DOJ Assigns Peter Kadzik to New Clinton Email Investigation: Kadzik is a Close Friend of John Podesta and Married to Woman Who Worked for Bill Clinton

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Someone on Twitter said M. Obama had scrubbed her Twitter feed of any and all Tweets that mentioned Hillary Clinton so I went and checked it out and sure enough, there’s nothing there. Went back all the way to Sept. 1st and nothing. She has 5 million + followers and didn’t mention anything to do with the election or Hillary or even link to one of her campaign speeches she gave on Hillary’s behalf? Bullshit. They scrubbed that feed and you have to ask why they did it at this particular moment in time. There is something in those emails and they know someone has them, aside from Justice and the FBI, who is going to release it. FLOTUS is doing preemptive damage control. No other way to look at it.

Kadzik and Tony Podesta, John Podesta’s brother

Yes the fix is in once again and this yet another 39 minute meeting on the tarmac.

After it recently came out that she did her best to discourage James Comey from sending a letter to congress announcing the FBI is taking another look at another batch of Clinton emails, Attorney General Loretta Lynch is earning her keep politically speaking by assigning Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik to head-up the “investigation” into those emails.

Kadzik sent a letter to congress just after the story broke this weekend:

“We assure you that the Department will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resource and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible,” Peter Kadzik

Kadzik, as it turns out, is a long time friend of Clinton campaign head John Podesta. They’ve had dinner several times since Nov. of last year, once out in public and once in Podesta’s home. Here’s a screen shot of a Wikileaks email from this year as Podesta confirmed dinner plans at his home.

Image result for peter kadzik wife

Here’s a little more info from Zero Hedge:

“The day after Hillary Clinton testified in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi last October, John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chairman met for dinner with a small group of well-connected friends, including Peter Kadzik, who is currently a top official at the US Justice Department serving as Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs…

Podesta and Kadzik met several months later for dinner at Podesta’s home, another email shows. Another email sent on May 5, 2015, Kadzik’s son asked Podesta for a job on the Clinton campaign.” Zero Hedge

Kadzik was Podesta’s lawyer during the Monica Lewinski investigation and he later suggested him as a potential head of Veteran’s Affairs. Podesta said of Kadzik “he kept me out of jail” and that he “wants to help”

Peter Kadzik was mentioned 20 times in a search of the Podesta email files at Wikileaks and he previously testified before congress about Hillary’s use of an illegal email server, concluding that she was totally innocent of all charges.

Kadzik’s wife, Amy Weiss, is a former “White House Deputy Assistant to the President/Deputy Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton” and “Clinton/Gore Campaign Press Secretary in Oregon (1992)”

So yeah, AG Lynch has fixed the problem once again by handing over control of the Justice Department’s “investigation” into this new batch of emails to a good friend of Hillary’s campaign chief.

Is is any wonder that Putin describes the United States as a “banana republic” these days? Of course, I made that observation years ago but no one listens to me. But yeah… it’s another meeting on the tarmac. This is the way shit gets done in D.C. these days especially if your last name just happens to be Clinton.

Image result for peter kadzik wife

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17 Responses

  1. You really just have to scratch your head over the in-your-face cronyism on display here.

    I guess it wasn’t bad enough that (1) the Attorney General met privately with the lead suspect’s spouse the day before the [unrecorded, no-transcript] FBI interview, (2) the FBI allowed a material witness and 2nd possible suspect, Cheryl Mills, sit in on that interview as a lawyer (despite not holding an attorney position at State), going against all law enforcement protocols, and (3) the FBI granted immunity to witnesses and then proceeded to destroy evidence.

    Evidently, that trifecta of corruption didn’t slake the rapacious appetites of these pigs. No, what they really want is the sleaze superfecta, so they put a well-documented crony in charge of the investigation.

    Unbelievable. Then again, this presents a tailor-made case for congress to demand the appointment of a special prosecutor, and you have to wonder if that’s the DOJ’s real bet here, namely, that congress is so corrupt itself that it won’t EVER lift a finger, which fact makes the DOJ’s license for corruption unlimited in scope.

    In any case, I swear I will never again use the phrase “banana republic” to describe a foreign country, because the good ole U.S. of A. is writing the definitive book as we speak.

