What’s With Lady Gaga’s “Nazi” Jacket from the Clinton Rally? It’s Actually Worse Than That… it’s an homage to Poppy Bush

by Scott Creighton

Lady Gaga attended a rally for Hillary Clinton last night during which she wore a rather odd looking jacket. It’s not a Nazi jacket. It’s not even Nazi looking to be honest. But it does have a certain fascist flair to it. It also has a fascist history which is quite fitting even if Lady G didn’t know it (or maybe she does)

Image result for lady gaga clinton rally

Truth is, it does look rather authoritarian, doesn’t it? Something like a tin-pot dictator would wear who’s trying to present himself as some kind of manly-man.

The design makes me think of a character out of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. This guy:


You can see the similarity. It’s hard to miss actually.

But in fact, the jacket itself has a much more interesting disturbing background.

It is indeed a copy of a Michael Jackson jacket. He was another disturbed little man with a penchant for trying to present himself with a military-styled look.

Image result for michael jackson black jacket

The cuffs are the same, the medallion on the left lapel is similar and the embroidery around the red highlights on the sleeves are exactly alike. It’s the same jacket. So Lady Gaga was paying tribute to the King of Pop by wearing this thing to Hillary’s coronation ceremony or sorts.

Fair enough, right?

But do you know when Micheal wore this jacket? I’ll give you a hint: the guy he wore it for supports Hillary for president these days.

If you guessed Poppy Bush, you win a prize.

Image result for michael jackson presidential reception in white house

That’s right. Lady Gaga wore a replica of the jacket Micheal Jackson wore to a reception in the Bush I White House way back when. How fitting (no pun intended) that Lady G would wear it to the celebration of another fascist neoliberal warmongering president in the making.

Jackson was a freak, Bush a fascist… Gaga is a freak and Hillary is a fascist. Couldn’t make better sense, could it?

There’s no way in hell Gaga didn’t know this and make this choice on purpose. They love to laugh at their fans because they know they’re too stupid to know what’s being said right over their heads. It’s a game to them.

Yes, Hillary was dressed in her republican red pants suit and Gaga was done up like the pedo of pop adoring at the side of Poppy Bush and their fans swooned in libtard love. Not a clue among them. Fascism on parade as the adoring fans cheer til they couldn’t breathe. Makes you think don’t it?

11 Responses

  1. Gets even worse when you do research and find out the Bush family were quite literally Nazis themselves. Hell, Poppy Bush’s father was practically Hitler’s personal banker, and his father-in-law essentially created the concentration camps for all those corporations and bankers after Eastern Europe’s resources!

  2. It’s likely not a copy, but the actual jacket Jackson wore- apparently, Gaga bought some of MJ’s clothes at auction after he died.

  3. if you’ve never seen it, you ought to check out a video gaga & beyonce did for a song called “telephone” — very creepy & full of odd symbolism.

    • yeah, but she is pretty hot in that video but there is a redheaded dancer in it somewhere in the jailhouse scene who is fuckin smokin. man… found the video. She shows up at 3:20 mark. Red hair, dancing to Gaga’s right. she’s got “too hot” written on her legs. Damn. If you guys ever wanted to know what does it for, she’s it.

      here, watch it.

    • best thing I think she ever did was Bad Romance. She’s got talent. gotta give her that. all else said, a talented woman. You know she dropped out of college and went out on her own and was a multimillionaire by time she was 22? what do you think being that rich and that talented at that young age would do to your head? it would have fucked me up, that’s for sure.

    • Born This Way is probably the weirdest in terms of imagery and symbolism. But the choreography is outstanding. not as many views as Bad Romance, but it’s still pretty high.

  4. I did NAZI that coming…

  5. Hey I just want to say I lost a little respect for you for disrespecting Michael Jackson. You are surely not that type of person who would call him a ‘freak’, that’s plain goddamn ignorant (in his words) and incredibibly disrespectful. I did not expect this from you. You should have been something aware of what kind of person Michael was, you are here making him out as if he was aware of how terrible Bush was, amongst the dumb ‘freak, disturbed’ accusations. MJ was a loving human being which made him a little naive, especially in his younger years. The fact that you join the mainstream psy op against him in trying to portray him as a “lost disturbed freak” shows that you are totally ignorant about him.

  6. Do you recognise him? “This guy” in The Wall photo is St Bob.

    Bob Geldof.

  7. […] – Lady Gaga Channels Hitler in Chilling Speech At Hillary Clinton Rally – see also Willyloman on the nod to […]

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