Clinton Lover and Professional Sycophant, Chris Mathews, Gets it Right on Election Night

(I hate Chris Mathews but on election night he silenced the Clintonite talking heads on MSNBC when he gave this stunningly insightful explanation for why Trump was ahead 244 EC votes to Hillary’s 200 or so. Rachel “tongue up Killary’s butt” Maddow tried to chime in to her defense but she got smacked down. Watch the faces of the Clintonites on that set. They are STUNNED to hear a little truth about Hillary’s fascist, neocon, neoliberal corporatism coming from Mathews. They are STUNNED to hear him saying what EVERYBODY was saying long before the election: that the Dems thought they could run against a mood in this country that has taken over both parties. I hate Chris Mathews and he wasn’t saying anything that hadn’t been said before, but he was saying it at just the right time when fake-left Dems were sitting their watching with their mouths agape and their hearts on their sleeves. Gotta give him credit for that.)

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  1. In an era of downward mobility and rising inequality, what was the message of Hillary and her toadies? What promise did they make to Americans? What was their glorious vision of hope and prosperity?


    That’s all we heard 24 / 7 for 18 months.


    Right. That will surely produce jobs, reduce debt slavery, and cut medical costs.


    And they wonder why they lost.


    As for illegal immigration, here in my town there are a lot of refugees from Honduras because Hillary backed the coup there in 2009. As for Mexico and Guatemala, there were no immigration issues before NAFTA and CAFTA. Meanwhile Europe had no refugee issues until Europe helped to destroy Libya.

    The way to stop immigration from foreign nations is to stop our military and economic wars against those nations.

  2. It is not Christmas yet and yet the political animal spoke with human voice.

    Seems that CM knew all this long time ago. Why’d he never spoke about it before? Why he never spoke about the issue of hiring illegals and punishing employers who hire illegals? I do not remember ever hearing on MSM in last 30 plus years that we can solve the illegal immigration on the demand side by enforcing the existing law, i.e., punishing the employers. NO JOBS FOR ILLEGALS=NO ILLEGALS. You do not need wall for it, right? Did Trump ever talked about punishing the businesses for hiring illegals? No, he likes having the Polish brigade to remove asbestos.

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  4. Well, I don’t think Trump’s motives are as altruistic as Chris apparently does, but this may be the first time I’ve seen him speaking like a sane person instead of a screaming, ranting maniac.

  5. LOL !
    Ray Manchild got it ! 😂

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