Complicit Media Continue Campaign of Hate-baiting and Divisiveness After Trump Victory

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Screw the MSM distractions. It’s neoliberal globalism, stupid.

UPDATE 2: Are you not listening?

“… and I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today — my own government….” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Remember when the corporatist MSM thought/knew Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide and feared Trump voters wouldn’t accept Hillary as “their president”? Remember when they breathlessly predicted riots in the streets by “racist, sexist, homophobic deplorables” who were incapable of understanding the basic constitutional tenet of a “smooth transition of power” every four years?

Remember how they feared that the so-called “alt-right” websites (and to give you an example of just how flawed their definition of “alt-right” is… apparently my socialist, left-of Bernie website is “alt-right”) would stoke the hostility and anger of the disaffected “racist, sexist, homophobic deplorable” Trump voters, whipping them up into a frenzy so they would go out on the streets and tear shit up?

Remember that?


This is the front page of the Huffington Post right now


front page of salon

The “responsible” media is out there stoking more hatred and fear among the population right after yesterdays’ election. They didn’t even wait 24 hours before launching even more stunning slander against the president elect than they leveled at him for the past 4 months once Hillary Clinton completed stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

The results are what you would expect.

Image result for trump effigy at protest

Clinton supporters burning Trump in L.A.

Image result for hanging trump effigy at protest

Clinton supporters hanging Trump in New York

Image result for hanging trump effigy at protest

Clinton supporters hanging Trump in front of his home in New York

Image result for hanging trump effigy at protest

Clinton supporters denying legitimacy of president elect Trump in New York

Image result for hanging trump effigy at protest

Clinton supporters call Trump a “rapist”

This is what intense fear-mongering and identity politics does to a constituency after an election. You end up with an awful lot of people who are terrified and angry. They are terrified that the newly elected president isn’t going to look after their interests, that they will lose some ground economically or socially… and they are angry at the people who voted the “wrong way” thus imposing this situation on them.

Don’t misunderstand me. It is an understandable feeling and it works both ways. Back in 2008 and 2012, there were those who were convinced by assholes like Di$info Jone$ (Alex Jones) and his ilk that Obama was setting up FEMA detention centers for all the “sovereign citizens” who didn’t vote for him.

The fact that CNN and the Huffington Post and many others are now in the business of doing the exact same thing Alex Jones was made famous for is kind of sickening to me, but it’s not shocking at all. After all, they all play on the same team, don’t they?

This is divide and conquer politics. It’s distraction. It’s more of the same of what I recently described as the “Year of the Hate


from the Huffington Post just prior to the election

But this is where it all falls short and exposes itself for what it really is:

Trump’s election is supposedly a “nightmare for Muslims” because he once suggested a ban on Muslim immigration to this country in the wake of some supposedly terrorist-linked attack (Pulse nightclub which had nothing to do with “ISIS” by the way). He walked that back and turned it into “extreme vetting” or some other such non-sense, but that was used by the MSM to declare Trump hated all Muslims and will round them up and export them when he is president.

Muslims got worried and became afraid because this falsehood was fed to them daily by the complicit media who was in direct service to the Clinton campaign.

So the Muslims protest Trump and fear his followers.

What was their alternative?

  • Hillary Clinton, a woman who used Salafist mercenaries to attack, terrorize and kill Muslims in places like Syria, Yemen and Libya with an almost routine regularity.
  • Hillary Clinton, a woman who was the self appointed continuation of the Obama regime which has illegally bombed Muslim civilians in 7 different predominantly Islamic countries.
  • Hillary Clinton, a woman who wants a no-fly zone in Syria which, according to a general recently, will probably start a major world war and kill countless Muslim civilians in Syria in the process (even Clinton herself said a no-fly zone would certainly end up killing scores of civilians)

Are the Muslims out there protesting that today? No. They are protesting someone who was falsely accused of wanting to round up Muslims in this country and get rid of them.

They only seem to give a shit about themselves.

