The Age of Left Cover is Over… Donald Trump is the President Elect

by Scott Creighton

It’s 3:30am down here in sunny Florida and my eyes are tired from watching tiny little scrolling numbers all night. Red numbers, blue numbers, yellow numbers. Number, numbers, numbers. And not a single one of them reflected what the MSM has been telling us to expect all summer long.

Remember how just 5 short weeks ago Donald Trump was supposed to lose in a cataclysmic fashion? All the smug MSNBC commentators and those self-important CNN talking heads barely condescended to speak with folks who dared suggest that there might be a race to be run for the presidency of the United States. It wasn’t a matter of a Clinton victory or not but rather just how much of a mandate would the public give her to enact her sweeping neo-liberal agenda of “SAME”

Remember when they were talking about the GOP replacing Trump? When they were sure he might quit?

Remember when they said he didn’t care because all he wanted was to get a customer base for a start-up news network out of this?

Five short weeks ago it was over.

Tonight, it really is over. Donald Trump is the President Elect of the United States of America.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Hillary Clinton didn’t even have the common decency to come out and address her supporters who waited all night to see her on stage… though Trump did say she called him and congratulated him on his victory.

Graceless from the start and graceless to the finish line.

I myself am also a little shocked. Why they didn’t flip the switch and steal the election is beyond me except to say that I have always said if it was close they would but if not they wouldn’t risk exposing their ace up the sleeve for Hillary this time around.

Turns out it wasn’t that close.

The key states Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania all went to Trump with a sizable margin in the end. Every pundit out there was saying yesterday that he would have to win at least 2 of those states to have any hope of winning and certainly Florida had to be one of them. Very early on when Florida was close, the talking heads over at MSNBC were already gloating, feeling an early Clinton victory was at hand.

Here we are some 7 hours later and those guys are still on the air now talking about Trump being a “dictator” and worrying about when he’s going to give the order to the military to start rounding up civilians in the streets (I’m not kidding folks, they really were talking about that a few minutes ago)

He not only won those four states, all of them, but he also won several typical blue states in the rust belt; Wisconsin and Iowa. He’ll probably win New Hampshire before it’s all over.

They could have flipped one or two of those states with their little Help America Vote trick, but not all of them. Not without risking exposing themselves.

As I wrote yesterday, it really isn’t that big a deal for the masters of the universe. Sure the stock market took a bit of a tumble but it’s already correcting itself. Trump is a neo-liberal billionaire after all.

Perhaps we wont have as many regime change operations across the globe under President Trump that we would have had under President Clinton. Perhaps we will see a real effort to renegotiate the TPP and the TTIP before it goes up for a vote whereas under President Clinton they would have been fast-tracked right down our throats as is. Perhaps he will stick to his original message about leaving Social Security, the VA and Medicare alone since the vast majority of Americans don’t wish to see them privatized.


One thing is for sure. The age of Left Cover is over. The hypocritical Obamaites and Clintonites can pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get back out in the streets to protest our glorious wars of aggression once more. The next crippling austerity measure move wont be brushed off as a necessary ‘compromise’ of a president playing 3-d chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

The fake-left can finally come crawling back to the real left begging for forgiveness, ready to once again listen to those better angels of their nature.

I am not surprised though I did figure they wouldn’t allow a Brexit on this side of the pond. Guess they had little choice or maybe the same forces that fed Wikileaks all those emails decided to cut the cord on the e-voting machines. Who knows what happens in the deep state these days.

One thing is for sure. Hillary Clinton will not be the most criminal president ever selected to run this country. And for me, that’s a huuuge win. That depressed me more than anything thinking just how sad and embarrassing that would have been.

Yeah, we got a reality TV star who’s in the WWE Hall of Fame as our president but at least he’s not a proven criminal, warmonger and liar. He may end up becoming one like so many of our presidents of the past but at least he wont start out that way like Killary would have and for that, I thank you.

As bad as the choice may have been and in spite of what the pundits will likely be saying for weeks to come, the people of this country got it right today. Hillary Clinton will not be the next president of the United States and that ladies and gentlemen is a joy to write even at 4:20am. It makes staying up this late worth every tedious minute.

