FBI Director Comey Backs Off Again: Says “nothing to see here” Regarding the New 650k Emails

by Scott Creighton

Maybe it was all just to distract us from the story about Terry McAuliffe giving 675k bucks to the campaign of a wife of an FBI agent who ended up investigating Hillary’s first set of emails.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton confidant, helped steer $675,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an FBI official who went on to lead the probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system, according to a report.

The political action committee of McAuliffe, the Clinton loyalist, gave $467,500 to the state Senate campaign of the wife of Andrew McCabe, who is now deputy director of the FBI, according to the Wall Street Journal. NY Post Oct. 24th

Maybe it was all just a distraction from President Peace Prize and his Iraqi death squads running rampant on the people of Mosul.

Or maybe it really was Anthony Weiner using the stolen laptop back-up as his “get out of prison free” card and James Comey just wimped out at the last minute.

Whatever the case may be, James Comey has sent a letter to congress giving the Queen Mother of Doom a pass once again.

The Clinton-Weiner Halloween Surprise is over and once again the slick Clintons come out unscathed.

The first FBI investigation into half that many emails took a year. Comey finished this one in less than a week.

I stand by my original conclusion: that was a back-up of her illegal private server made right after she left office for her personal use “writing a book” (or blackmail is more like it) and when it got out what Comey really had, there was no way the masters of the universe would let him keep it or report on it’s contents.

Imagine: secrets of the fake bin Laden raid… the truth behind the Benghazi psyop that allowed her to militarize the whole of North Africa with the CIA and drone strikes aplenty… communications between her and the assets they had in Russia when she tried that color revolution, the ones she had in Iran when they tried that one… the truth behind Syria and who she was really communicating with at the start of that regime change operation…

So much they could have found but now we will never know. It’s not for us to judge the dealings of the servants of the masters. I guess Comey learned that lesson.

I wonder how long it will be before Weiner ends up “hanging himself” in his jail cell?

10 Responses

  1. We know what to expect from the FBI. But how about this from the NYPD….
    “But new revelations on the contents of that laptop, according to law enforcement sources, implicate the Democratic presidential candidate, her subordinates, and even select elected officials in far more alleged serious crimes than mishandling classified and top secret emails, sources said. NYPD sources said these new emails include evidence linking Clinton herself and associates to:
    •Money laundering
    •Child exploitation
    •Sex crimes with minors (children)
    •Pay to play through Clinton Foundation
    •Obstruction of justice
    •Other felony crimes”

    NYPD detectives and a NYPD Chief, the department’s highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co- conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices.


  2. Sad to say, TPTB are not going to let the cats out of the bag. They are invested in keeping the system up and running. They may want to take out some individuals here and there, but they are tasked with keeping all the BIG BALLS in the air. They will never release any info on 9/11 or other deep state projects, because their whole reason for existing is to protect the hegemon in its forward momentum. Any white hats in the FBI or NYPD may want to blow a little whistle here and there, but they are not interested in full disclosure of anything.

    The sooner we disabuse ourselves of false hope that people within the system want a big reset, the better.

    • Hate to say it but you’re right – I have no hope things are gong to change and I won’t get suckered into believing otherwise again. It’s very depressing.

    • I agree. There have been way too many opportunities for good people to come out and blow the whistle on bad things in the past and here we wait. But that’s not too say it didn’t happen. Case in point, Aaron Swartz. He didn’t blow a whistle, he took a stand against the first version of CISPA and he won. So they killed him for it. And what about that guy who was probably the one who provided Wikileaks all those leaks from the DNC? He was shot twice in the back in DC on his way home for no apparent reason and the cops seem very reluctant to look into it. There are people trying to do the right thing for whatever reason. Weiner wasn’t, but his actions got pretty close to exposing a hell of a lot and if nothing else, it gave Trump supporters some hope for 11 days. I guess my point here is, the worse things get, the more desperate they will become, the masters of the universe, and the more mistakes they will make. the sloppier they will become, like Huma and this laptop back-up of Killary’s server. In that atmosphere, there will be more people trying to get their story out or damage the system in some way because they will want a reset. Now that’s the small guys. The ones feeding all the other emails to Wikileaks, someone from inside the intelligence industry, they might not want a full reset but rather just a slight variation on the model of globalization. Maybe they don’t global war with China or Russia or both. Maybe they represent a different global financial interest that is being threatened by the ones backing the Clintons. That’s not a “reset”. It’s still neoliberal globalization, just a different variety.

