Clinton (S)Election 2016! The Year of the Hate

by Scott Creighton


It’s getting down to the wire folks and unfortunately, one of these deeply flawed human beings will end up being the next leader of the so-called “free world” and there is nothing you or I or any of the Gods on high can do about it.

Either the criminally corrupt Hillary Clinton or the walking sleaze factory Donald J. Trump will ooze into the Oval Office and stain the walls with their stench on Jan. 20th 2017.

Fittingly, the campaign season has been reduced to little more than hate-mongering vile rhetoric over the last couple of days on the part of the presumed president elect, Hillary Clinton and her minions of rabid surrogates.

On Nov. 3rd 2016, over at the fake-left Huffington Post, their front page is splattered with the above image crafted by Luke O’Brian to accompany his ridiculous article “My Journey to the Center of the Alt-right” in which he tells the tale of his visit with some redneck racists in some shit-hole of a town in Indiana. He met them in the back of their rape van. The cliche’s were following hot and heavy as he interviewed the obvious Anti-Defamation League assets. They spouted all the right “wrong” talking points about hating “niggers”, “fags”, “cunts”, “Jews” and “leftists” and so on and so on.

And of course, they love them some Donald Trump. Can’t get enough of the guy. That’s what leads our hero Luke O’Brian to conclude “unconscionable racists with be a force in American politics well beyond November 8th”

In the morning of Nov. 1st 2016, over at the New York Times, they came out with a study showing how African American voters aren’t turning out in the numbers they expected for Hillary Clinton and that caused some serious panic in the Clinton camp.

“The reasons for the decline appear to be both political and logistical, with lower voter enthusiasm and newly enacted impediments to voting at play. In North Carolina, where a federal appeals court accused Republicans of an “almost surgical” assault on black turnout and Republican-run election boards curtailed early-voting sites, black turnout is down 16 percent. White turnout, however, is up 15 percent. Democrats are planning an aggressive final push, including a visit by President Obama to the state on Wednesday.” New York Times

Later that night, this happened:

Image result for black church burned mississippi

“A black church in Greenville, Mississippi, was set on fire on Tuesday night. Fire fighters arrived to find Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church “heavily engulfed in flames,” Mayor Errick Simmons said in an interview;  the fire took nearly an hour to contain. No one was in the church at the time, and no one was injured. On the side of the church, beneath the blackened windows and roof, the words “Vote Trump” have been spray painted.” The Atlantic

We are supposed to believe a Trump supporter thought it would be a good idea to go into a predominantly black community and burn one of their 100-year-old churches to the ground and sign Trump’s name to their work… in order to drum up support for Trump’s candidacy.



Can you feel the hate bubbling up inside you? You ready to Stand With Killary? Not yet? Read some more.

You think maybe someone read that Times article and decided they needed a new event to help motivate black voters to vote for Hillary? Doesn’t that seem more likely than the official story? Doesn’t it seem pretty damn obvious?

Of course it does.

“Hate” has been a key Clinton campaign tactic ever since she stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. Even before that really. It’s something her rabid followers can get behind easily since it’s a powerful enough drug to obscure her criminal behavior and her endless stream of lies. “Sure she’s made “mistakes”” they think to themselves “but Trump is a racist, xenophobic, homophobic agent of hate and we can’t have that in the White House”. That’s kinda how the logic steam goes.

Image result for love trumps hate

On Sept. 10, 2016 over at the fake-left controlled opposition focus group of a website, the Daily Kos, “turkman” ran a story about how this election is a referendum on “hate”

“I don’t know why it didn’t crystallize after Hillary delivered her speech about Breitbart and alt-right being at the core of Trump’s message. But yesterday it became absolutely clear to me that we have finally entered the phase in this election when the real meaning of this election, the purpose which Clinton campaign understood and embraced, is to defeat the message of the deplorable: racist, xenophobic, homophobic agents of hate.

I’m surprised at myself, a person of color, and an immigrant, that I could not articulate this point so clearly before. I’ve always felt that way but for some reason I could not find the proper words to define what’s at stake in a simple answer. I know what that answer is now. Hate must be defeated this election as strongly as we can as a nation” Daily Kos

A “referendum on hate” that’s what this election was billed as very early on. It’s the foundation of the Clinton campaign. And now it’s risen to a cartoonish level at the Huffington Post with a “journalist” meeting with disrupter assets in van “down by the river” to talk about the “niggers” and the “Jews” and the “fags” and of course, their love of Donald J. Trump.

It’s absurd. It’s a joke. Any thinking human being can see through this crap at will. The only question is, do they want to?

In Aug. of 2015, the Soros-backed Black Lives Matter disrupters planted still more seeds of “hate” when they busted up various Bernie Sanders campaign events on behalf of Hillary Clinton, trying to separate black voters from the Sanders campaign.

In Oct. of 2016, we got confirmation of what we already knew… that the DNC was behind the effort to send more agitators into Trump events looking to get punched in the face so they could claim Trump supporters were full of “hate”

From beginning to end, Hillary Clinton and her surrogates have done nothing but promote and profit from “hate”

It is they who are running the campaign of hatred in 2016, not Donald Trump. In fact, it’s all she has to run on. Divisiveness, fear-mongering and hate. These are the currency of the neocon left and they have a large account from which to draw upon.

They hate Trump they hate his supporters. They even hate journalists who recently said this race wasn’t over when they said it was over two weeks ago. They hated him a lot. And look at the polls now.

I know every presidential selection is “the most contentious in history”. That’s the sales pitch. But it seems in my short 50 years on this planet, I have yet to see any one campaign rely so much on the hate-mongering tool as Clinton’s has. And I have never seen the press jump on board the hate train with such enthusiasm as they have in this election cycle.

On Nov. 3 2016, James Corbett of the Corbett Report covered this topic and it’s worth watching. He says we are being “programmed to hate” with the predictable outcome being more and more violence in our society.

7 Responses

  1. We all need to be aware of this as they ramp us up towards WW III …
    The video was helpful. However, the bit about revolutions rarely fulfilling their promise seemed to ignore the Cuban Revolution which appears to me (so far) fairly successful …

  2. Great video. I’m going to post that on my own blog.

  3. Willy, SPIRIT COOKING…umm umm tasty, killery swears by it! 🙂

    WikiLeaks: Podesta invited to ‘Spirit’ dinner; host’s known ‘recipes’ demand breast milk, sperm

    Here’s Marina:

  4. Hey Scott:
    Apologizing for the off topic and yeah still staying away from the US election!

    Did you catch the latest news about Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi?
    He said attack Saudi Arabia and Turkey!
    You aren’t surprised. I know.
    I’ve thrown you in my latest post
    and a WHO song for the hell of it
    I have a long memory when I’ve been attacked unfairly and I have a long memory for those who were equally on the money

    The targeting of Turkey and Saudi Arabia should become very obvious

  5. And bombing the s**t out of Libya is not hate, it’s for their own good.

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