Intelligence agencies are running al-Qaeda camps in North Africa — UN consultant

(This is not “startling” information in any sense if you pay attention to the work of the deep state and it certainly shouldn’t be to Nafeez. Intelligence agencies across the globe in conjunction with their Western counterparts waging false flag terrorism in their own countries and in others for money and access to power? Not even worthy of a front page article in my opinion. Certainly not when it’s al-Qaeda or “ISIS”)

by Nafeez Ahmed,  BLN

An unpublished report by a government advisor and UN consultant, obtained exclusively by INSURGE intelligence, accuses Western and Algerian security services of complicity in al-Qaeda terrorist activity across North Africa…

Yet the new draft report by a UN consultant, prepared by the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) at Queen Mary University of London, uncovers remarkable evidence that the Phoenix-like return of AQIM is thanks to the unwavering covert support the terror group receives from one of the West’s staunch allies in the ‘war on terror’: Algeria…

The report reveals startling evidence that the attack was secretly organized by the DRS, Algeria’s notorious secret intelligence service. The idea was to convince Algeria’s Western allies to continue supporting the regime’s domestic and regional counter-terrorism programs, amidst growing international skepticism about their success.

Algeria’s DRS maintained intimate ties with the terrorists behind the In Amenas attack, many of whom have been longstanding agents of the Algerian security services, the report says.

US, British and French intelligence services are aware of these connections, but are covering them up to protect their considerable oil and gas interests in the country.

Among the report’s most alarming revelations is that over the last decade, Algeria’s DRS has run a secret al-Qaeda training camp in the Tamouret region, with the knowledge of Western government security agencies.

[read more here]

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