CNN’s Star Field Propagandist Arwa Damon Spends 28 Hours With an Iraqi Death Squad in Mosul

by Scott Creighton

God Jesus I hate Arwa Damon. She’s been making “on the scene” propaganda from various Global War OF Terror hot spots for years, trying to punch her ticket to the Big Club and an anchor seat with the Big Boys on the Clinton News Network (CNN)

I covered her war-mongering hearts and minds bullshit propaganda before.

Today Arwa has release of video of her and her cameraman riding along as “embedded journalists” with an Iraqi death squad in Mosul where she calmly explains how they “accidentally” shot and killed an elderly cab driver and conducted and interview with a family who’s young daughter was absolutely terrified of the Iraqi death squad members standing just off camera and actually walked over and put her arms her father, crying, saying she loved him and “needed” him. She did that because she knew exactly what those men were capable of and were there to do. The fate of the father was not mentioned in Arwa’s despicable video.

The convoy she was riding along with rolled through some streets on the outskirts of Mosul and met some heavy resistance. The gunners Arwa was trying to depict as “heroic” were firing wildly into buildings, some of which appeared to be waving white flags on long sticks out of holes blown in the roofs in the pitiful hope Arwa’s “heroes” wouldn’t light up their shattered hovels with their mounted 60cal machine guns.

Her band of merry monsters took some casualties and they ended up busting into some family’s home and taking it over so they could hide. You could hear children crying from under a staircase. Later, you couldn’t hear them anymore. I wonder what Arwa’s “heroes” did to them before their cries gave away their position.

Arwa didn’t seem to mind or even question how her brave soldiers could take refuge in a house occupied by a family which would certain make them a target… were they using the family as a form of human shields? Such questions didn’t even enter Arwa’s complicit thoughts apparently.

An airstrike is called in on the house next door. The resulting explosion took out one of the exterior walls of what was left of that family’s home. Arwa didn’t seem to mind that either.

In the end her little group of death squad Iraqis got out with a couple fatalities and a bunch of busted up Humvees.

The mistakes they made in their incursion seemed pretty obvious to me and I’m not a goddamned soldier but if you simply watch Blackhawk Down, you’ll figure them out pretty quickly.

God knows how many civilians Arwa’s ‘heroes” killed in the making of that little piece of propaganda. At least one, the cabbie, and probably a lot more. They never seemed to show exactly who her death squad was firing at. And considering how the families reacted to her little band of brothers, it’s pretty easy to understand who they are terrified of.

It was the worst piece of crap I have ever seen from Arwa and that is saying a lot. Riding along with a death squad in Mosul. Broadcasting that crap on national television and you know she fully expects a Peabody Award or something like that for her efforts.

You know she expects a desk job.

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