Is the Weiner Laptop Actually a Backup from 2013 that He Gave the FBI to Stay Out of Prison?

by Scott Creighton

huma-2People are wondering why there were so many emails on a laptop Anthony Weiner had shared with Huma Abadin which ended up in the hands of the FBI back on Oct. 3rd 2016. Even if she had linked it to her State Department account and her account, there is no way there would be that many on it. I think there is a very good reason there were so many on it. It wasn’t an overflow storage unit, it was a back-up created in 2013 by the private company that set up her new server after she left office at the requests of Hillary Clinton and her personal assistant, Huma Abadin. That’s why there were so many emails on it.

What did Anthony Weiner do on Oct. 3rd 2016? He was facing a charge of exchanging sexually explicit texts with a minor which was after he had been busted several times cheating on Huma Abadin in much the same way over a period of time and well after Huma publicly stood by her man and forgave him his indiscretions. Weiner’s relationship with Huma was done and thus, so to was his “in” with the political dynasty known as the Clinton family.

Weiner was undoubtedly looking at prison time and if you know anything about prison, you know other inmates (and guards for that matter) don’t think highly of pedophiles… especially silver spooner pedos who think they are bad-asses (just look at Weiner’s dic-pics if you don’t know what I am talking about)

He certainly wasn’t going to get any help from the Clinton machine staying out of prison. Hell, after what he did to Hillary’s “other daughter” he must have figured they would help the prosecution before they helped him.

So what does a weasel do in a situation like that? What does he do when he remembers his estranged wife just happened to leave a laptop in their shared home with something like 650,000 emails from Hillary’s server?

I know what I would do. Cut a deal. And I think that’s what the sleazy bastard did.

It’s all over Twitter right now that the FBI has reminded folks that Huma Abadin testified to them in April of this year (full transcript here page 7 and 8 pictured below) that she and another Clinton aide talked about making a back-up of Hillary’s server when they left the State Department so she could use it while writing her books in the future. The location of that laptop, she said, was unknown to her at that time.


According to Huma’s testimony, she knew a laptop had been created as a back-up to the server for the purposes of Hillary being able to access her information later when she started writing a book about her time in office. That laptop’s whereabouts were unknown to Huma at the time.

This statement is consistent with other reporting on the transition period (May 2013 – June 2013) which makes it perfectly clear that the new company brought in to set up Hillary’s new email server system, Platte River Networks, made SEVERAL “local and cloud” back-up copies of the server data when they first took over. Platte River Networks (PRN) did not have security clearance to be in possession of this kind of classified information and their employees who would have had access to it certainly didn’t’ either.

On May 31, 2013, Platte River Networks (PRN) takes over management of Clinton’s private server. On the same day, PRN buys a Datto SIRIS S2000 data storage device, which is made by Datto, Inc. Over the next month, this is attached to Clinton’s server to provide periodic back-up copies of the data on the server. PRN sends a bill for the device to Clinton Executive Service Corp. (CESC), which is a Clinton family company.

CESC employees work with PRN employees on how the Datto device is configured. Datto offers a local back-up and a remote back-up using the Internet “cloud.” CESC asks for a local back-up and specifically requests that no data be stored in the Internet cloud at any time.

However, due to an apparent misunderstanding, back-up copies of the server will be periodically made both locally and in the cloud. This will only be discovered by PRN as a whole in August 2015. (US Congress, 9/12/2016)

However, despite internal PRN emails from August 2015 indicating many PRN employees didn’t know about the Datto cloud back-up until that time, the FBI will later find evidence that an unknown PRN employee deleted data from the cloud back-up in March 2015, meaning that at least one PRN employee had to have known about the cloud back-up by that time.

It should be noted that during this transition period no one from her original staff of technicians was maintaining the server, or so they said, and that is precisely when “Guccifer” (a.k.a. Marcel-Lehel Lazar) supposedly hacked into the server and started this whole thing rolling down hill.

The new server, a Datto SIRIS S2000, had a unique feature back then: it automatically backed up everything to the Datto cloud. The Clinton company that paid for the new PRN system specifically told them they didn’t want a back-up on a cloud for obvious reasons but unfortunately the hacks at the tiny little company PRN didn’t read the fine print on the Datto system and as expected, it back-up highly sensitive material to the cloud anyway.