Trump’s election is also supposedly opposed by black people here in this country. Simply because he questioned Obama’s birthplace back in 2011 (a movement started in 2008 by Clinton campaign staffers, the Clinton-supporting PUMAs (party unity my ass) who said “Obama is not my president” and Hillary’s personal friend and advisor Sydney Blumenthal) that was used by the complicit media to suggest he is a racist (are black people today who carry signs saying “Trump is not MY president” racists by that standard?)

What is their alternative”

  • Hillary Clinton, a woman who allowed her husband to steal BILLIONS from the black people of Haiti after the earthquake and folks from around the globe donated that money to help them rebuild
  • Hillary Clinton, a woman who while serving as Sec. of State bombed black people in Somalia, Libya and Sudan with regularity
  • Hillary Clinton, a woman who’s husband while decimated Welfare making poor black mothers work like slaves for Big Business to get food stamps and financial assistance and who’s legal reforms in the country EXPLODED the prison population, mainly with young black males.

And they call Trump a racist for wondering about Obama’s birthplace?

Are black people out there protesting all of that horror that has been imposed on other black people by Clinton and Obama across the globe? Right there in Haiti? Are they actively protesting the modern day slavery that is being imposed on their brothers and sisters in for-profit prisons across the country right now during the Obama presidency?

Nope. Not a peep about that from these concerned citizens.

So it appears they are only concerned about themselves as well.

Latinos are out there protesting president elect Trump and they might have more justification to do so than any other identity based subgroup of Clinton supporters. Yeah, Trump has made “the wall” a foundation of his campaign and said all sorts of “bad hombres” are coming across the border illegally. They are told daily they will be rounded up as well and sent back to where ever they came from… even if they came from Detroit (and who the hell wants to go to Detroit)

What is their alternative?

  • Hillary Clinton, a woman who loyally served the president who has deported more Latinos in his 7 year in office than anyone named Bush ever (even G. H. W. Bush)
  • Hillary Clinton, a woman who staunchly supports brutal “free trade” agreements like NAFTA that impose horrible working conditions on people south of the border, thus creating the situation in the first place down there that they are trying to escape from
  • Hillary Clinton, a woman who fostered a brutal coup in several Latin American countries like Honduras for example and then backed brutal regimes in neo-liberalized Latin American countries which killed journalists, protesters and dissidents in many of them later (Columbia and Mexico come to mind)

You get the point.

“A time comes when silence is betrayal.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

As a leftist and someone who has spent a lot of time opposing neo-liberal economic ideology I certainly don’t relish the idea of the Trump presidency. It makes my skin crawl to be honest. The thought that the Ayn Randians have successfully convinced a majority of Americans that we need a John Galt “rugged individualist captain of industry” to save us from ourselves and lead us to the promised land of their neo-liberal utopia depresses the shit out of me. The fact that he’s towing the treasonous 9/11 major of New York and terminally corrupt gangster from Jersey Chris Christie into the White House with him is more concerning to me than when “CHANGE” President Barack Obama dragged all those corporate Clinton cronies into the White House with him back in 2008.

It’s depressing. And frankly, it should be protested.

But not because he’s been called a “rapist” by CNN and not because he is going to send cheap labor back across the border. Are you kidding me? Trump LOVES cheap labor and wants MORE of it, not less. Not just for his own development business but also for all the stocks he owns. Could you imagine what the stock market would do if he did that? And has anyone noticed the stock markets across the globe on the rise since trading opened yesterday? Big Business and Wall Street LOVE Donald Trump. You think they would if he was actually going to build a wall? Get real.

During this entire campaign I have been saying the ONLY advantage of a Trump presidency will be to get the fake-left off their asses and back out into the street protesting what they USED to protest under the Bush/Cheney days: endless wars of aggression, crippling austerity measures being leveled at the American people, the revolving door between Big Business and government, the undermining of our civil rights and rampant corruption.

In that regard it’s good to see so many people stepping out last night getting back on the streets where they belong.

But they aren’t there for the right reasons, not entirely at least… and that bothers me.

