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  1. This guy is good, but I disagree with him that Trump actually represents any change at all.

  2. At 3:57 Jonathan Pie says, mocking Hillary…

    “If you’re on the right, you’re a freak, you’re evil, you’re racist, you’re stupid, you’re a basket of deplorables. How do you think people are gonna vote if you talk to them like that?”

    Mr. Pie should have said, “If you’re on the right, OR if you are on the AUTHENTIC LEFT…”

    80% of all leftists are now fake leftists. It is they (not the right wingers) who attacked us, the authentic leftists. We endured it because we were resigned to another eight years of fake leftism — i.e. radical neoliberalism.

    But Hillary’s defeat was our vindication. The fake leftists are now alternating between reason and stupidity, between blaming the fake left Democrats, and blaming everyone but the fake left Democrats.

    Jonathan Pie: “But I can’t say this to any of my friends. I’d get lynched.”

    Yes, lynched by the fake leftists. Fu*k their arrogance. They lost, and it’s glorious.

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