Feel the Hate from a Clinton Fan, @Debi129 (talk about “brownshirts”…)

by Scott Creighton


A few minutes ago I put up a video from the Jimmy Dore Show about how folks with DAPL signs had them blocked at a Clinton rally the other day. The Clinton team didn’t want anyone recording the event to be able to see signs that might piss off their donors. It’s a good video, short, from a real leftist like myself. My Twitter feed automatically posted a link to the video. Then I got this:


The other day one of these rabid bastards said I was a right wing nut-job “warblogger” because I dared wonder about the legitimacy of the Trump “assignation attempt” (in fact, I concluded it was probably staged by Trump’s campaign to motivate his base) and now I’m a ‘KKK NAZI” because Killary’s peeps want to silence free speech in their rally crowd if they dare talk about the DAPL issue.

Behold the power of identity politics.

Holy crap. Feel the hate peeps. Feel the hate.


She replied to the Tweet made by posting this article with something condescending (go figure) saying “Sorry sweetie but it’s about being patriotic and defended everyone’s rights. equality for everyone. BLM” or something to that effect. I didn’t get a damned screenshot… but I did get an email notification about her reply:


So, I immediately replied:


And…. blocked instantly. So I guess Debi123 says “fuck the Native American’s rights IF THEY GET IN HILLARY’S WAY”

So equality for everyone… except those pesky native Americans and of course the ‘KKK NAZIS” who aren’t voting for Hillary. Wow.

5 Responses

  1. I get that all the time–accused of being a Trump supporter just because I criticize Clinton. What I am most amazed at is not just how uninformed Clinton supporters are but how misinformed they are. Even friends whom I previously considered quite bright are spouting such nonsense, I wonder where they left their wits. This is just the start too. Wait till President Hillary starts to really put the screws to us and the rest of the world. Their cognitive dissonance will be palpable enough to cut with a knife.

    • Agreed. It’s sad that educated people could be so ignorant as to vote for Dick Cheney in a pantsuit. Painful.

      Is Debi129 the handle of Debi Wasserman-Schultz by chance? Perhaps Debi will soon be put in charge of the re-education camps for the ‘KKK NAZI’ folks who mocked her?

  2. Why are people surprised when “educated” or “bright” people fall for all the mind control and propaganda aimed directly at their smug sense of superiority? Until people realize their own psychological weaknesses are being used against them they’ll remain unenlightened. They are as brainwashed as the “ignorant masses” they claim are different. Basically we’re ALL fraud victims and some will have an easier time than others recognizing when and how they got played.

    • to be completely honest, I think part of it is the fact that these ‘educated” folks are more likely to actually know what is really going on and just support it. whether they are lefties or righties, it doesn’t matter. they know the direction the country is going in and they damn well don’t care just so long as they think they have a ticket to ride and they hate anyone with enough sense to see what they see and not go along with the plan.

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