Liberal Elites Are Determined Their Base Learn NOTHING from this Loss – I Want the Left to See it. Please just See it

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: see update at the end of article

Liberal Americans of the real left are rejecting the corporatist neo-liberalism of the republican Democratic Party and their elite apologists don’t want them to know it.

So why did Donald Trump win the other night? It’s a good question. The KKK? Vladamir Putin? The monstrous “uneducated white male voter”?

The answer is simple. It stares you in the face like the bitter truth of a junkie’s own reflection in a pawn shop window at 8am. It is unavoidable and painfully clear yet you can’t admit it no matter how obvious it is so you look away.

Donald Trump is going to be your president (accept it or not) because the Democratic Party is rife with cronyism, corporatism and corruption and they simply don’t care enough to fix it. They have become an extension of the establishment Republican Party and they did that by design starting with Bill Clinton and the “centrist” republican-leaning branch of the party, the DLC. When you think about it in those terms, why should the conservative republican Democrats care if the party of the liberals crashes and burns? Why should they care if the whole of the liberal left is weeping in sorrow today? They’re republicans.

The Numbers Don’t Lie:

Donald Trump received 59,769,980 votes (so far) in the 2016 election. In 2012 Mitt Romney received 60,933,504. That’s about a 1.1 million vote difference in favor of Romney. If you recall, Romney was picked to run against Obama because the people of the country were furious with the Wall Street financiers and thieves who stole the livelihood right out from under us in 2008 and Romney was a Wall Street financier… who just also happened to be Mormon, so the religious right wouldn’t back him either. All of that and he still beat Donald Trump’s numbers by 1.1 million votes.

In 2008, when the country was sick of the wars, they picked a warmongering Republican, John “bomb bomb bomb Iran” McCain to run against the chosen one. McCain received 59,948,323 votes back then, beating Trump’s 2016 numbers by a cool 150,000 votes.

Even George W. Bush in his second presidential election, after he was widely disparaged by Republicans and Democrats alike, got more votes than Trump did in his “movement” election this time around. He got 62,040,610.

You have to go back to 2000 to find a Republican presidential candidate that got less votes than Donald Trump did this year… and that guy “won” the election… but not the popular vote.

That is what Hillary Clinton lost to. The lowest Republican turnout in 16 years. It had nothing to do with racists. It had nothing to do with Islamaphobes or wife-beaters or the dreaded “uneducated white male voter”

Hillary Clinton received 60,028,562 in 2016. In 2012 Obama received 65,915,795 his second time around after Dems realized he had lied to them in 2008 and he continued one Bush policy after the next. One betrayal after the next. Remember back when the liberal media used to keep track of such things? I do.

A weakened and exposed Obama beat Hillary by 6 million votes. A strong Obama beat her by nearly 10 million in 2008 (69,498,516) back when he promised real change from the war-mongering neo-liberalism of the Bush/Cheney days.

You cannot deny this. Hillary Clinton lost because she is the embodiment of the corporatist republican Democratic Party right now and she more than any other candidate in recent history represents the neo-liberal establishment at a time when voters on all sides of the political divide are demanding something else. Running her, allowing her and her campaign of sleaze and graft to represent the people of the left was political suicide. Pure and simple.

Hillary was poison. But she was establishment royalty so they dutifully sculpted a campaign for her even when she couldn’t take questions from the press for a year, even when she was too sick to walk, even when her own candidacy was so tattered and worn they had to roll out the President and the First Lady to campaign for her.

When things got really bad they brought in 65 media “journalists” to buy them off and turned to race-baiting, fear-mongering, identity politics and poll-fixing to stay in the race. They figured they could manufacture consent from the left because, in the end, they had no where else to go.

But that didn’t work either and in the end, Lady Clinton was denied her coronation.

It had nothing to do with the KKK or Nazis or the Red Menace (as the New McCarthyism of the left would have you believe) or wife beaters or the dreaded “uneducated white working man”

Hillary simply couldn’t pull in the votes because the left is tired of her DLC bullshit. Its’ that simple.

For God’s Sake Don’t Look at the Real Reason:

Across the fake-left apoligencia they are spinning whatever bullshit theories they can to explain this election with the dreaded “uneducated white working man” presented as the main culprit. They do this for the purpose of keeping the left beholden to their neo-liberal masters at the helm of the Democratic Party. Keeping them from seeing the junkie staring back at them. And like all junkies, the disaffected left welcome the illusion.

