(S)election Day 2016! It’s alright. It’s over. Calm down and Pick Your Goddamned Head Up

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: There is currently a police helicopter circling over my house real low like. Been there for a while now. Oops. I didn’t mean it. Get out the vote. Vote or die. Go Killary. Go Trump. Whatever. Don’t beat me massa! Got my mind right BOSS!

When Hillary Clinton is (s)elected today, there will be tension in the halls of D.C. So she will have to cut a compromise deal with Paul Ryan right off the bat to “get things done”. The deal will likely include her hedge fund manager’s plan to privatize Social Security via yet another illegal mandate to buy into a retirement plan managed by various hedge funds and some sort of “entitlement” reform with Medicare and Medicaid as well as a plan to get folks working again via a trillion dollar “shovel ready” infrastructure refurbishing scheme. I call it a “scheme” because it will likely include a two-tiered pay schedule with a few folks getting paid a living wage and a whole shit-load of people getting paid minimum wage or less (the refugees she brings in will get paid less)

Of course, both of those plans will help Big Business and Wall Street and her fake-left supporters will say absolutely nothing because they wont dare challenge anything she does for the first year out of fear of having been wrong with their idol worship of her. Plus there’s the whole “first female president” thing to think of. So the fake-left will reluctantly cheer all of Hillary’s far-right policy choices for some time to come.

If by some odd happenstance the masters of the universe screwed it up so much that there are WAY too many Trump votes for them to “fix” with their electronic voting machines and purged voter rolls (via the “ebil Ruskies” hee hee hee) then he will set out to hire his Sec. of Treasury right off of the Goldman Sachs payroll, take a hatchet to any and all remaining Big Business regulations for the sake of “creating jobs” (hee hee hee hee hee), reform ObamaCare so it’s actually even MORE beneficial for Big Insurance (keeping the unconstitutional mandate of course) and then do the exact same thing with her infrastructure refurbishing plans because after all, his developer friends will make TONS of money as they ship in cheap labor from neoliberalized countries across the globe.

They will BOTH continue our Global War OF Terror in the Middle East. They will BOTH strive to get Bush’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform done as quickly as possible. And they will BOTH keep saying absolutely nothing about the growing surveillance state here in the US run by a few alphabet agencies and a WHOLE SHITLOAD of various corporations who the Freedom Act and CISA allowed to privatize your privacy.

In short, Wall Street and the super wealthy will be happy either way while we ALL get screwed.

But don’t worry. Trump (probably) wont run into the White House and sign an executive order making it legal for any billionaire to grab your pussy and Killary (probably) wont sit in a corner somewhere laughing, drooling, playing with BALLOONS! and launching nukes at Putin just for the lulz.

The country will continue the neoliberal spiral it’s been on since the Reagan days, maybe with a little acceleration, like the flushing of a toilet. You’re not going to get a reprieve from ObamaCare, we’re not going to see a slow down of what they call “flexible workforces” brought into the country to drive down wages and the standard of living for working Americans and we certainly aren’t going to stop funding and supporting terrorists across the Middle East and Africa.

Not now not ever. At least, not for the next four years.

We did our best. Our consciences are clear. We never lost sight of the better angles of our nature no matter how ruthlessly they wielded the power of identity politics.

And in that there is a little hope. We are not in the minority here, believe it or not. And four years from now, after four years of either one of these assholes, they’ll be more of us.

So give them their little victory. They stole it fair and square. But remember, it’s just a battle, not the war.

Whenever I used to walk off the mat after a wrestling match I lost, Coach Stanberry would run up to me belly to belly. He was about 5 feet tall. I was 6′-3″. He would stare up in my face: “Pick your Goddamned Head Up!” he would yell.

You’re not defeated until you feel defeated. He was a good man. Good lesson. Funny what sticks with you over the years.

Pick your Goddamned heads up no matter what. Still got work to do.

12 Responses

  1. Well said. You have more hope than I do – mine is pretty much gone. Thanks for the pep talk!

  2. When the nightmare becomes unbearable, we can feel better by mindlessly chanting alongside right-wing extremist “progressives”: “Trump would have been even worse, even worse, even worse…”

    World War III?
    Privatization of Medicare and Social Security?
    Passage of the TPP, TTIP, and TiSA?
    Mandatory vaccination for everyone except the rich?

    “Trump would have been even worse.”

    There is no proof that Trump would have been even worse, although there is massive proof that Hillary is intensely evil.

    However let’s not let facts and logic disturb our trance as Hillary leads us to the slaughterhouse.

    Let’s face it. Average people are enslaved because eighty percent of them WANT to be enslaved. At crucial moments, eighty percent of them always vote to put their heads (and yours) on the chopping block.

    • you are absolutely right about Hillary and the mantra the fake left will rock themselves to sleep with every night for the next four years, but if you think for a minute a billionaire silver spooner is actually going to live up to his populist election promises (the few that he actually made) then I’m sorry, but that just ain’t happening. Kinda like I told Obamaites in 2008… you’re not getting what you think you are getting and it’s just that simple.

    • they put your head on the chopping block. they put their heads in the sand.

      • Nicely put. That brings up the selfishness factor…

        When the average American calls for “entitlement reform,” he means for everyone below him on the ladder of wealth and power.

        As an average American, I am a “maker,” while everyone below me is a “taker.” When I get government benefits, I deserve it. When people below me get government benefits, they are parasites. I am a superior being. Everyone below me is a rat. No matter how poor I become, there is always someone poorer. Someone “inferior” to me.

        Countless “parasites” below me are “bankrupting” the U.S. government (even though the government creates infinite dollars out of thin air).

        Middle class people tend to think this way as much as rich people do. The more they push the sh*t downhill, the more sh*t rains down on them from above.


    If you are a right-wing oligarch, what must you do when your slaves ask for more than two cents a week in wages?

    Simple: you must turn your slaves against each other, in to prevent them from turning against you.

    Workers in France are so crushed by neoliberal “reforms” that they are seriously starting to grumble. Therefore rich oligarchs are now paying feminist groups to demand “equal wages” with men, which women already have. (Minimum wage is a fixed amount.)

    The oligarchs give money to hate-filled groups like Les Effrontées and Osez le Féminisme, plus feminist publications like Les Glorieuses. These feminists are calling on all French women to strike until wages for men are lowered to equal those of women (which of course the wages already are).

    Here in the USA, right-wing “leftist” blogs eat this crap up. They are calling on female slaves to attack male slaves for the sake of “justice and equality.”

  4. at least we’ve had a temporary reprieve from mass shootings lately. funny timing…

  5. Thanks for the pep talk at the end, Scott! I needed it pretty bad.

    At risk of making myself a complete fool in the eyes of everyone on this site, I must make a confession: I followed my principles and cast a vote… for Jill Stein.

    It’s true, I know: voting doesn’t do jack shit. But I just thought maybe I could make a statement of my own, however small. Stein still is far from my ideals, but she is much closer than pretty much any political figure in America.

    That, and I just got to give my own big “Fuck you!” to the neoliberal party dipshits… 😉

    • lot of folks I know are voting. Its all good. honestly I would have voted, I’m just too lazy. If I did though, she would have been it. I guess I could have voted for her and made myself feel a little better because it would be nice to vote for an honest, trustworthy candidate once and while. Must have felt strange.

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