    • People continue to think that Comey must have turned some kind of page or something here but that is certainly not the case. I think the only reason he did this was to mitigate the damage to Killary, not cause it. Yeah, I guess it’s possible he thought someone at the FBI would commit career suicide by leaking this stuff if he didn’t come out and say something, the Washington Post article seems to suggest that might have been possible, but I seriously doubt it especially considering how in the bed Lynch is with the Clintons and how Comey himself perverted the law by not indicting her back in June (?). More likely someone from outside the department gave him a little nudge by sending him one of the emails and let him know they know and if he didn’t do something soon, we would all know. That makes more sense. Even in that circumstance, the Clintons and their apologists would still have to tar and feather Comey in order to cast aspersions on the info itself in an effort to stop the bleeding. However, if I am right and the threat came from outside Justice and the FBI, what’s going to happen when they drag their feet and don’t disclose any of the emails? Is someone else going to do it?

      • Frankly, there are too many moving parts in this thing to even guess at what’s going on here. I’m good up to 3 equations with 3 variables, and that’s about it. This fucker has like 37 variables inside of 25 equations.

        One thing that stuck out during phase 1 of the investigation, though, was Comey’s press conference. When he left that dais, he looked sick. Bad acting comes across very clearly on the camera, even from people who call themselves actors. His nausea was visible and seemed genuine.

        Another thing that continues to stick out is the rank ineptitude of Clinton’s team. They’re not half as smart as they think they are. I could easily see Huma screwing up and syncing the entire Hillary private server into Weiner’s machine, and not knowing it. Yeah, she looks that dumb. And have you seen the latest Podesta email, “we gotta dump those emails”?! How big of an idiot do you have to be to write that down ANYWHERE?

        So my tentative read of the reopened investigation was that whatever is in Weiner’s computer is so horrific that (1) not even Comey has the stomach for it and/or (2) implicates Comey himself in phase 1.

        I just don’t know. Your guess could well be much better than mine.

        But at some point, Clinton’s sheer idiocy will be assessed by TPTB as a liability. Whether that’s now or later I dunno.

        • “How big of an idiot do you have to be to write that down ANYWHERE?”

          Especially when his issue was with damning emails and he’s sending that via an email. That’s why I think this is NSA or some other intelligence agency. They had no reason to suspect another “Guccifer” hack and they damn sure knew it wasn’t the Russians. They got caught up in the monstrosity of their own making and like Frankenstein they never thought it would turn on them.

    • Well said….

  2. Scott,

    Enjoy your posts and all of the research you put into them. I wanted to run something by you.

    What is your latest assessment in regards to Wikileaks, especially as they have played a very big role in this “comedy” known by others as the 2016 (s)election? I’m of the opinion (and I think you are as well) that Wikileaks is pretty much a limited hangout psyop and it goes without saying that both Assange and Snowden seem to be compromised or just plain naive (and I doubt it’s the latter, although maybe it’s a bit of both) because they – especially Assange – are very allergic to so-called false flag “conspiracies” such as 9/11 (the biggest so-called “conspiracy” of the 21st century) and Assange has of course in the past totally dissed 911 Truthers in every conceivable way. It also seems there is never anything that makes Israel and the Zionists look too negative or unfavorable (including their bat sh*t crazy, unbalanced and sociopathic “leaders” such as Netanyahu). In all these years there has almost been next to nothing in terms of discussing the skullduggery of the Zionist lobby, Israel or the Israeli deep state, etc.

    Although with all that said, it does seem that the latest emails (although they’ve been coming out for months I guess) in regards to Hillary and/or the DNC do seem to be true and genuine. However at the same time, there has been virtually nothing bad coming out regarding Trump and other Republicans (and we know that he isn’t exactly clean himself and obviously has quite a few skeletons in his closet, i.e. the whole Epstein saga being only one example). Whoever is behind the releasing of these emails seem to want Killary to lose and Trump to win, so who do you think is really behind these email releases? Do think it’s just Assange? Or could it possibly (in addition to Assange?) be elements of the Zionist mafia/deep state behind some of this? (Netanyahu and Trump are of course BFFs) Or elements of the Russian deep state?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi

      Did you see what I wrote about this question a week ago? yeah, it’s not “Guccifer2.0” or the “ebil Ruskies”… it’s an intelligence agency. there appears to be a domestic war being waged in the deep state. Why? I have no idea. But someone is behind it. maybe the fact that the FLOTUS just removed all her Tweets that referenced Hillary might be a clue.

      • Scott,

        Thanks a lot for your reply.