And with that, good night. Gotta rest my eyes.

p.s. It is very satisfying watching the likes of CNN and MSNBC sit around and wonder how it all went so wrong. They were absolutely convinced of their power to persuade the American people into voting for whatever criminal and liar they told us to vote for and they got it absolutely wrong. They failed. And they failed miserably. Amazingly enough the American people listened to their endless stream of bullshit and breathless propaganda and the made up their own minds and I couldn’t be happier. Let’s those assholes know the rest of us out here look at them as nothing but lying sycophantic assholes and we don’t believe a thing they say. Yeah, another asshole will be president… but aside from that… it’s been a good day. At least a criminal wont be pres. That’s enough for me.

15 Responses

  1. DittoDittoDitto ! ! !

  2. So many talking heads were wrong, that is true. But so were you.

    • I only said that they wouldn’t LET him win. I never said he couldn’t. And I certainly never said it was over and he would be crushed. But like I said, and I wrote this many times, if was close, maybe they would have flipped a state or two on her behalf. But since it wasn’t…

      and let me just add this: on Oct. 21st I wrote “yes, the election will be stolen” but if you read a couple paragraphs into it I wrote:

      “You see, the problem for these war-mongers and sympathizers of theirs is that there just simply isn’t enough of them to vote Killary into office. People are sick of neoliberal austerity being shoved down our throats. People are sick of “free trade” deals that do nothing but crush worker’s standards of living while enriching a few friends of people in high places. And people are sick of the endless war, the hundred year war, the Global War OF Terror we are waging all across the globe with no authorization and against international law.

      The.. people.. don’t.. want.. total.. global.. hegemony.. at the cost of the lives of their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.

      The people are sick of the lies, the spying, the political correctness and the Orwellian world we find ourselves in.

      The people want something different and for all their efforts to dissuade folks from a CHANGE vote, the establishment are failing. And they are failing miserably.”

      Personally, do you see anything “wrong” about that assessment? Clearly I stated that Trump would actually win the election if it wasn’t rigged. and I was absolutely correct and for the exact reasons everyone is saying right now. People want something different than the status quo neo-liberal economic ideology we are suffering from right now. The only thing I got wrong was the fact that they didn’t end up stealing it. But as I have said, it wasn’t close enough to steal.

      • I strongly believe that somebody there had good polls and knew exactly what was happening. for weeks before election. Most polls were not the mistakes. They intentionally inflated Hillary results. They were intentional to take away the steam from the supporters of Trump locomotive. Then they hoped they could steal it but somebody somewhere called it off in the week Comey reopened investigation. Possibly action of Comey was to let media readjust to the reality and give them a perfect explanation for why suddenly polls started showing Trump high. Trump was high all along. But people could blame it on Comey’s October surprise.

        All polls we were fed with until about 12 days ago were fake. When Comey announced the reopening of investigation it was a signal to everybody and media in particular that the reality must be restored. The TPTB made a decision that the election cannot be stolen from Trump. The difference was just too great. New pro-Trump registrations and results of early voting made it obvious. The polls having Hillary 14% ahead were false as all the others. Their purpose was to take the steam out of Trump locomotive. But it did not work. The distrust of media and inflated polling did not affect Trump supporters as they hoped they would. The Deep State (TPTB) was doing a favor to MSM, the most important instrument of power, by giving them an exit strategy. Blame it on the emails. We were not wrong but emails did it. The October surprise did it. Yeah, that’s the ticket! And it goes w/o saying that Comey wanted to be on the good side of the next president. The purpose of Comey action was also to weaken Trump presidency. Trump did not need this help. He would win w/o Comey. TPTB always want to have a weak president.

        For last year going through ups and downs I sometimes wondered what would it mean if Trump get elected. Would “they” let him be elected? And if “they” did what would “they” have for us in store? And I had this feeling that something really big was coming and for this “they” needed Trump. Man of providence or doomsday?

        I started thinking about the Plan B of elites in August last year when refugee crisis began in Europe and what part of that plan was Trump who started his campaign on July 15 almost 2 month earlier with a big salvo against illegal immigration. Was he lucky or did he know? If the latter from whom? Who advised him? We do not know the super elites and how one can slice them. Perhaps there are internal fights among them. Perhaps neocons and liberals who seem so powerful are just one of many servants they have for their errands and sometimes they discipline them when they have a different plan, the Plan B. What is the Plan B? A big war?

