Hey Clinton Fake-left Dems: See What Happens When You Turn a Blind Eye to a Stolen Nomination?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Some pundits are starting to figure it out. Here’s Captain Hindsight:

Why, oh why, did it have to be Hillary Clinton? Yes, she has an impressive resume; yes, she worked hard on the campaign trail. But she was exactly the wrong candidate for this angry, populist moment… She was the Democratic candidate because it was her turn…” Thomas Frank, Common Dreams

See that? It was “her turn” she didn’t win the nomination. It was just”her turn”. You also notice how dismissive this establishment hack is toward the populist movement in the country? You think he learned his lesson, this limousine liberal? I doubt it.

It should be noted on Aug. 15th Thomas Frank wrote: With Trump Certain to Lose, You Can Forget about a Progressive Clinton

Image result for hillary stole the nomination

The mood was clear and you had to be blind man or blindly sycophantic idol worshiper to miss it: the anti-establishment sentiment in the country was going to win the day. We saw that with Brexit, we saw that with Donald Trump winning the Republican Party nomination and we saw that with the tens of thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters showing up and working the streets every day and swarming to every rally like their lives and their futures depended on it. We saw it all and still when the establishment of the DNC stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders through a number of tricks and treats, the bulk of the dedicated Democrats CHOSE to say nothing. To remain silent.

And you can’t say we didn’t warn you. We did everything we could to show you how the nomination was stolen in state after state. We showed you exit polls that didn’t match results and what did you do? You stopped taking exit polls in the last couple of state contests. We showed you voter registration purges totaling millions of voters being separated from their right to cast a vote in the nomination process and you said “shut up”. Wikileaks showed you how the establishment serving DNC had their finger on the scale from the start on behalf of corporatist Clinton and DWS resigned (to take a paid roll on her campaign) and still you said nothing.

In poll after poll prior to Clinton claiming the nomination, Bernie Sanders beat Donald Trump handily while Hillary Clinton lost to him.

How much more obvious could that be?

Hillary was the ultimate establishment candidate and you guys were led to believe you had to run her for the office at a time when an anti-establishment wildfire is sweeping across the globe. And the people who sold you that lie, were the establishment.

And you think Trump supporters are dumb?

The complicit media wasn’t enough. The adjusted polls weren’t enough. The shameless pandering to the black vote with Jay-Z, Beyonce and LeBron James wasn’t enough. Even getting all the tainted Bush/Cheney Republicans to come out for Hillary wasn’t enough in the end.

You know what would have been enough?


Had you opened your mouths and demanded fairness in the nomination process, Bernie Sanders would be your President Elect right now and we probably wouldn’t be looking at a Republican controlled House and Senate.

Funny isn’t it how the will of the people will ultimately get it right? I know folks like James Corbett say democracy and voting is tragically flawed and will never work, but it did work last night didn’t it and it would have worked even better had corruption and graft not been ignored by the “party of the people” a couple months ago.

So you Clinton-dems, you “moderate” dems, you Scoop Jackson dems… how do you feel right now? Because you know what? You made Donald Trump president. You are ultimately more responsible for his victory yesterday than any other single demographic in the country. It’s not the blacks, Latinos or women’s fault for not showing up in sufficient numbers. It’s not the college educated white men who ended up voting Trump more often than Clinton. And it’s not the KKK, the Nazis or the average white guy’s fault either.

It’s your fault for allowing a deeply flawed, much maligned, almost universally hated criminal to steal the nomination from the one populist candidate who could have cleaned the floor with Trump yesterday… because the whole Goddamned world knew that it was the year of the populist voter. You couldn’t have missed it unless you wanted to. And you did.

I want you to keep that in mind for the next two years as the neo-liberal Republicans like Paul Ryan decimate the New Deal and install Supreme Court justices one after the other.

You brought this shit on yourselves.

24 Responses

  1. “I want you to keep that in mind for the next two years as the neo-liberal Republicans like Paul Ryan decimate the New Deal and install Supreme Court justices one after the other.” ~ S.C.

