability to keep functioning. Therefore raising taxes on the rich will do nothing at all to help the lower classes. NOTHING.

    The fake leftists want you to think that the U.S. government (which creates dollars out of thin air) is the same as a private household (which must balance its income with its expenses). In this way the fake leftists enable people like the Koch brothers, who torpedo federal single payer healthcare by saying. “How will you pay for it?”

  5. Fatso Moore’s just a media whore.
    On cable news he’s sure to score.
    On cable news he’s sure to score.
    It’s a 24 hour store
    it’s for selling shit
    that’s what it’s there for.
    Muticolored sugar swill stacked ceiling to floor
    all the same bottles, the same bug juice stupor.
    Don’t think too much, don’t be a bore.
    It’s a 24 hr. store
    it’s for selling shit
    that’s what it’s there for

    It’s a great time to regroup….to breathe….between the acts. And watch who’s who and what’s what. I keep thinking of the scene in the Godfather where Don Corleone tells Micheal to watch out after he’s gone. The one who comes to him with a deal is the one who will betray him.

  6. Maybe someone can explain this to me.

    The fake leftists are screaming that Trump wants to build a wall along the 1,954-mile long Mexico-US border at a cost $25 billion, which the U.S. government cannot afford (even though the U.S. government creates INFINITE money out of thin air).

    They say the U.S. government has a $20 trillion deficit. (Actually the federal deficit for FY 2017 will be $474 billion.)

    They say that architects and engineers have declared that such a wall is physically impossible to build.

    QUESTION: Why do they say this, when the wall already exists? (Much of it was built by Israeli firms.) At Google images, enter the terms U.S. Mexico border wall

    Note how the fake leftists ignore the fact that under Obama, more foreigners were deported than ever. Why would Hillary be any different?

    And I repeat: if you don’t like immigrants, then don’t support military and economic wars against their home countries. If you don’t want them coming here, then don’t go over there.

  7. Comment vanished. Word count 169.

  8. House Speaker Paul Ryan said today that he and Trump are not planning to pursue mass deportations of undocumented immigrants.

    Readers may remember that from 1929 to 1935, the U.S. government arrested two million Latinos (half of them U.S. citizens), packed them into cattle cars, forcibly shipped them to southern Mexico, and kicked them off.

    This began during the administration of Herbert Hoover (Republican). However it continued through all the years that FDR was in office.



    The TPP and TTIP would globalize Internet censorship, undermine civil liberties, devastate our economy and our planet, and replace national sovereignty with corporate sovereignty.

    Trump campaigned against the TPP and TTIP, whereas Hillary called them the “gold standards” of trade treaties.

    Later, amid the Sanders uprising, Hillary claimed to oppose the TPP, but no one believed her (not even her strongest supporters).

    Now that Hillary is out, multiple news source report that Obama has given up on his efforts to get TPP approval during the “lame-duck” session of Congress.

    How do the fake leftists explain this while they continue to worship Hillary? They claim that the defeat of Hillary had nothing to do with the defeat of the TPP. Rather, they claim that the TPP was defeated at the “grass roots level.”

    (Sort of like NAFTA and CAFTA were defeated. Oh wait…)


    Today on ABC’s “This Week,” Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said that Comey’s renewed investigation “did not help” Hillary because “it changed the conversation.”

    Ellison said the conversation should have been about how to raise the minimum wage and strengthen Social Security.

    Any time a politician talks about “strengthening Social Security,” it means he is a fake leftist.

    “Strengthening” Social Security usually means privatizing it, or else cutting benefits and increasing FICA taxes.

    Social Security does not need to be “strengthened,” since SS benefits are created out of thin air. FICA taxes do not pay for Medicare or Social Security, nor is there any such thing as a “Social Security trust fund” (or any other federal “trust fund”).

    Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, and other Democrats want Ellison to be the new DNC chair. They want Ellison to “reform” the party (i.e. improve its fake left propaganda).

    • Expect Corey Booker to be promoted as the next Obama soon….He’s way up there on the phony leftist scale.

    • Agreed. But I’ll give Ellison some credit for trying to warn folks about Trump’s inertia way back when. He was openly mocked as a heretic for having the gall to cast doubt on the certainty of the Red Queen’s coronation (arguably a very dangerous position). Even if he’s fake left, at least he seems part human.

      I imagine the mood at DNC HQ this week was something like the scene from Das Boot when they’re desperately trying to get up off the seafloor before the oxygen runs out. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in their blind panic, they put up Dave Chappelle as the reform DNC Chair.

    • what they are doing right now to “strengthen” Social Security is kick tens of thousands of disabled people off disability, thus reducing the expenditures. Not all of them are no longer disabled. I should know.


    Today in Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers played against the Chicago Bears.

    Before the game, during the national anthem, Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans refused to stand. Evans is protesting against everyone who voted against Hillary and fake leftism.

    Evans, a Hillary fan, says the defeat of Hillary, war, and the TPP is a “joke that keeps going.”

  12. I found this take-down of the FAKE LEFT on Dolores Vek’s blog:

    “With the election of Donald Trump, we’re being told that now is the time to fear fascism in America.

    What is this nightmare-vision of a fascist America supposed to look like? This alternate-reality USA, under the uniquely vicious reign of the Trump regime, is one in which minorities have to fear for their lives. The president will speak in openly white supremacist language. Black Americans will have to fear death at the hands of police and vigilantes; latin@s will have to fear deportation; Muslims, Islamophobic violence; and so on.

    The good people of humanity will tremble as Trump wields America’s fearsome armed forces, secret police, elite death squads, drones, and surveillance technology for the good of himself and his cronies. Earth’s ecosystem—the very promise of a habitable planet—will be sacrificed by men who put profits ahead of human needs and the good of mankind.

    Truly, fascist America would a terrifying place. This vision is so terrifying that mere days after the election, even the most conformist liberals have suddenly gotten in touch with the radical antifa apparently slumbering inside each one of them. Highly publicized protests have already occurred in several major cities.

    Democratic Party propaganda organ Daily Kos, which banned criticisms of Hillary site-wide in March 2016, is suddenly receptive to a planned general strike on inauguration day. Those who can manage to unscrew themselves from the fetal position are resolute in their opposition to Trump’s agenda—“we have all been radicalized,” writes future Molotov-thrower Lena Dunham. All these new radicals, radicalized by Trump’s racist language. Radicalized by the way his administration threatens non-whites with state violence. Radicalized by the fact that he’ll be Commander-in-Chief, and he’ll use that power to kill.

    So where the fuck were all these protesters when Obama was actually doing what Trump says he’ll do? Trump’s neo-Nazi dystopia is the USA that exists today, and anyone who doesn’t realize it needs to shut the fuck up and stop pretending to know anything about politics. Anyone who thinks Donald Trump is more of a fascist than Barack Obama is some combination of an imbecile, a liberal, and a charlatan.”

    to read more:

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