        Today I indulge in a little bit of Schadenfreude observing all leftist, neocons, neoliberals talking heads whom I began to loath as the result of their unscrupulous attacks and propaganda during last years. Their masks fell off during this year. There is no difference between neocon, liberal or neoliberals. They work for the same entity. I have no illusions about Trump and even if I had I have no illusions that he will be able to accomplish much of his political agenda, but I am glad he has won. It feels good to hear the wounded beast howling.

  3. Welcome to Willy’s guide to the ‘New Eastern Outlook’ — check out Ken’s redifininggod now and then

  4. If the Democratic Party didn’t conspire against Sanders, none of this would have happened. As much as I dislike Trump, at least there is some hope that he might surprise us in a good way. With Hilliary we knew what we were getting and it was very depressing.

  5. Excellent post. Perhaps my favorite ever.

    Oh, somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
    but there is no joy in Mudville — mighty Killary has struck out.

    • I almost put that line in at the end of the article. I swear to God. I only took it out because I thought Casey was too much of a sympathetic character than Hillary deserved to be compared to. But I had even written it and took it out.

  6. Come on…..there is no power in the US Presidency……He takes orders from the ” real owners”. of the country..President is merely a spokesperson and does not decide anything of real importance……Policy is made in think tanks…..big banks, corporations, MIC etc are in total control….. As much as I hate Hillary.. I know Trump can not and will not change anything.. The American power centers will change him and he will do their bidding……

    Why people think a narcissistic billionaire somehow will make positive change for the average American is beyond me…

    • I don’t think that. What I do think is what I wrote and that is, now the left-cover of Obama is done with. There will be no “leftist” president to provide cover for their neo-liberal policies of austerity and global military aggression and that is a big difference.

  7. The War Hag came. She saw. She died. Let’s enjoy even for a minute that we are TPTB when we get it together.

  8. Trump was voted in by TPTB, voters don’t select a president–THEY DO. Trump is not a man of the people, he’s the chosen, oligarchical puppet. Was the election rigged–yes, in favor of the Donald. So what does that mean; well, since he can’t make good on any of his campaign issues: repeal of Obamacare, prevention of TPP, repeal of NAFTA–honestly, would the Oligarchs allow him to dissolve the many control structures they’ve been establishing? They rig elections, so apparently they want him there and further, he will now proceed to attend to further their agendas, not oppose them.
    And yes, if one wishes to psychologically trick the public, they will offer the sheeple the illusion of a semi-rebellious candidate who is supposedly “detested” by both dems and repubs, making him appear all the more heroic to the gullible–all current politicians are puppets, they are given their roles to play, I don’t particularly trust Jesse Ventura, but I think he was truthful when he stated that the “hate” that is spewed by politicians is all fake, he likened it to WWF, it’s all pretend.
    And now fake Alex Jones will crow and tell his own sheep, that they’ve won one over the Oligarchs, yeah right.

    • I enjoy complaining as much as most people. However some of us cling to our whining like a security blanket. Even if we were given Universal Medicare, for example, it would be evil, since “TPTB” willed it. No matter how positive an event, such people imagine that it is one more step toward their doom.

      Everything is hopeless. Everything has been decided. How “brilliant.” How convenient. How defeatist.

      Seriously, we can’t change the world. We can only change ourselves. And when enough if us do that, we automatically change the world.

  9. Thanks for a great article, as usual.
    Yes, he may turn out to be a disappointment, but maybe not. If he stays with his commitments to rebuild the country’s infrastructure, to build a wall which really means eliminating illegal immigration, ending wars, working with Russia I will be more than happy. I do worry who/what he may appoint to the Supreme Court, his energy energy industry supporters, Bolton as an advisor..but these are problems for tomorrow.

  10. Scott,
    I think you’re overlooking a few things. When I see the popular vote broke 50-50, I’m virtually certain they DID try to steal it. But there’s only so much they can do. Seriously, even with a certain amount of … acquaintance bias(?), assuming you might have more …”conservative’ friends than ‘liberal’ friends, do you see it breaking even remotely near 50-50 among the people you personally know?

