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  1. Off Topic but just picked up this comment out of Zero Hedge this morning. Sanders was a plant all along, interesting Wikileaks read.


    • Hi Liz

      The first email disclosure is of a Mook memo on how to proceed once Hillary “wins”. Yes, it was a month and a half before the primary started, but look at what it says. It’s lays out all the possibilities of when she “wins and what they do afterwards. The “final” equation of his puts Killary sealing the deal in late March – early April. She didn’t declare victory until June 7th. If they had a deal with Sanders to throw the election, I believe he would have conceded long before he did. He cost them valuable time and resources making them go back into Cali and pay millions in ad time. Not only that, but they had to rig the system, purging millions of voters from the rolls in that state and others by the end. Hell, they even had to cancel exit polling because people were picking up on the fact that the vote tallies didn’t match exit polls and it was always in Hillary’s favor when that happened. So, just because he was making plans on what to do after their crushing victory happened does not mean Bernie was in on it. In fact, since it wasn’t a crushing victory and they had to steal it openly in order to get the “win”, that would certainly at least imply the opposite was true. I think it was rigged to a degree in that he chose not to mention certain topics he could have killed her on, like the emails for instance. The other email makes reference to an agreement they made prior to the primary season about what was on and off the table regarding topics. That might be more damning in my opinion, but again, a gentleman’s agreement going into a primary fight isn’t necessarily all that shocking. But we all know she stole the election and he should have contested many of the state results and he didn’t. We also know he chose to ignore the “damn emails” and he shouldn’t have. And we know he bought himself a nice summer lakeside home right after the “election” with cash… (150k came from sale of another home and the rest came from “moving money around” or so said his wife)

      to me that’s more damning than anything else.

  2. I agree with the video which says that the purpose of Democrats is to enact neoliberal measures that Republicans are not able to enact.

    Hillary’s neoliberal measures will include

    [1] The ratification of the TPP, TTIP, and TiSA
    [2] The privatization of Medicare and Social Security
    [3] Mandatory vaccination nationwide
    [4] Escalation of military aggression toward Russia
    [5] Possible coups in nations like Zimbabwe and Venezuela
    [6] Further deregulation of Wall Street

    No matter how bad Hillary becomes, the corporate media outlets will justify her evil by chanting, “Trump would have been worse, would have been worse, would have been worse.”

    Speaking of Trump, I personally know several self-identified “liberals” who despise Trump so much that they would oppose Trump even if he did everything they wanted. Even if Trump entered the White House and became a wise and benevolent saint, a bona fide leftist, they would oppose Trump, and support Hillary. I know this because they have specifically said so. Such is the depth of the madness out there.

    • Susan Surandon (I know that’s not how you spell her name…) was asked recently about why she’s not voting for Hillary. She said “I don’t vote with my vagina”

      Now that might be funny to some, but I will tell you this, there is a considerable element out there that would vote for Hillary no matter what horrible crimes she committed and no matter what corporate asshole she will hire to bring austerity to America and neoliberalize the whole damn country… strictly because Hillary Clinton is a woman.

      What did Beyonce say last night? she wants to live in a world where her daughter sees a woman can be president. And that’s it. Hillary Clinton could literally eat a puppy live on stage while everyone listens to it’s howls of anguish and she wouldn’t lose a single vote because of it. Not a goddamned one. I heard Obama saying if you aren’t for Hillary it’s because you’re a sexist. It’s the exact opposite. And yes I know they picked The Donald because not one single other Republican could lose to Hillary, I get that. But while she stands there next to jay-z, a man who made money rapping about “bitches” and smacking them and treating women like shit, and all her supporters think back to that one stupid thing they got Trump on record as saying, none of that matters to them. It’s just plausible deniability. Something that gives them the chance to say “THAT”S WHY!” they are voting for Killary.

      So it really isn’t about Trump at all. It’s about someone with that sex of sexual organs getting into the White House for the first time. And that’s it. You can’t explain to them the damage she will do to the country. You can’t explain to them the damage she will do to women when the first female president is the most corrupt in the history of all those men that came before her. You can’t explain that to them. They are blind deaf and dumb when it comes to this issue.

      • “So it really isn’t about Trump at all.” ~ S.C.

        You’re correct. It’s about each individual’s personal axe to grind. I know several Jews who spend all their time attacking Trump. This is merely camouflage. Their hatred is not about Trump. It’s about Israel, and their perception that Hillary will be much better for promoting Jewish supremacy.

        Meanwhile for neocons it’s not about Trump, but about endless war, which Hillary will promote.

        For women it’s about Hillary being a female.

        For faux-progressives it’s about supporting Democrats no matter how Republican the Democrats become.

        The result of all these lies, delusions, and hypocrisies is a society in which average people call Michael Moore, for example, pro-Hillary, even though there are many YouTube videos of Moore supporting Trump.

        This election is the most warped and surreal in U.S. history.

    • DC is a snake pit. I’ve thought that for a while.

      Then, for a while, I thought Sanders would be different, make a difference. Nope. Just another snake, same as the rest of them.

      Now, I’m thinking Trump might be the one I’ve been looking for if he gets there.

      One thing I know for sure: He can’t be any worse

      • I meant this to show up under Elizabeth’s, right above it. Must have mis-poked, again.

      • Welcome to the United Snakes Of America. Watch your step, there aren’t that many but they sure are venomous….after the elections they will disappear down their slimy holes. We can’t really blame snakes for being snakes, though. But once we know what they are we can blame ourselves if they thrive.

        • Set my alarm clock at what I thought would be the new time this morning. Had to scramble to get to Mass on time. Scrambling is not what I do well at my age.

          Neither is working at a computer, and it shows

          • I hear you there. Had to set the clocks last night so I wouldn’t forget. It’s getting later earlier. I haven’t been to church in years except for funerals (too many lately) and weddings, but I am thinking I should scramble to Confession after voting Tuesday….after three or four showers.

  3. BY THE WAY, host Jimmy Dore is wrong about a couple of things. Mr. Dore says that when Hillary privatizes Medicare and Social Security, Wall Street sill collect “fees” to run the new privatized system.

    It’s much worse than that.

    Each year the U.S. government collects $1.1 trillion in FICA taxes. With privatization, that $1.1 trillion per year will flow straight to Wall Street, where the thieves will steal it via a series of engineered market crashes. That’s the glorious “free market” in action.

    Mr. Dore is also wrong about Social Security having a “surplus.” The program does not have a surplus or a deficit. FICA taxes do not pay for Medicare or Social Security. The U.S. government creates Medicare and Social Security benefits out of thin air each time the government credits the bank accounts of recipients. Therefore these federal programs cannot become “insolvent” in twenty years, or twenty thousand years, unless politicians gratuitously vote to make them so.

    All this will change when Hillary privatizes Medicare and Social Security. Remember: no matter how bad things get, just remember to keep chanting, “Trump would have been worse, would have been worse, would have been worse.”

  4. Second comment eaten by WordPress

  5. Given the Dem campaign calls I am receiving I now make a point to tell them how insulting and disrespectful it is for the so-called “party of the people” to expect me/us to support a corrupt war criminal who cares more about corporations and pedos than she does the average American – all because she has a vagina.

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