So the Village Voice Thinks I am a Right Wing Nut-Job

by Scott Creighton

Roy Edroso of the Village Voice has written a screed about all the right wing nut-jobs out there fretting over the pending Killary victory at hand and making thinly veiled associations between them (us?) and Nazi Germany while he does it. How original of him.

It must be very reassuring for this Hillary cheerleader to think there is a bigger corporate fascist than his current presidential candidate of choice. He says us “rightbloggers” may be the craziest he’s seen since they (we?) were running around claiming we would be greeted as liberators in Iraq once Bush shocked and awed them into submission.

And yes, he even included me in the mix. Apparently I’m a right wing nut-job “warblogger”

“It’s the day before the 2016 presidential election and I can say, as a longtime observer of rightblogger behavior, that this may be the craziest I’ve seen the brethren since they announced in the run-up to the Iraq invasion that we’d be greeted as liberators.

Like the warbloggers of old, the current Trump fans’ ravings are a mix of willful lies and wishful thinking. While the Trump-averse rightbloggers crouch with their heads down, moaning if Trump wins at least he’ll make liberals sad and Germany I mean conservatism will be stronger after this, mark my words, the Trumpkins are stacking bullshit like it was for a firebreak to save their homes. ..

So somehow Crites was associated with Stratfor, a CIA-linked intelligence gathering company with all sorts of nasty links,” said Scott Creighton of American Everyman. Gasp! Maybe he also bought books from Amazon, run by infamous libtard Jeff Bezos!Roy Edroso Village Voice

Okay dimwit… three things:

  1. I’m left of Bernie Sanders moron
  2. It’s a fair question to raise when a disrupter listed in a Wikileaks-leaked document about Stratfor ends up pulling a stunt like that
  3. Moron… Hillary Clinton was one of the BIGGEST GODDAMNED CHEERLEADERS FOR THE IRAQ WAR IN 2002 AND 2003… you idiot

Only Hillary wasn’t a lame “warblogger” who no one knows or cares about… she was a highly influential senator from New York and she stood on the senate floor and spouted every lie Dick Cheney or George Bush ever told about Iraq in order to get us to go invade the damn country.

Then afterwards she said it was a “great business opportunity”… right before she giggled on a live interview about the premeditated extrajudicial murder of the rightful leader of Libya, you schmuck.

Talk about raving. Talk about Germany.

It’s a good thing this election will be over in 24 hours. When morons are so screwed in the head they can’t tell a leftist from a right wing nut-job, it’s a sad country.

But then again, I thought all the right wing nut-jobs were voting for Hillary? Did I miss something here?

As Hillary Clinton puts together what she hopes will be a winning coalition in November, many progressives remain wary — but she has the war hawks firmly behind her.

“I would say all Republican foreign policy professionals are anti-Trump,” leading neoconservative Robert Kagan told a group gathered around him, groupie-style, at a “foreign policy professionals for Hillary” fundraiser I attended last week. “I would say that a majority of people in my circle will vote for Hillary.” The Intercept

Do a little research next time Roy. The warmonger this time around is Hillary, Crites is actually a disrupter of some sort (I didn’t determine one way or the other in the article, but he certainly was there for a reason as his one day old Facebook page would attest) and … I’m a damned anti-war socialist, you idiot. Talentless hack.

20 Responses

  1. Looks like voice link is being suppressed out of embarassment

  2. All true leftists despise Hillary.

    Meanwhile all supporters of Hillary are right-wing, pro-war, pro-imperialist, neoliberal a**holes. They call themselves “liberals,” but they are right-wing fanatics. Their extremism is far worse than that of long-time self-identified right-wingers. They are intensely evil, for their venom is saturated with hypocrisy and self-righteousness. They are more Dick Cheney than was Dick Cheney; more Rumsfeld than was Rumsfeld. They are the Koch Brothers, Monsanto, and Wall Street all rolled together into a mass dung heap of filth.

    I would curse them, but they will do that to themselves.

  3. If nothing good has come out of this national disgrace, you can see clearly now who is who among the so-called “alternative news” sites. Since this whole fiasco began you and all of us who chime in here have been as critical of Trump as Clinton. But where most of the judgement of Hillary has been strictly about what she has done, which is clearly unethical and mostly criminal….it’s not theory, it’s history….follow the destruction. It’s not just smoking guns, it’s an ebb and flow wake of murder and dying wastelands for millions of people in the Middle East who, by the way, birthed civilization. This hasn’t been so much about what either one of these shaved apes would do. It’s about what they have done.