    Hillary would have decimated the New Deal too, starting with the privatization of Medicare and Social Security.

    I smirk at all the faux-leftists who militantly and self-righteously supported Hillary even though Hillary stood for everything they claimed to oppose. The nitwits who said they would oppose Trump even if they knew for certain that Trump would give them whatever they wanted. The creeps who supported Killary over Sanders because Killary knew how to “get things done.”

    Rachel Madcow is tearing her clothes and smothering herself with ashes. Republicans are begging Trump to forgive their mistreatment of him. Necons are checking to see if Wal Mart is hiring. The people of Syria will sleep a bit easier tonight, but the Saudis won’t. The Israelis are saying that Trump’s victory is more proof the universe is “anti-Semitic” with the USA the worst of all. Obama just wants to clear out his belongings and embark on a lucrative speaking tour, but no one will attend, since the Age of Obama (aka W. Bush II) is over.

    We came we saw, she died. Cackle, cackle.

  2. In other news, California voted down Proposition 61, which would have prevented Big Pharma from charging more for drugs that Big Pharma charges the VA. This is good news, since it will add fire to a movement that I have been carefully watching as it explodes in size. I refer to a mass realization that Big Pharma’s drugs are not just hideously expensive, but deadly, and that the way to optimize health is not through drugs and vaccines, but via exercise, proper nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices. This sounds silly in a touchy-feely way, but the movement is real and it is growing. Big Pharma has forced it by pricing itself into extinction. And doctors forced it by insisting that every ailment can be cured with a pill or a shot.

    Meanwhile Colorado voted down ColoradoCare, which would have provided statewide single-payer health insurance. This too is good news, since the plan would have failed even if it had passed. Colorado’s government simply could not afford it, and would have had to impose severe austerity on everything else in the state. Only at the federal level can a single payer plan work (aka universal Medicare) since only at the federal level can the government create infinite dollars out of thin air that are not loans. If ColoradoCare had passed, it would have failed, and the private insurance industry would have rejoiced, saying, “SEE???!! Single payer CAN’T WORK, HA, HA, HA!!!”

    Yes it CAN work, but only at the federal level.

  3. I can’t believe they let him win. That last batch of emails must have been hot, easier way out to have Donald win

    • that’s a possibility.

    • I’m surprised that they would willingly give up the left cover that worked for them so well under Obama, though.

      • Perhaps they’ll try right-cover for awhile? Just to be fair and balanced. On second thought, maybe they don’t need cover at all…not with a coalition of tea baggers, infoworriers, birchers and brownshirts waiting in the wings…

  4. “And the angels will throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” ~ Matthew 13:42

    The faux-leftists are gnashing their teeth. They claim that all of America is shocked and outraged, and that Trump’s victory has “plunged the entire world into despair.” They are huddling together in sorrow and defeat, weeping and wailing that all the REAL issues will now be ignored, like the “rights” of transgender men to swarm into women’s locker rooms.

    Tough sh*t, maggots. We are sick of your faux-leftist lies, your smug self-righteousness, and your underhanded shilling for neoliberalism. Sick of your “humanitarian” warmongering. Sick of your arrogance. Sick of your smirking as you imagine yourselves brilliant, and the rest of us as morons.

    Sick of the same.

    You were not defeated by Republicans or right-wingers.
    You were defeated by Americans.

    You lost the Big One.
    Deal with it.

  5. How sweet it is.

    The Washington ComPost has run anti-Trump editorials every single day for the last 18 months.

    Now, in defeat and disgrace, the ComPost is condemning ultra-militant Hillary-bots for not being militant enough.

    “The election was yours for the stealing, and you let it pass by!”

    The ComPost provides a map that shows where all the “traitors” are located.


    Now Hillary will be free to have that stroke or heart attack that she has managed to postpone through sheer spite.

  6. It was all rigged. The oligarchs just decided Hillary would put them under too much scrutiny. Months of treason and impeachment hearings make them look bad too.