Garrison Keillor, an artist I used to have a great deal of respect for, wrote a rather insulting and totally disingenuous article called “Donald Trump Won. Let the Uneducated Have Their Day

“Alas for the Trump voters, the disasters he will bring on this country will fall more heavily on them than anyone else. The uneducated white males who elected him are the vulnerable ones and they will not like what happens next.” Garrison Keillor

Jimmy Dore points out the fact that the media gave Donald Trump an estimated 2 billion dollars worth of free advertising in terms of endless coverage during the primaries and the general election cycle this year and yet they blame “people with no power and no money” for his victory. The “uneducated white male” theory again. He goes on to talk about Rachel Maddow, a ceaseless Clinton apologist, and how she is blaming Jill Stein and anyone else she can to explain why leftists didn’t come out in numbers and vote for the republican Democrat.

Don’t blame Rachel for being an enthusiastic tool of the DLC establishment. She’s just parroting Paul Krugman. Rachel hasn’t had an original thought since she sold her soul. It’s easier that way. Like a junkie turning tricks in a back alley.

At least Naomi put Paul in his place. Notice the likes and retweets? Notice which one was up longer and has less of both?

The uneducated white man, that monster, that fiend, didn’t cost Hillary Clinton the election the other day. The fact that she’s a Goldwater Girl pretending to be a liberal might have something to do with it. So to does the fact that she’s as corrupt and soulless and desperate for money as a crack-ho on payday. And she’s a lair that most people wouldn’t trust with their 12-year-old niece. These things might all factor in.

But more to the point, the liberal left is reacting quite naturally to what had to be anticipated by the republican Democratic Party: fake-left flight.

Bernie Sanders was cheated out of the nomination. More accurately, his supporters were cheated out of his nomination because Bernie could have challenged the cheating in the primary states and didn’t and he could have run at the top of the Green Party ticket when Jill Stein graciously and selflessly offered him the chance to do it and he flat out refused.Had he done so, he would have won. Ross Perot got nearly 20 million votes in ’92, you think Bernie wouldn’t have tripled that this year? He wouldn’t have had to since he would have pulled millions from Clinton and Trump alike. But he chose not to. So he wasn’t cheated out of anything. His supporters were. By lots of folks. Including Bernie.

But the fake-left Dems did steal the Democratic Party nomination from them and they had to do that. They had to because, even more than the establishment Republicans on the right, they despised the idea of a real leftist taking control of the Democratic Party. All sorts of things could come from that… like winning a presidential election for example… and they would much rather see Donald Trump in the White House than a half-of-a socialist (Bernie’s not a real socialist folks. Sorry to disappoint)

None of the establishment could allow a Sanders nomination because it would give the American people a chance to “vote the wrong way”

We do that in other countries all the time. Keep democracy from happening when the will of the people leans a little too far to the left for our “national interests” to tolerate.

We have fake-left parties all over the world for just that purpose. Just ask France, Canada and Greece about that topic. They’ll tell you.

And we have one here. That’s a fact.

The only problem is, folks in these here parts are starting to figure that out and as a result, no one’s coming out to their little 4-year get-togethers. Even the young folks see through it without a hint of difficulty.

So yes, the over-paid liberal elite apologencia are doing their panicked best to keep the sheep from realizing there is a hole in the fence and just on the other side, there is real tasty grass ripe for the grazing.

To keep them down on the farm, they’ll blame anyone: the alt-right, the Russians and even the demonic “uneducated white male voter” (boo)

The republican Democrats and their apologists will blame anyone and anything just so long as the left-leaning liberals of America don’t start blaming the republican Democratic Party. Can’t have that because as the junkies know The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.”


On All Due Respect, an MSNBC “news’ show with two Clinton apologists, they just had White House Spokesman Josh Earnest on. He was joking about his next job. Apparently he will be working for MSNBC after he leaves the White House.

What was interesting about his appearance was the fact that he talked about the large number of voters who voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012 and then voted for Donald Trump two days ago.

When asked why they would do that, he seemed at a loss and only said that perhaps they were confused about who was to blame for the “inaction” in D.C. and instead of blaming Republican obstruction, they blamed the Dems and the president.

Earnest said they had to find a better way to “communicate” to those “misinformed” voters.

That’s interesting because in fact, The Donald didn’t get nearly as many Republican votes as Romney, McCain and Bush did because many of his votes came from former Obama supporters/angry Sanders backers.

The fact that Earnest and the apologists on the show couldn’t figure out this trend is not surprising. It’s the title of my article. They are desperate to keep the flock from figuring out they lost because the Dems aren’t Dems anymore and liberals are refusing to vote for them.

The next guest they had was some pollster and they were trying to figure out why the polls were so far off. They concluded that “uneducated white male voters” were lying to them when they called.

You see, the polls were furthest from the truth in areas where that demographic was most prevalent. What does that mean? That means the pollsters lied and fudged the numbers in areas that voted mostly for Trump so that they could propagate the myth that Hillary’s victory was a done deal.