      So, I refuse to disabuse myself of hope because I know all too well I think that this, though it may seem to be such, is NOT a monolithic conspiracy. It is an ideology shared by soulless cretins with competing factions within their ranks and that competition is for nothing less than total world domination. Understand this: when these guys talk about “total hegemonic domination” they aren’t talking about that in terms of a nation. They don’t believe in nations and they don’t serve nations. They serve interests. And there are all kinds of wars between these interests being waged right now. There is only so much room at the top of that pyramid. And that is our hope. We believe in something larger. They don’t. They believe in only what interest they serve and have no loyalty to any other oligarch or even to the ideology, if they fear their master will be left behind. That and the fact that eventually people even drunk on the Killary Koolaid right at this very minute will come to understand what she is and what this is and when that happens, and we take to the streets, there could be a reset. Maybe only a temporary one, but it is very possible, and I think unavoidable at this point. The world is waking up to this global conspiracy against them. You see it everywhere. And it will only grow.

      • In my blackest moments I welcome a nuclear exchange. This or a full financial collapse are the only things that could lead to a cathartic reset. Who knows what’s on the other side of such a revolution, but that’s a different commentary.

        I think our country and our blind populace are in such deep ignorance and stupidity that there is no tweaking for improvement. The whole thing needs to come crashing down. Maybe that’s easy for me to say at age 62, having already had a satisfying life with multiple opportunities.

        I think we are on a long, downhill slope and it will eventually become even more confused and Orwellian. I think it better to have a catastrophe sooner than later. Nobody wants other people to suffer, but this country needs a serious wake-up call. How are we going to clear the decks? Voting?? Waiting for white hats to come to the rescue, only to find out they just want a different flavor of globalism?

        We can only save ourselves and steel ourselves for disappointment, meanwhile trying to enjoy the simple things of life – family, travel, nature, the arts.

  3. “Very depressing” – sorry for the typo.

    • I am the most cynical person on Earth, but I am not a pessimist and hold out that the vast majority of people, universally, want to live honorable lives and want to do their best….not their worst. It’s in their best interest. The Golden Rule is in every religious book on the planet….not because it’s a nice idea, but because it is science. It’s even a Newtonian Law, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” That need for honor, of course, includes many in the military and law enforcement who have been watching and protecting these same elites, we call TPTB, grow from people who have weath and power to gradually transforming into inhumane deviants with dangerous god-delusions….even the low on the food chain politicians.

      And you know those who are honorable people and who stand between the despots and their consequences in the real world must resent the treachery they witness and enable. Without their security these elites would last as long as chihuahuas in the jungle. Also, with every blatant abuse of power these protectors have to be aware of their own immanent betrayal…they know since these elites have no honor at all, they can and will turn on them as well, and the ranks of the aware are growing in all of society. This is why there is an appearance of tension and shifting among law enforcement agencies lately. They know better than anyone the arrogance and pretense of these punks.

      People in law enforcement, the military, everyone has their breaking point and disrespect will not be tolerated. I believe the time is right that there will be a mutiny on the Clintons’ Good Ship Lolipop to let this hillbilly royalty and the rest of the priviledged set know that we are “The Powers That Be,” too.

      Call it just a hope, if you like, but I believe in the honor of most people….and when I don’t anymore It’s time to go out in the backyard, dig a big hole, jump in and pull the dirt up over me.

  4. I really appreciate your blogs- so helpful to me thank you

  5. Comey is a puppet of the Clintons, he has been for years, intertwined is an understatement! IMHO, he was instructed by the Clinton machine, to issue the latest email scandal as merely a diversion, for what reason, I don’t know, you decide: maybe to direct attention away from H’s health issues, her body doubles, etc.

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