People will eventually calm down if the complicit media stops stoking the flames of hatred and fear but I worry that wont be for a long time. The summer of hate is bleeding into the winter of our discontent and that serves the masters of the universe just fine. As our young people march around angry because Trump might pass a law saying it’s ok to grab them by the pussies, President Peace Prize will continue bombing Syrians and Iraqis without worrying about a backlash from the left like Trump would have to. And he certainly wont be too concerned about ramming the TPP and the TTIP down our throats either. Who will pay attention while there is a burning effigy of The Donald to show on CNN all day, every day?

Identity politics touches the very heart of the targeted subsection of the population and the seeds of anguish stay there. It works very well. That is why the Clinton team focused their entire campaign on it.

The problem is, while Hillary runs off to write her books (with that laptop the FBI gave back to her) and make more money giving speeches at Goldman Sachs, the disaffected voters are left desperate, terrified and angry with no place to turn and no one giving a crap about them anymore. Hillary has to spend her time running her new plantation down in Haiti.

You toss into that mix a MSM who are more than willing to pour gas on the embers of their dreams and what you get is violence and discord for no other purpose than creating violence and discord.

In short, I can understand their anger. I really do. I just feel it would have been useful these past 7 years had they chosen to unleash it on another neo-liberal warmongering president. And I certainly have hopes that when The Donald blows up a bunch of brown kids in Pakistan like Obama did or launches a regime change color revolution in someplace like Libya like Hillary did, that these same angry and morally upstanding citizens will come back out in the same numbers and with the same passion they are showing right now.

You are at war with the wrong enemy and that is by design. It is my sincerest hope, in time, we all come to understand that.

” and I watched this program broken and eviscerated, as if it were some idle political plaything of a society gone mad on war, and I knew that America would never invest the necessary funds or energies in rehabilitation of its poor so long as adventures like Vietnam (Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan) continued to draw men and skills and money like some demonic destructive suction tube. So, I was increasingly compelled to see the war as an enemy of the poor and to attack it as such.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

26 Responses

  1. We need someone to put a check on this government and they sure as hell wouldn’t be with the fake demo Clinton in office.
    May as well get started right away.

  2. That’s it all right, Scott … Though I do wonder if Goldman Sachs is going to be inviting the War Hag back to BS them any time soon …

  3. The hate is mutual.

    I hate these fake “leftists,” these pro-war “pacifists”; these pro-neoliberal “humanitarians.” I hate these termites who adore their coughing sociopath because the corporate media outlets order them to. These cattle who worship their diabolical bitch for browbeating Obama into blowing Libya to bits. These dung beetles who pine for their puppet of Wall Street, and who pray to their death cult goddess who backed the current nightmare in Honduras, and who smirked as the primary process was rigged for her.

    Who are these wretched maggots? Let me illustrate their idiocy by using the topic of government finances. These same losers say the U.S. government is “printing” too many dollars out of thin air, and yet they claim that the U.S. government is “bankrupt” and has a “debt crisis.” They know that the U.S. government creates infinite money for wars and for Wall Street bailouts, but when you call for universal Medicare, they say, “How will you pay for it?” They claim that money is worthless unless it is “backed” by gold, and yet they refuse to throw away their “worthless” money. They know that money is digital, and yet they insist that money is physical.

    They are peasants. Losers. They don’t matter. They are not worth saving. They are enslaved and impoverished because they WANT to be.

    God help me, but as much as Ayn Rand disgusts me, when I see these creeps, I think, “Perhaps Ayn Rand was correct.”

    • Yikes…

      • That’s what I say when I see the images that Scott posted above.

      • These losers cheer for Killary, who thrust her middle finger at them and vowed that as President, she would make sure that universal healthcare would “never ever happen.”

        • I’m with you. But FWIW, if you find yourself drifting into Ayn Rand land it might be a good idea to smoke a joint and put on a Beach Boys record for a little while. Don’t give in to the darkside…

          • I think I need to smoke a joint after reading that. I’m not thrilled about Trump either, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. The Republicans control ALL the branches of government now pretty much, so if things get worse it’s all on them. They won’t have Obama to “kick around anymore” (to paraphrase another president).