    I know my friends and acquaintances lean heavily ‘conservative’ … probably along the lines of 60-70%, but of those who absolutely adore Obama, those who vote straight Democrat, etc., exactly TWO openly advocated Hillary, and they were ardent Sanders supporters throughout the primaries. Of the rest, maybe … maybe … a dozen admitted they would hold their noses and vote for Hillary, and even they were wavering between write-in Sanders, not voting, or ‘lesser of two evils’ (in their minds.) The majority of them – and especially among my LGBT acquaintances – were openly supporting Johnson or a Sanders write-in. (Despite my efforts to make others aware of Jill Stein – the ONLY candidate to actually go out to Cannonball – I know of nobody who even considered voting for her.)

    Bear in mind, I’m a Libertarian living in a heavily Democrat (Indian Reservation) region of a largely Republican State (Montana), who is considerably less world-insulated than most of the surrounding population, – I’ve even managed to confuse the Hell out of Facebook’s algorithm day it might show me a bit of Trump leaning “suggested posts” other days it seems to think I’m an ardent Hillary supporter .. of course, maybe it’s been feeding pro-Hillary stuff even to the most diehard Republican.

    My point in that regard is that past evidence shows that they redirect about 10% of the opposing candidate’s votes in electronic vote rigging. Although I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if they pushed that limit to 15% or 20% with the entire mainstream media on their side and having gotten away with so much cheating exposed, a more blatant effort is certainly possible. But running the numbers, even if they stole 10% nationwide and Trump actually won 55-45, it was too much to overcome .. or even more likely 60-40, stealing 15%. If you consider the blatantly rigged polls in the last couple weeks proclaiming a close Hillary win, they were probably hedging their bets .. if they DID manage to steal 15% and pull it off, they could point to their ‘polls’ as evidence.

    Regardless, you said “Guess they had little choice or maybe the same forces that fed Wikileaks all those emails decided to cut the cord on the e-voting machines. Who knows what happens in the deep state these days.”

    I think you’re hitting damned close to the truth there. It’s easy to get tunnel vision and start to believing that they’re all powerful when we see how much they get away with over and over again, but there have been rumblings of resistance from within – especially from within the military. Consider the mainstream ignored story a few years back about the nuke disappearing out of Grand Forks AFB that was apparently ‘hijacked’ back by some nameless, patriotic AF brass … and then that story disappeared down the memory hole. Or the (again, mainstream ignored) story of numerous Admirals sacrificing their careers to speak out that they managed to quietly sack with barely a ripple in American consciousness.

    Further, I’ve been catching rumblings over the past 3-4 weeks that the PTB were subtly dumping Clinton as being simply TOO toxic, and more importantly, out of control. I mostly dismissed those sources as Kool-Aid drinkers (Cherry flavor, rather than the usual grape-flavor drinkers), but it was enough to make me wonder … and, yeah … SOMEONE from within the machine was feeding wikileaks (assuming they don’t outright RUN it) …

    The cabal behind the Deep State have a common goal, but, being human, they also all have their own agendas, and that can sometimes lead to fractures that are hazily visible to us .. and I suspect that’s what we’ve seen this year.

    But make no mistake, they have the power and resources to take the long view .. they’ve been at this a long time .. arguably going back to Hamilton, and they’ve had a written plan for more than 150 years. If they can’t push a piece of legislation through this year, they’ll try again next year, or the year after, or ten years later (cf the ‘PATRIOT ACT’ which had been proposed at LEAST twice before 2001.)

    We may have won a (dubious) reprieve with Trump, but don’t mistake it for victory.

    Hell, just look to Cannonball to see what’s waiting in the wings for us.

    That said .. ding, dong the witch is dead … we hope.

    PS While it was obvious as far back as 2000 that Obama and Clinton were the on-deck batters (although I thought the order would be reversed), there’s absolutely nobody in the dugout for the Democrats (although they have lofted a few trial balloons for Michelle Obama!)… not sure what that says of their long -term plans .. maybe they thought they’d have 8 years to figure it out. OTOH, it’s perfectly clear their choice for the NEXT President is Paul Ryan so they’ll certainly bring all their powers to bear to keep him from being derailed by Trump

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