The CIA’s “Edward Snowden” Character Chimes In Supporting Clinton/Comey on FBI Email Absolution

by Scott Creighton

The “ultimate” hacker, the high-school drop-out, military washout, college security-guard turned CIA “superspy”, “Edward Snowden”, has chimed in on the developing story of the Director of the FBI’s last absolution letter he sent to congress regarding Hillary Clinton and the Anthony Weiner laptop. And of course, he did so on the behalf of Hillary Clinton.

In response to some rather obvious question from Gen. Flynn, “Edward Snowden” decided to inject himself into the conversation (without tagging Flynn himself in his response mind you) and tell the world the FBI’s “investigation” into the 650,000 new emails on that laptop could take “minutes to hours” to complete, let alone 8 days.

A day prior to that bullshit response, “Edward Snowden” reTweated this:

Seems our manufactured hero is doing his level best to add some more legitimacy to the Comey decision this past weekend. He’s been filling up his Twitter feed with lame accounts of potential election fraud and pictures of kittens.

Now this.

Fake left “progressive” websites have jumped all over the “Snowden” apologist’s explanation for the speedy review of 650k emails. It’s big news in certain circles. Anything will help I guess when a story is that absurd.

“Edward Snowden”, serving the interests of Big Finance and Big Telecom once again. The manufactured hero is still manufacturing consent. How very fitting.

One Response

  1. How come all these superstars are school drop outs? Zuckerberg, Gates, Jobs, Elizabeth Holmes, Michael Dell, Julian Assange, Evan Williams, Larry Ellison, Travis Kalanick, John Mackey, Hollywood moviestar apparatchik, oil barons etc. Elon Musk left Stanford after 2 days in their Ph.D. program LOL One would think the script would wear out at some point, but for over 50 years, it’s been the gift that keeps on giving. #fascistfrontgroups

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