It’s fascinating watching the mental gymnastics these guys are having to go through right now in order to keep folks from seeing these events for what they were. Fascinating and sad yet oddly satisfying to be honest. Good thing to know Josh has a good paying job waiting for him next month. That’s better than a lot of those “uneducated white male voters” have in their future. Guess that’s why you sell out young.

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  1. Reblogged this on asidewrite and commented:
    Can’t erase Scott’s memory….context is everything.

  2. This is the best post-mortem I’ve read, anywhere. Thank you.

    I’d add that Gary Johnson siphoned off twice the votes from Trump that Stein did from Hillary, so the bashing of her by celebrity pundits is just ridiculous.

    But what do you expect from celebrities? They’re a crucial component of our crony system, and every bit as dishonest. Actually they’re a lot worse since job #1 for them is to defraud their own followers into buying the thoroughly false notion that they’re somehow against the system, when in fact they ARE the system.

  3. What I learned from this election.

    As we watch the Hillary-bots mill around like zombies, unable to glimpse what pathetic losers they are, they reveal a universal fact about human nature.

    Namely, you can teach someone a technique such as how to fix a car, but you cannot teach someone about life, nor can you impart an insight, until someone is authentically willing to be taught.

    Until that point, it is quite impossible for you or anyone else to reach the pupil. He will insist that he has learned all there is to learn, when in fact he remains ignorant about many things. He will imagine himself to be open-minded, when in fact he is militantly closed-minded. He will fancy himself brilliant, when in fact he is a moron in many ways. He will call himself logical, when in fact his rationales are sophistry and bullshit.

    This is human nature. No one can teach us until we sincerely choose to be taught. No one save us until we authentically choose to be saved.

    And so the Hillary-bots choose to remain in their coma. Maybe you have Hillary-bots in your family. Do not try to awaken them, for it is not possible. They can only awaken themselves. Do not try to help them, for they will interpret your kindness as hostility. Give them help if they ask for it, but until then, let them sleep while the rest of us go forward.

  4. Damn. Comment eaten by WordPress. Entered it twice.

  5. I am as delighted that Paul Krugman lost as I am that Hillary lost.

    Krugman is another arch-neoliberal who calls himself a “liberal.” He blatantly insults his own readers, and laughs when they complain about it.

    Poor little weasel. No cabinet post for him.

    Run along now, little toady. The grownups have things to discuss.

  6. Great analysis!

  7. Article title from the Vanity Fair blog…

    “Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Handed the Presidency to Donald Trump”

    Got that?

    The rigging of the Democratic primary was immaterial. Hillary’s elitist neoliberalism was irrelevant. Hillary status as an establishment insider while Americans face downward mobility had nothing to do with it.

    Perhaps the tide has turned. Just as average Americans will no longer grovel to the fake left, so will readers no longer have any interest in fake left blogs like Vanity Fair.

    • at least there was a little truth in that article right at the beginning.

      “There are a number of reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election. Latino voters didn’t turn out in sufficient numbers. Neither did African-Americans. She lost white men, and couldn’t win over white women. By just about every measure, Clinton underperformed Obama. At the end of the day, it wasn’t that Trump benefited from a surge of resentful white voters; it was that Democrats who voted in 2012 stayed home.”

      That last part isn’t entirely true though. Some voters who backed Obama in 2008 and 2012 (and a significant number of them) didn’t stay home… they voted for Trump. Who were they? They were Sanders supporters, obviously. Without them, had they stayed home, the most important voting block in this election in my opinion, Trump loses. Had they gone with Hillary, she would have won by a landslide. They came out and voted their conscience. They voted revenge for having the election stolen from them. It was, as I am writing about right now, instant karma.

  8. Totally agree with everything above, but is there something else going on here too? What do you make of Greg Palast’s claims of election rigging (and made prior to the result). I mean stealing elections is hardly something new in US and so just wondering really – here’s a link:

    • voter disenfranchisement goes on. we know that. Look at Florida 2000 for example. The 2016 Democratic primary is another. I don’t dispute that at all. However, in 2000 there were names with a published list, not just a number that Greg and his friend say have been purged. Show me the list, show me which party they belonged to if you are going to level such a charge, not just unsupported allegations. Same holds true for his claim that the photo verification system was “turned off” in Ohio. Show me the proof of that. And then remember, even establishment Republicans were for Hillary so who is too say it wasn’t done in preparation for stealing the election on her behalf.

      It is interesting and certainly a possibility as you mentioned, we know it happens with regularity over here (just Google “Scott Creighton and Alvin Greene 2010”) I just need more evidence than that. And as we know, Mr. Palast isn’t what he used to be. At least his credibility isn’t.