        Sorry, I had not read this previous essay. And wow, very interesting and eye opening, and very deep and intriguing psyop stuff that you try to break down and analyze. Talk about a riddle, wrapped up in a mystery and inside an enigma, lol 🙂

        But yes, it makes a lot of sense that it’s likely that elements of the US deep state/intelligence are behind much of these emails (I meant to also include this option in my original post, but didn’t for whatever reason). As they (or at least a “faction” of them) see Hillary as damaged goods, with too many negatives (as compared to positives) and wound prefer the (s)election of Trump as the lesser of the evils (in terms of promoting their various globalist objectives which are in fact “evil”).

        And maybe part of this same faction (against Killary) also sincerely believe what many seem to believe in terms of the “conventional wisdom” as far as Trump being less likely to start WW3 as compared to Hillary, and they are not too keen right now to have this (or at least not yet).

        Although alternatively in terms of WW3 (i.e. war with Russia), the argument could also be made that Trump could easily be more useful to TPTB because he could surely rally and sway his somewhat anti-war base to get them in particular and the American sheeple in general (and of course the Neocons would jump aboard the Trump train overnight) to back a war against Russia, or a another ME war (something that could inevitably lead to WW3/war with Russia). And while Killary seems to be the favorite amongst many war hawks and neocons (although some of the most unhinged and extreme neocons are actually 100% with Trump such as Gaffney and Woolsey, etc.) it’s not like Trump is exactly a Ron Paul anti-interventionist type and of course he has been very loud and bellicose with all of his anti-Iran (“peace” with Iran), “Obama has made our military weak” (let’s “rebuild” and add more money to our military), and “we must show more love to our great ally Israel” type rhetoric, so it’s not like he’s really that much different than Killary at the end of the day. And while Killary’s left-wing alleged bonafides (like Obomber’s) would give her the “cover” to start more wars (either through so-called colored revolutions or more overt ways), Trump (as a modern so-called “conservative”) and as a modern republican (unlike say 100 years ago) would pretty much be expected to actually start more wars, and again he would get the support of the neocons, war hawks and “Israel right or wrong” types that are currently either supporting Hillary or are neutral (not overtly supporting either).

        Anyway, thanks for such an awesome and excellently written piece (and a lot of links to other essays I intend to check out, although I’m sure I’ve read some of these in the past) that really breaks down “what” Wikileaks and Assange are all about, “who” is behind them and “why” they are behind them, etc.

  3. this kadzik/podesta storyline- it was blowing up all over on reddit last night and still going strong.

    • someone on Twitter just pointed out that FLOTUS has erased all her Tweets that related to Hillary in any way. I checked it back to Sept.1st and there is nothing on there that mentions Clinton or the election. She has over 5 million Twitter followers. There’s not even a link to one of FLOTUS’ campaign rally speeches. nothing. zip. nada. Something is in those emails and they know it.

      • Along the same lines, POTUS said yesterday that Comey was NOT–contrary to Hillary’s outbursts–trying to influence the election. So yeah, I think there’s some really incriminating stuff in those 650,000 emails that no one has read, heh heh.

      • Or… the powers that be decided that she was too big of a liability and simply tipped the scale towards Trump… It’s not like he is a rebel and “they” won’t be able to control Trump as much as they would Hillary. The difference between the two from that perspective is as big as between six and half a dozen.

        • that’s true but don’t forget, the position is one of sales, not really that of “the decider” and the big difference between Killary and Trump is “left cover”

          They require left cover for many of the programs they intend to advance. Free trade, Greater Kurdistan, mandatory vaccinations, privatizing Dept. of Education and Social Security… all of that needs left cover in order to achieve it and The Donald does not fit the bill as frontman for the neoliberalization of America. that’s the difference. the only difference, but it is significant.

          • That’s a fair point… And, god knows they did push hard for Hillary… There is one element in there though that might tip the scale… Which is the disgruntled, and I suppose by now totally disgusted Bernie voters, who might either vote for Trump (hard to imagine but…) or simply stay home and not vote for one of the most corrupt candidates in history since the Bush crime syndicate… (well, actually, I don’t know that to be true… Was Johnson less corrupt? Was Nixon or Bill? )

            The question then will be whether or not there will be enough of these type of voters to tip the scale… No matter what they reveal, most staunch democrats and most women will not vote for trump, period… The plan for running against a manufactured boogie man has certainly worked well for Hillary, didn’t it? Anyone else, running anyone else would have been dead meat by now…

      • For what it’s worth the Twitter story is supposedly incorrect:

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