Shortly after taking over management of Clinton’s private email server, Platte River Networks (PRN) buys a device called the Datto SIRIS S2000 from another company called Datto, Inc. that frequently makes copies of all the server’s contents. They use this device on a copy of Clinton’s server, which has been moved to a data storage facility in New Jersey. Then, apparently without PRN asking or paying for it, or even being aware of it, Datto stores those copies of the server’s contents on a “cloud” storage system elsewhere. (McClatchy Newspapers, 10/6/2015)Thompson Timeline

This is truly amazing in terms of the irresponsible way this information was handled. It should have never been anywhere other than the completely secure server but when it was moved to her private system, and then subsequently transferred to a new one, the cavalier attitude they had toward protecting this sensitive information is stunning. You have two companies with no security clearance rating at all PRN and Datto shuffling back and forth every communication the Secretary of State had for four years. And on top of all that, it ended up on an unsecured cloud stored God knows where.

That in itself is remarkable. How the hell could James Comey not prosecute her for that kind of criminal negligence is beyond me.

But getting back to the point, it seems to me to be pretty obvious that the Clinton team, Huma as part of it, decided they wanted a local copy of that server data for Hillary’s future use, which in and of itself must be a criminal act. So, I would imagine since Huma mentioned a laptop, that they purchased one with a lot of hard-drive space and gave it to PRN to create a local back-up on it. PRN says they made several local back-ups. Seems to me that laptop was probably one of them.

And then Huma says she didn’t know what happened to it.

Is it possible that Hillary gave that to “her other daughter” to hold onto for her while the investigation into her email server was taking place? And is it possible that when she did, Anthony Weiner saw an opportunity in that decision that he couldn’t pass up?

Maybe when Huma was gone overseas for a couple weeks with Hillary and Anthony was left alone at home to entertain himself he figured he could hire someone to hack into that laptop back-up and make his own version on his own laptop. Call it a “get out of jail free” card.

Maybe it’s the same laptop and he just lifted it or hid it from Huma once he knew he was busted and she would disown him. That’s less likely because it would mean he would be attracting the wrath of the Clinton machine once they were told the Weiner took it.

Either way, that’s why there are so many emails on that one little computer. It wasn’t his “dic-pic” hub or a networked link to Huma’s personal emails. It was one of several unauthorized local back-ups, one the Clintons specifically asked for. And yeah, its the version before the purge so it includes the 33,000 emails Hillary and her minions dumped, bleached and bashed with hammers on the sidewalk.

A better question about all of this might be, what did Hillary really want with a back-up? To write a book describing all of the crimes she committed as Secretary of State? Of course not. That’s absurd. So why did she want it so badly as to risk it falling into the hands of a piece of crap like Weiner or being discovered floating around on the cloud by some 400 pound hacker living in his mother’s basement? Why have an unmolested hard-copy version of her record of service as Secretary of State? A mighty big risk if you ask me.

Given the fact that it’s the Clintons, my guess would be blackmail. Making sure all interested parties, including politicians, Big Business and anyone else get behind her future political ambitions.

God only knows what’s really on that Clinton-Weiner laptop but my guess is it will put the Pentagon Papers to shame. Whether or not we will ever see any of it that really matters is a totally different discussion.

p.s. – It should be noted that this interpretation of the events leading up to this last second announcement by Comey to congress is 100% supported by both Comey’s history of going above and beyond the call of duty to help the Clintons sweep this under the rug as well as by the text of his message to congress. He certainly couldn’t have stayed silent if the full unredacted server data was made available to him prior to the election. Especially if there are numbers of emails contained on that server back-up that implicate her in serious crimes against the state. And in terms of what he said in his letter to congress and indeed, what he said months ago in his statement about not pursuing criminal charges against her, if this is what I think it is, he said back then he had no evidence what she did was done for criminal reasons. Well, he probably has that now and therefore he had no choice but to back to congress and amend his statement to some degree.

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5 Responses

  1. Anthony Weiner: pervert, pedophile, or fall guy? I suspect it’s all three.

    Are we being told everything? I doubt it.

    Have there been exaggerations? I’m sure of it.

    When the Clintons are involved, anything is possible, and everything stinks.

    I’m no fan of Mr. Weiner, but this whole situation smells of hearsay, assertions, retractions, speculation, and media chatter.

    All we know for sure is that Hillary is the outward putrefaction of the inner rot that is Washington DC.

  2. At least we have a poster boy for explaining to naive folks that there are no “parties”, just a bunch of pervs, pedophiles and the people who blackmail them. It used to be people would act like you were nuts to point this out. Now it’s out in the open.

  3. Great article, Scott! I can’t think of any other explanation for the sheer volume of emails supposedly on this one device.

  4. Apparently the relevant emails were filed under the heading “life insurance” on Weiner’s computer! From an article by J. Hagopian on Global Research:
    “The anonymous police insiders report that the “pertinent” emails that Comey referred to on Friday were filed under the heading “life insurance.” The NYPD sources state that after two weeks the FBI took possession of the Weiner devices.”

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