      • With regards to allegedly turning off the system in Ohio there is this report broadcast by DN (I know!) in which he speaks to a lawyer by the name of Robert Fitrakis:

        Here’s what a friend just sent to me but I haven’t had chance to check: “Palast has already found out the winning number in some states, then put the number of people in Crosscheck in that state by the side. Its pretty obvious whats happened.

        Another guy in his new doc, responsible for pushing/developing that Crosscheck purging software and who he confronts at a barbeque in the doc, Kris Kobach, i have found out this morning has been named in Trumps transition team yesterday.”

        • you can watch the Palast video. He says 1.1 million voters CLAIM they were knocked off the voter rolls and that they were MAINLY African American. Doesn’t say (I don’t think. didn’t watch the whole thing) which party they were registered with or if they planned to vote Hillary or not. At least not all of them. 1.1 is a lot, but would it have been enough and were they in states that Trump carried?

          pay close attention. when asked how he knew it was 1.1 million voters scrubbed from the list, Greg obfuscates and changes the subject.

  9. Good to see this much truth in a single post. Thank You for writing this Scott

  10. Hillary’s defeat has inspired two lawyers in Portland OR to file a petition for a 2018 ballot initiative to have Oregon secede from the USA.

    They say that Hillary’s defeat means that “Oregonian values are no longer the values held by the rest of the United States.”

    They planned to collect signatures tonight (10 Nov) at Pioneer Square, where an anti-Trump protest is scheduled.

    • It’s unfortunate that Hillary’s defeat is the stated (super lame) reason for secession. But as a WA State resident, I’m all for it nonetheless. I know the Republic of Cascadia idea might seem silly to the rest of the US of A, a pipe dream perhaps, but I think we’re ready for it. Don’t see any other viable ‘holes in the fence’ that could lead to actual democratic pastures anytime soon. No offense intended to you flatlanders out there. We can still be friends.

      • Yes, the “Republic of Cascadia” idea in the Pacific Northwest is actually decades old, and it has its own flag. I support it.

        I just hope that no one there is actually a Hillary fan.

        • I’ve taken your ‘tough love for Hillbots’ approach to heart. Thank you for that advice. It’s working good so far!

          When we secede we’ll round up all the Hillbots based on their social media posts and then ‘poot zem on zee trains und zend zem zu zee kamps’ where they can be Stronger Together (sincere apologies if it’s too soon for Final Solution jokes). At first I thought we’d send them to someplace like Arkansas where they could be employed in Wally World Supercenters but then I thought that’d just be externalizing our problems, not fair to the good people of Arkansas (jesus, they’ve been through enough), and way too cruel. That’s not the Cascadian way!

          Instead I propose we put them to work cleaning up a little place called the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Fitting job, I say, for those Goldwater Girl worshippers who so badly wanted a shooting war with those ebil Rooskis. It’ll give them a little taste of the consequences of global thermonuclear war without actually starting one. And to minimize the carbon footprint of this undertaking we’ll harness the muscle power of Bill and Melinda Gates. They’ll be pulling rickshaw loads of radioactive sludge all the way back to K Street where it belongs.

          • I love it.

            The Hanford site is the second most polluted and contaminated site on earth (after the Fukishima plant).

            Cascadia can have the western half of Washington State, with the boundary being the current boundary of Mt. Rainier National Park.

            Hanford is in the eastern half.

          • Too soon for ” final solution” jokes. How can it be too soon to joke about something which never happened?

            Honestly, have you ever found yourself to be more acceptable to others or get a better reaction for only having peered behind the veil at the politically correct bits?

            It’s not even really a secret anymore. Go to the official Auschwitz memorial website. There are some 17 countries where quoting these “official” numbers, rather than the (historically recurring) six million figure will land you in prison.

            This isn’t directed at you personally, I just don’t quite understand the clinging on to sacred cows.

  11. Fascinating indeed. In more enlightened times I imagine guys like you and Dore would be treated like Beatles (and hopefully paid accordingly).

    I can’t say I disagree with Garrison here. Obviously his piece would be more honest if he’d bothered to mention the vicious, Clinton-shaped elephant in the room. But at least he’s not scapegoating Jill, Gary, Jimmy, and Vlad as far as I could tell. And maybe I’m a bit of an overeducated prick but I don’t have a problem with people insulting Trump/Clinton supporters. As long as it’s sporting and above the belt.

    I suppose Garrison is correct in the sense that Trump supporters are vulnerable to disappointment if/when the Donald pulls an Obummer and blows off his campaign promises (i.e., the Great (again) Wall, or Hillary for prison). Likewise, I was certainly naive enough in 2009 to be disappointed when Cheney was allowed to leave the bunker without wearing his handcuffs.