    “Hillary is down, but not the Oligarchs. If Trump is advised to be conciliatory, to hold out his hand, and to take the establishment into his government, the American people will again be disappointed. In a country whose institutions have been so completely corrupted by the Oligarchy…”


    I wonder if she will flee to saudi arabia to avoid trial or the oligarchs will see to it she is protected? Probably the latter.


  7. I wonder what Robert De Niro must be thinking about, after that ridiculous video he published against Donald Trump? This is the end of mainstream media and specially CNN.

  8. Scott,

    I have to leave this somewhere. I wanted to at my local newspaper as I know there are regular commenters there who would appreciate it; however, that may not be a good idea as I don’t want the person who sent me this to get in trouble. Anyway, I live in Portland OR. There are some having major meltdowns over this. Someone I know forwarded this email to me from their place of work. It is so RICH I have to share it somewhere. Note, their conference rooms are named after puppet characters, hence the odd reference to Big Bird and yet SO F’ING APPROPRIATE. Here’s the email:

    Hey everyone,

    In light of the election results last night, we want to host a safe place to talk about what happened and offer support to each other. Hopefully we can use Big Bird, though if not we may migrate to another conference room. Everyone is welcome.

  9. Happy to see The trumpster win…but cant shake this feeling that we are again being played by the monsters. Hillary represented a continuation of the slow march into totalitarianism…maybe our invisible masters have seen an opportunity in aTrump presidency that they may use to fast forward their agenda.I think we all know that they are not going to give up their plans any time soon. They play the long game ,their operations are multi-faceted…and they are capable of unspeakable acts. A battle has been won. The war continues unabated.

  10. “The Israelis are saying that Trump’s victory is more proof the universe is “anti-Semitic” with the USA the worst of all.”

    Wrong, Bibi couldn’t be happier…


    • Trump’s Win is the Greatest Victory for anti-Semitism in America Since 1941.

      Shock and horror in Tel Aviv as Trump takes White House

      Voting for Trump is a betrayal of Jewish history

      • Haaretz is op-ed with a circulation as low as 6% market share of Israeli print media…

        according to an acquaintance who now lives in Isreal, he says, “I haven’t seen Bibi this happy in the 5 years since i moved here”…

        also, source of previous links are Bibi’s own social media.

        Israel dislike of Obama/Dems is documented, mainly over Iran…Trump buys the whole muslim devil narrative and see’s them as the ultimate evil. This works well for Isreal. So its not surprising. Thx for the exchange…



        • Got it.

          Trump is better for Israel than was war-mongering “I will nuke Iran” Killary. (“We came, we saw, he died.”)

          Trump is better for Israel than is Hillary confidante Elizabeth Warren, who justified Israel’s 2014 bombardment of the Gaza Death Camp by claiming that “Israel had a right to defend itself” (from its victims).

          Trump is better for Israel than was Madeleine (price-was-worth-it) Albright, who was Bill and Killary Clinton’s Sec. of State.

          Trump and Hillary both groveled to AIPAC, but this is expected (indeed demanded) of all Republican and Democrat candidates.

          As for Netanyahu congratulating Trump, what else can he do? Alienate his American host?


          Israelis still prefer Hillary over Trump

          • Obviously, either one of these rich assholes Trump/Killary does the trick but my bad, I hastily took your original comment to mean that the Israeli’s see the Trump victory as a bad thing (which I don’t think they do.) I see now, that the Haaretz op-ed is just trying make some garbled sense of it all for their average liberal non-religious but still Jewish American readership who most likely voted for Clinton. All my jewish friends (orthodox and casual) on social media seemed to be anti-Trump, or at least the one’s speaking up. On the other hand, friends in Isreal, (orthodox mostly) all seemed to be doing back-flips over Trumps victory, leaving this redheaded irish kid from Delaware a bit confused. My mind wasn’t connecting anti-semitism with Trump. Anyway, you seem to have a better understanding of all this than I do and I enjoy your comments which is why i probably felt compelled to engage. Apologies again, and good day to you.

  11. One good thing about this election – it, today, gave me a new song idea … “Lead Paint n’Fluoride”; just rolls off the tongue, begging to sung!
    If anyone is interested when/if I get it done I’ll post a link.

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