            For the record, I didn’t vote for Obama either and decried his drone strikes, etc., but Repubs set out to oppose him from the beginning. Now people like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are gloating about how they have a “unified Republican government.” That is more worrying to me because it smacks of vengeance. No more of this libcon ‘opposame’ false paradigm. I’m an American too, and they better damn well remember that this election was closer than they like to think, and they don’t have a mandate for their agenda. People may have voted for Trump because they thought he was different, but the same damn establishment Republicans are still there. Talk about being sore “winners.”

            • Couldn’t agree more, Jen. ‘Opposame’ is solid gold in my book. Right up there with Scott’s ‘apologencia’. I can’t remember who said it, but it was something to the effect of “the old paradigm is dead before the new one is apparent.” Kinda seems like we’re in that weird post-opposame hall of mirrors situation now, waiting for the new paradigm to show up from somewhere.

              Got to admit it was entertaining watching Reince and friends lining up to kiss Donald’s feet the other night. Truly sore winners.

  4. o’bama’s stated goal was/is to “fundamentally change” (destroy) the USA as we know it. the media is still trying to do their part, trying to get more rioting (supported by soros) so o’bama can declare Martial Law

    • Ah yes, I agree. Some protests could be genuine, but I doubt they are all real grassroots efforts. I think people have a right to be dissatisfied with the outcome. He won, but that doesn’t mean everybody’s going to be on board with it.

      And anyways, had Hillary won, there would be protests as well, some of them from Sanders supporters. And I don’t doubt that tools like Alex Jones and his ilk would be inciting “the 2nd Amendment people” to march in the streets toting all of their guns. So it works both ways. People need to engage in peaceful civil disobedience. Be heard, but don’t vandalize, riot or destroy things.

  5. Holy smokes. This should be required reading for the angry Hillbots out there attacking third party voters. Read an interesting Froma Harrop piece this morning equating Trump’s election to the 9/11 attacks… lord have mercy.

    Too bad these protesters weren’t out in force during the primary when Killary was choking out Bernie. Hindsight is a bitch, but their time would’ve been better spent protesting Killary instead of the Donald.

    • “Too bad these protesters weren’t out in force during the primary when Killary was choking out Bernie. Hindsight is a bitch, but their time would’ve been better spent protesting Killary instead of the Donald.”

      Well said.

      And now they are whining.

      The Democrats were so arrogant that they did not even try to take the pulse of the electorate.

      So arrogant that they said, “Fu*k you!” to younger voters by rigging the primaries.

      So arrogant that in an anti-establishment year, they ran a supreme exemplar of the establishment.

      So arrogant that they ran a career politician who had never done anything for average Americans; a sociopath whose only message was that if you didn’t vote for her, you were “deplorable” (her word).

      And they wonder why they lost.

  6. Excellent analysis and article, Scott, thanks. I worry about taking it to the streets, and would not encourage others to do that which I won’t do myself. But, you could be right. I just wish there were a better way.

  7. Thanks for the great essay. People have to get over themselves and realize that when we help each other we help ourselves….the more you give, the more you get to give. And for those who haven’t figured it out yet….don’t expect politicians to do anything for you unless you treat them like hired (by us) help they are, and not dignitaries.

  8. I’m not so sure the stock market is up because of the Trump win. If you noticed on election night, stocks began to tank when it was evident Trump would defy the odds, and in fact the Dow was down 850 points even after Clinton conceded. IMHO the market has been manipulated up by the usual suspects (Fed, PPT) just to “prove’ how swell everyone thinks a Trump presidency will be, and thus avoid the inevitable crash for another day.

  9. Excellent essay, Scott.

    I know I’m not about to say anything new here, but I just have to voice my astonishment at how biased the media has been before and even after. Just stunning. We don’t have a television, we don’t subscribe to or download movies, we keep away from the mass everything as much as possible. And apparently I spend too much time in this virtual world because I thought throughout the summer that bloggers like Scott and others were exaggerating regarding the all Trump bashing all the time. Boy did I get an earful in late August when we travelled back to Ohio to see our widower fathers. Every danged TV in the airports and the televisions at our father’s houses was all Trump all the time. This has been a stunning psychological operation? Brainwashing?