    • In some ways I agree. Trump will “Obama” his supporters. He’ll betray them just like Warren and Sanders are already talking about ‘compromise” agreements with the republicans already on things like infrastructure bills (a two tiered system allowing Big Development to pay the vast majority of the workforce sub-minimum wage and bringing in foreign workers to “take the jobs Americans wont do”) and “repeal” of ObamaCare which will actually be a tuning of ObamaCare, probably to the best interests, again, of Big Insurance. You will also see Hillary’s mandated Social Security replacement bill tossed into the mix as well. And remember, Trump started off saying hands off Social Security and Medicare. He’ll backtrack on that immediately

  12. I have no illusions that there is a soul-sucking clique of priveledged people who have been using their emense wealth and great persuasive powers to try to destroy American culture. And now in the political realm, the American people held their noses and voted against the feigned charm of the Clinton crime family despite those who danced like clever monkeys for them in front of cameras and bagmen running bribes and threats for them in secret. All their flattering of the public like they gave a damn about people….that we could be just as enlightened as she was, and these Hil-lievers could roll out the red carpet for her ascention to the throne….ah, but all for nothing. Women believed they might look to her as if in a mirror and see their own success. Little girls could now be as empowered as Hillary as she was about to shatter the Glass Ceiling. Although wretched Hilly’s success has already been achieved by the likes of Ma Barker, Leona Helmsley, Imelda Marcos, and Nanny Doss (The Giggling Nanny), except the avararice of our First Lady makes them all look like Carmelite nuns. But then came those damned white, ignorant, racist, sexist men….

    I have the dubious honor of announcing the winner of the Academy Award, Amanda Marcotte for Most Pernicious Propaganda, I give you….”Misogeny Apocalypse Turns Out Being White And Male Counts More Than Intelligence Or Grace Or Decency”
    This is for every white man that needs to be more effeminized and contaminated with UNESCO strength-Multiculturism, to be filled with self-hatred for causing every problem in this world ever had. We need to be ashamed that by voting against Hillary (clue #1-nobody voted FOR Trump, honestly) clearly makes us stupid, indecent, racist, sexist…. Wow! I really feel bad now that I study what’s happening in the US and the world. What could I have been thinking? The rest of the shell-shocked world saw her as a danger to humanity….here she’s bothered by controversities. Sorry, how rude of me to introduce truth into the mix. Honesty is not tolerated in the US media….it’s impolite.

    After all there were little hearts broken over this. Ms. Marcotte introduces us to a couple of ladies who were looking ahead to the Clinton Victory and making the world a beter place just down the road, as the pig flies. “She’s just a phenomenal woman,” Karryn Humphrey from Little Rock, Arkansas, told me as supporters waited cheerfully for the female president that they had yet to know would never come. “She represents all women across America.”Said Humphrey: “She represents such class and dignity,” adding how excited she was for her young daughter to see this. And….“I’m psyched,” said Christina Dicerbo of the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights. “I’ve been a supporter since 2008.” Dicerbo added, “I love her,” noting, “she’s so accomplished, so smart. She’s everything I wish I was. She’s also so adorable, so funny. You watch her in videos and think, ‘You’re so adorable and so nice.’”

    (Clue #2) Let’s ask the little girls in Yemen under the shattered glass ceiling of war crimes Saudi Arabia (US, too) inflict with weapons Obama didn’t even want to sell but Sect. Clinton lobbied for, as multi-millions in bribes poured in to feed the Foundation’s hunger. Or Libya, or Haiti, or Chicago or Detroit, for that matter, about their shiny future with policies Hillary promoted. Karryn Humphrey and Christina Dicerbo are not stupid because they believe in Hillary. It’s called trust, a rare, honorable trait these days. There is nothing wrong with people believing in someone. But (Clue #3) there is nothing wrong with not taking a ride with someone you know is a serial murderer (but acts very nice), and instead taking a ride with someone foul-mouthed boor wearing loud cologne when you’ve got to get someplace. Finally, there is no excuse for Amanda Marcotte, who surely knows better, to perpetuate dime-store, stereotypes that grew old generations ago with Archie Bunker. Get a clue. We are all on to you.

    By the way, it was hilarious watching the henhouse geniuses on the news election night when their War Hag came up lame. They wimpered, and wrung their hands, they all wanted desperately to say, “What did we do wrong”. “What else could we have done to make these bastards vote for Hillary!” These jounalists are no different than servers at McDonalds, they don’t care what’s in the shit they sell you.

