CNN Has Cameraman and Wannabe Actor John Grkovic Play the Role of Angry Hillary Supporter

His name is John Grkovic and his resume backs up the statements made during the video. He was on a “reality” TV show Pros Vs Joes. He also has a little Youtube channel under the name Grk where he does a little “acting”

You can see his ‘acting” hasn’t improved very much.

He also does some rapping apparently.

CNN is pathetic.

Curiously enough, CNN hires their former cameraman contractor / actor wannabe to play this little role pleading with Hillary to file a lawsuit and sue to win the presidency because the electoral college system has to be abolished, and as it JUST SO HAPPENS, Eric Holder says we have to abolish the electoral college system on Bill Maher show the same day. What a coincidence.

Gee. It’s almost like CNN and Holder are getting the same talking points memos or something.

11 Responses

  1. Gotta love those CNN produced actors. Look out for him in some upcoming false-flag somewhere!

    Speaking for shitty acting & directing:
    “The film itself is produced by Calgary indie filmmakers Chris Ball and Kurtis David Harder, who are channeling their horror skills for the first time after working in drama and sci-fi in previous projects.”

    Here’s Chris Ball again;
    Calgarian Chris Ball says he was assaulted by a group of men after leaving a Santa Monica bar on election night. However, local police say they have received no reports of such a crime happening on that night.
    Calgary film producer Chris Ball is coming back from America’s presidential election with five staples holding together the gash on top of his head.

    Makes you wonder who attacked him in Santa Monica? A Trump supporting dude with a man-bun or himself?


  2. Here is the CNN Oscar worthy cringe:

  3. His rap video is something very special. Somehow 10,000 time more disturbing than even the poop smearing lady. I’m surprised no one has called CPS on him.

  4. Probably the frantic not yet over-the-Hill faithful need a faux-hip, TV friendly face to spoon feed the message to them. Eric “Whoops-the-Mexican-drugrunners-got-all-the-weapons-we shipped!” Holder is probably too black for them now in this post-Obama world. I’ll bet most of them don’t even know who he is. These little sunshine lefties may have a tough time ever excepting a black man with power from now on, no matter how enlightened they pretend to be. There’s still a chance they will learn to think for themselves. Nah, just kidding.

  5. He sucks! And scaring babies wouldn’t be a paying gig in a sane world.

  6. They don’t call it the Clinton News Network for nothing…

  7. […] The dumping of the Electoral College system is a big move for them. They even got CNN to stage yet another fake interview with one of their own cameramen in support of…. […]

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