    And neither one of them has done ANY good for the working class. In comparing their acomplishments….though Trump is an amoral wheeler dealer, not the worst in this land of preditory capitalism, but certainly he runs a lemonade stand by comparrison to Clinton who has amassed a fortune in matters that would be espionage if anyone else was intrusted with the power she has and commited such abuses. Then it’s the fake humanitarian racket the Clintons run….it’s the horrible mistreatment of people in the greatest need in Haiti, New Guinea, and India whose tragedies were/are being exploited for gross profit. And it’s an insult to people in America who have always respected her (for some reason that escapes me).

    I know Cicero said “People get the government they deserve”. I know many of us fall somewhere in between confused and militantly ignorant. But nobody deserves this insult. It’s unfortunate but necessary that the entire population of the US have seen for themselves the machinations of how power leaves all of us as afterthoughts to the will of corporations and their overlords. Even Occupy Wall St. never exposed it so well. It will be like this until we get it together and stop it. And, again, it’s exposed the media friends and faux (alt-news) for the bootlicking peasants they will always be. Village Voice….shhh, they haven’t been relevant in forty years except to a bunch of used-to-was phony hipsters and fart-butted yentas. Consider the source.

    • “And neither one of them has done ANY good for the working class.”

      Goddamned right. They are both neoliberal sycophants to the masters of the universe who will, without hesitation, attack the “entitlements”, step up the war against the fictitious “ISIS”, get on their knees for the Likudniks in Israel and DC and basically usher in the New World Order without pause or hesitation.

  4. I was going to complain to their Ombudsman, but it seems that the Voice doesn’t have one any more, which says a lot.

    • When I was in the theater business and living and working in New York for years, I read the Village Voice everyday. Now I’m the enemy because I don’t back warmongering Clinton. You know what’s funny? Hillary’s rhetoric about no-fly zones in Syria and her stance against Russia combined with the support she gets from all the neocons of the Bush days makes her the unhinged warmongering candidate from the right, doesn’t it? And since this guy is a blogger and he supports her, that kinda makes him the right wing nut-job “warblogger” doesn’t it? A right wing nut-job “warblogger” on the Village Voice. The world has definitely turned has it not? Such is life in Bizarro World.

  5. Well you do believe in those right wing Fed conspiracy theories. And you don’t come across as any sort of socialist that a socialist would recognise.

    Maybe that’s where he got confused.

    • I support unions, universal healthcare, free education k-PhD, regulating Wall Street, stopping privatization of all kinds, ending wars for profit… I’m staunchly anti-neoliberal and write weekly about neo-fascism/corporatism… and you don’t think I come across as any sort of socialist? ಠ_ಠ And oh yeah, I’m to the left of Bernie Sanders who in my opinion is a fake socialist. ಠ_ಠ I’m curious. What other sort of socialist is there?

    • Many Americans use the term “socialist,” but few Americans know what it means.

      Let’s break it down…

      COMMUNISM: there is no private property

      SOCIALISM: There is private property (e.g. your house and car) but the public (governed by elected representatives) owns the means of production of crucial goods and services.

      CAPITALISM: Everything hinges on the monetary profit motive

      NEOLIBERALISM (aka feudalism): A handful of oligarchs own everything and everyone. The purpose of life is to make the oligarchs richer and more powerful at the expense of their slaves.

      Occasionally a group of people will experiment in socialism or communism, but eventually they fall back to the default position, which is neoliberalism. And all the while the slaves claim to be living in a “democracy.”

      • and when they don’t “fall back into it” they get felled back into it like Libya for instance. Yugoslavia. Chile under Allende… I could go on…

      • The primary tenet of socialism is that labour owns and controls the means of production.

        Fascism is the merger of big business with the state. That’s where neoliberalism has delivered us.

        • that’s my understanding of fascism. seems like everyone has a different opinion. not surprising since the fascists don’t really want us to know what it is. kinda like they try to equate “free markets” with “democracy” these days. the slow burn of rewriting both the history of this country as well as the dictionary.

          • Fascism is a symptom of late stage capitalism. The trappings (the racism etc) are distractions from the real goal which is the further engorgement of the economic surplus by the ruling class.

            They distract and direct labour to blaming the other while they do the looting.

    • Another term that few Americans understand is “fascist.”

      Fascism can be positive or negative; kind or evil; benevolent or cruel. Fascism means that every aspect of society is oriented toward a common goal or purpose. It is an alignment of politics, culture, economics, industry, and religion.

      A positive example would be a world in which everyone exists to show love and kindness to each other. A negative example would be our current world, in which everyone exists to widen the gulf between the rich and the rest.

      • Positive, kind, benevolent Fascism, Elizabeth?
        Do you have any real-world examples? Feel free to go back in history as far as you like. Thanks.

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