  13. Curses, foiled again by Word press gremlins.

  14. Excellent, Scott.
    KPFK / Democracy Now is in full meltdown mode.
    The whole “bathroom equality” movement and the freakshow parade didn’t help the Democrats cause 🙂

  15. I have to say, though I hate Trump and what he stands for, I hate Clinton, the neoliberal Dems, and their legions of minions and blind followers. It gave me an unprecedentedly high amount of relish and satisfaction watching their collective breakdown when Clinton was destroyed in the election.

    Great article, Scott! And I am sincerely following your example by being brutally honest and rubbing the truth in all the fake progressives’ faces! 😉

  16. The pussy grab protests. I’ve kept the TV and radio off this election season, and I could only stomach a couple minutes of “news” coverage this week. Locally, I see some distressed looking, umm, unshaven young lady, tearfully bemoaning the impending onslaught of random public pussy grabbing which will apparently not just become socially acceptable after inauguration, but enacted as official policy (she can be glanced by the camera laughing it up with her buddies a moment later), and a peppering of the usual masked provocateurs. Nationally, I don’t know quite how to describe it, mind-numbing, breathlessly hyperbolic inane prattle taken to a new extreme? I want to believe that this bizarro reality, and indeed the fact that these were the two choices they were presented, is a turnoff to ordinary people and that it’ll open their eyes to what is going on, but I’m not quite sure what to think, or where people’s heads are. I’d say I feel a little old fashioned, but it seems all ages are susceptible to this conditioning.

    Im coining a term, because I’m certain it’s a real thing, what we’re witnessing is a mass onset of social media encephalitis.

  17. Great article, thank you! Just want to bring something to your attention, did you listen to what song was playing when Trump came out to accept his win? It was the Stones song “You can’t always get what you want.” They cut it after a few minutes and replaced it with something else I didn’t recognize. Could it be Trump never expected to win?? He still has a look you could interpret as shock on his face; one never knows does one?

    • I think it’s arguable that they didn’t expect him to win earlier on but remember, they get real polls and studies taken during the campaign season so I think everyone expected him to do well. She didn’t have a concession speech ready for the night of the election and his acceptance speech seemed pretty rough around the edges, so I guess they hacked it out in the last minutes. So yeah, it’s fair to say he probably didn’t expect it in the end but they all knew his support was a lot stronger in the polls than they had been letting us know about. that’s my feeling on it anyway.

  18. I wholeheartedly disagree with you; and this entire thread, which I came upon by accident, manifests to me just why we lost the election, while getting 2 million more votes .And it makes me very sad, but I already have known this for years. and met many people who infuriate me with this perspective. Actually, it is the Left that never learns anything, but instead revels in its Jacobinism, always searching for the pure, which is of course never really that pure, but they like the feeling it gives them to find their hero.

    HIllary would have been a better president than Obama, had she been nominated in 2008. She lost that, even though winning virtually every major primary, because the Left did a great job gaming the caucus system. (Sanders did the same thing this time). Obama is a good man, who did some good things. But the ACA did not go far enough; Obama always settles for half a loaf. The stimulus was not enough. He kept giving in when the Republicans threatened not to raise the debt ceiling, and then praised them for woking with him, even though Boehner said that his party got 98% of what they wanted. Obama thought he could transcend politics, that his shining vision would appeal to all. He kept saying “there are no red and blue states.” He never really criticized the Republican Party.

    And of course they “shellacked” (his term) us in 2010 and again in 2014. We lost ten Senate seats in those two years, and about 90 House seats. Obama did not give out money to the Congressional campaigns, he did not campaign for people, the way that Hillary, would have. And we lost all the statehouses, too, giving the Republicans all the power to suppress the vote, which they did in this election. Hillary’s fault, of course. If Obama had really cared about his role as head of the party, he would not have let those horrendous losses take place, which set everything up for this election disaster. What was the turnout in 2010 and 2014? Was that due to crony capitalism?

    Obama was running against a very unpopular two-term Republican regime. And then he got the all-time gift when the housing bubble collapsed two months before the election, and everyone was panicked. Last time, he was an incumbent, and the campaign was close all along.

    This time, Hillary was running to be the first Democrat to follow a successful multiple term Democratic President since Truman. She had to endure the Left’s new hero, Sanders, blasting away at her for months, actually giving Trump the issues he copied from him. Sanders would not withdraw from the race, even though he had lost. He went to the convention, where his stupid followers booed and jeered.

    Then, while many of Sanders people did the right thing, many of them were spiteful enough to not vote for Hillary, who had a great and progressive platform. They fell for the wikileaks, which is a tool of Russia, which wanted trump to win, and may actually have hacked voting machines, though that is not proven. They were so upset that Podesta said this, or that. They were determined to vote for Stein or Johnson, or not vote at all; that will show her and them. They got Trump. And some of them are so happy, because now they can drag the party to the left even further, just like they did in 1972, which kept the Democrats out of power for 20 years, with the one dreary Carter win.