    I speak with my father by phone at least once a day every day. Yesterday he didn’t call. This morning he called and I said, “whatcha been doing, Dad? You ok?” He said, “yeah, I didn’t want to talk yesterday because of the election.” My father-in-law is just as deeply emotionally invested. Neither one of them cares for Cankles but they’ve been led to believe all kinds of dreadful things if Trump were elected. Just amazing.

    • The more I think about it, the more I go back to my original feelings on the election a year and a half ago and that was some republican was bound to win the election this year. they wanted it. they wanted a republican controlled house and senate to go along with a republican White House so they could push us further down the neo-liberal path with little resistance from the republican Democratic Party. I figured then that Trump was the foil to get Jeb through the primaries and Killary was slated to take a dive to him Nov. 8th. When Jeb flaked out, the whole thing was up in the air. The one thing they couldn’t allow though was for a really revolutionary leftist to win the nomination so they did what they could to fix that issue. In the end, the Trump bashing set the stage for the winter of our discontent while the Wkileaks email leaks undermined the confidence Hillary’s base had in her. And here we are.

      It’s horrible what they do. It’s terrorism when you think about it. I feel for your family. If nothing else you can tell them, none of those guys believed a thing they were saying. Even Trump “thanked” Hillary for her years of service to the country the day he won, which certainly would undermine his promise to investigate her when he was elected. It’s all just a show. Whether Hillary really wanted to win or not, it doesn’t matter. She’s going to be happy when the Trump tax plan goes into effect and she saves 20% off her taxes off the top. Just like every other rich talking head on TV who was bashing Trump all day every day.

      He can take solace in the fact that so many real liberals refused to vote Hillary this year. It’s a good sign. Read my latest article. Folks are figuring it out.

  10. not just the msm — have you seen how various celebrities have been rabble-rousing? katy perry sent out a tweet that said “RISE UP”. nice, huh?

    as i understand, there is also a movement on facebook to try to overturn the election. i dread the idea of a trump presidency, too, but these people are insane if they think it’s a good idea to throw out elections because they feel people voted the wrong way.

    • they should ask Kissinger for some advice. He’s fixed some situations where folks voted the wrong way in the past. and he’s a friend of Killary’s if I am not mistaken.

    • Well, Ted Nugent would probably pull a stunt like bringing a cannon on stage and taunting Hillary to put her mouth on it, so…. Both sides can be pretty, um, “deplorable.”

  11. Thanks, Scott. The only thing I could add is how I’m seeing the “divide and conquer” strategy applied in a particularly distressing way. We’re used to seeing divisions along race, region or religion, but this time it also includes gender. I must know 2 dozen successful, educated women who are convinced the entire election was about misogyny, the Klan and the Nazis and Putin. I tried to patiently explain to someone on FB that Morris Dees had put the KKK out of business years ago, and was verbally slapped for it.

    • yeah, there was a reporter a couple weeks ago who dared to suggest the race might not be over at that time and he was viciously attacked by everyone. I mean, everyone. Just for saying what became painfully clear a few days later. I myself was listed among the dreaded “alt right” for simply questioning what happened with that ridiculously staged “assassination attempt” on Trump. Folks called me a “KKK Nazi” for writing about Clinton. My neighbor just told me he regrets having voted for Trump. When I asked him why he said he had been watching the news… I told him to stop doing that and reassured him it would be alright and that the alternative was still much worse (Killary)

      The FBI and the ADL are staging a nice little KKK rally today I think in honor of Trump’s victory. That should dominate the hate-mongering news for a couple cycles I guess.

  12. I’m seeing people who are so fully acculturated to life inside the bubble, they have no clue about things like false flags, provocateurs or black propaganda. People who I thought would be more discerning, like a journalist with 30 years experience or the owner of a PR firm are falling for stuff like someone spray painting a swastika and “Trump” on the side of a house, or hanging out a sheet with “Trump’s America” and “whites only” and they think the country is crawling with Nazis and white supremacists who voted for Trump.

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