    Hillary will win the popular vote by 2 million. Voting was seriously suppressed in many states, with the Supreme Court having gutted the voting rights act. That cost Hillary the victory. Hillary was the best potential president I have ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few. But she lost. Sanders would have lost by much worse, but you’ll neve see it. The Jacobins want purity. Go ahead and nominate Sanders or Warren, and see what happens. You’ll lose badly, but you’l l feel noble about it.

    I am a liberal, but I know that the far Left is not where the country is. It never has been. Vote for Debs, or Norman Thomas, or McGovern or Dukakis. They never win. Bill Clnton saved the Democratic Party. Everything he did governmentally was not right, but much of it was. And the economy soared. Sanders couldn’t govern anything,and he knew zero about foreign policy. So does Warren. Maybe you can nominate Keith Ellison or Lena Dunham. This puritanical idiocy cost the Democrats the election. 5.5 million votes for Stein and Johnson. And many Sanders people, many Blacks, did not vote, And Hillary will still get around 65 million votes.

    She got treatment from the media that Obama never got. Trump’s whole goal was to depress the turnout by making people disgusted with all of it. And the media helped him all the way. She won three debates, Obama won two last time. And she would have done great things, because she knows more about domestic and foreign policy than anyone I have seen. If you doubt it, read her long interview with the New York Daily News editorial board a few months ago, and then read Sanders’. But she lost. Now you can try to remove “crony capitalism” and nominate somebody who will lose for sure. And then try again a few more times. You people never learn, ever. The Supreme Court is gone for another 40 years. They’ll get rid of the entire VRA for good. Global warming will pass the tipping point. Hillary would have done things to fix all of this. You enjoy yourselves for the next four years, plotting that great Progressive Revolution which will lead us to a place where America has never been. Actually, if we end up like “Waterworld,” maybe you’ll get somebody in there. But it will be too lte to do any good. I started writing this and it went on. I am sorry to have taken all the time, if you read it. It won’t do any good I am terribly depressed about all of it. This was our best chance to save the country, and we blew it. The Left wasn’t the only cause of it, but if you people had actually worked for and voted for Hillary, she would have won, not Trump. Putin and Trump and Assange played you like suckers.

    • So let’s see…

      Hillary had a “great and progressive platform,” and was “the best potential president I have ever seen.”

      Wikileaks is a tool of Russia, which hacked the voting machines

      Sanders would have lost by much worse than Hillary.

      Putin and Trump and Assange played us like suckers.

      Got it.

    • You mad bro? Do you really think “Hillary was the best potential president I have ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few.”? Kidding, right?
      Let me see if I can understand what you’re saying: Obama is a good guy (despite killing uncounted thousands…millions), and Hillary was robbed of her divinely-ordained chance to slaughter innocents by the ebil Rooskis. That’s is a great and familiar argument, no doubt about it. But you should go back to troll school, and fuck a goat.

      • My comment was addressed to “William” above.

        • Sorry, I guess I messed that up. I was aiming at William as well. Looks like you beat me to it.

        • I should also apologize for forgetting my own advice about not giving in to anger and the proverbial darkside. I suppose that is the goal of trolls, as I’m learning. I’m kinda new to this here interwebs discussion arena.

          Does it seem to you like the paid trolling (or whatever it’s called) has escalated in the last few days? Take this William dude for example… that’s quite an essay. I have a hard time believing someone really feels so strongly about it that they’d take that much time to write. And, as you pointed out above, the talking points they’re harping on seem to be weirdly similar. Are they just copy/pasting around the blogosphere? Or writing unique bits depending on the audience?

          I may be going out on a limb here, but do you think they’re using some sort of AI writing program to generate some of these posts? I know we joked about Hillbots but some of the more trollish writing I see elsewhere just seems oddly robotic. Almost like it’s amalgamating bits of actual human writing and pumping out long winded rants that don’t quite make sense. Maybe I’m just paranoid?

          • No, I just think the Hillary-bots are so shocked and outraged that they are desperately casting about for anyone to commiserate with. For them, Hillary’s defeat proves that she was more than Not-Trump. It proves that Hillary was the best candidate who ever was, and ever shall be, a paragon of virtue martyred by the mob, an innocent saint crucified by Satanists. And, being Hillary-bots, they themselves are saints who are searching for anyone who might acknowledge their superiority.

            Seeking to rationalize their defeat, they invert their slap-down into a victory. “We are righteous precisely because we lost.” The greater is their arrogance, the greater is their imagined “vindication.”

            Humiliated and marginalized, they have withdrawn into their echo chamber, sealing it tighter than ever. Inside, some attack each other for their loss. “It was your fault.” “No, it was YOUR fault.” Others look for scapegoats. “Jill Stein stole millions of voters from Hillary!” Still others have momentary glimpses of reason, only to smother those glimpses with more lies. “It happened because the Democrats are no longer Democrats.” “No! It happened because everyone but us is STUPID!”

            To hell with these wretched little cockroaches and their “humanitarian interventions,” their fake left bullshit, and their meaningless gibberish (a la Paul Krugman). I piss on their neo-liberalism disguised as liberalism; their elitism disguised as populism.

            And let’s have no more of this, “I’m no fan of Trump but…” We already know that. We have no need to first bow to the fake leftists before we address them. Fu*k them.

      • I particularly like the “goat fucking” part at the end. It’s random and pointedly demonic at the same time. I like it.

        • I do regret advocating the violation of goats, or any captive livestock. For that matter, I didn’t mean to disparage anyone who enjoys healthy consensual sexual relations with farm animals, or exercises their Constoochnal right to practice satanic demon worship (whatever happens behind the Tree of Liberty isn’t any of my beeswax, right Dr. Paul?).

          Apologies to William for assuming you were just another trashy paid hater from Stratfor or wherever. I was wrong to dismiss your perspective out of hand so crudely. Somehow it’s easier to believe that opinions like yours are infomercials, instead of the sad result of an underfunded education system.

          • poor little goat boy. who was that that used to talk about goat boy? bill hicks wasn’t it? why am I thinking of bill hicks? he would have had a field day with this WWE election of ours.

    • “I am a liberal, but I know that the far Left is not where the country is.”

      Apparently the “far left” is “where the country is” if you pay attention to the fact that Sanders really won the nomination by a landslide if they hadn’t stolen it from him and Trump’s populist ideas won him the nomination on the right by a landslide as well.

      • Scott,
        Do you think that Sanders really could have won? I’d really love to believe it, but wasn’t he tainted by the ‘socialist’ brush that scares a lot of people? We’ll never know, obviously; but to me, him winning would have been a much better outcome. I just think that Trump tapped into a deeper, baser anger that drives more people to act. Fear is a greater motivator, I guess.

        • consider this… Trump didn’t do that great in terms of turnout. Romney did better. McCain did better. Even W did better his second time around. And when you factor in all the voters who voted for him AND voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, those guys were Bernie supporters screwing Hillary. Alright, you got that? Trump might have generated 56 or 57 million on his own without those guys.

          Hillary got around 60 million basically on the “hate Trump” ticket. Turnout was extremely low on the Dem side.

          Now, if Sanders was ALLOWED to win the primary like I think he did (and many others think the same) then those Hillary voters would still have been with Sanders since he ran a clean campaign and since he never took cheap shots at Hillary.

          There would have been some PUMAs this time around, but not as many.

          And they STILL would have been motivated to vote Sanders, even without him running a hate-based identity politics campaign like Hillary did.

          But you still have the billionaire Reaganite on the other side for Sanders to run against.

          Now, keep in mind, you might have even got some Trump people to jump ship for Sanders because his ideology is very similar to what Trump started out with. Pro Medicare, hands off Social Security, anti-interventionism, anti-trade deals, anti-Big Money in Politics… they whole thing.

          Plus, I think you would have seen progressives come out in numbers close to if not better than in 2008 if Sanders were the candidate and frankly, aside from his core base, republicans were just not that into Trump. Sanders represented more change that even Trump did and so I think, all those things factored in, yeah, Sanders would have cleaned the floor with him. but, we will never know. the polls taken support my conclusion, but they were way before the end of the primary so it’s hard to say with numbers that old.

          The other thing is, Clinton really didn’t dig into Sanders either. God knows what skeletons he has in his closet. can’t be worse than Hillary, but I bet Trump’s people would have found something. So, who knows. My guess is, yes, Bernie would have won handily… but, we will never know.

    • This has to be satire, right? It’s the funniest thing I’ve read in years.


    “They are desperate to keep the flock from figuring out they lost because the Dems aren’t Dems anymore and liberals are refusing to vote for them. “ ~ S.C.

    Only the true liberals, which today is about 20% of all liberals. The rest are fake leftists who are crying because of the defeat of Hillary, the queen of fake liberals.

    Meanwhile true leftists are elated, since they know that fake leftists do far more to promote inequality than do self-proclaimed right-wingers. Only fake leftists can get away with “free trade” treaties, and with privatizing Medicare and Social Security. Only fake leftists can get away with promoting endless “humanitarian” wars of aggression.

    Some people may whine that right-wingers get away with things like the Citizens United debacle. However fake leftists are enablers. What did Hillary have to say about Citizens United? Nothing. All she said was that you were “deplorable” if you did not acknowledge her divine right to rule.

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