The Clinton-Weiner Halloween Surprise Continues to Rear It’s Ugly Head

by Scott Creighton

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(Okay. No more bad wienie puns.)

How fitting is it that another story about another wiener is about to wreck the political aspirations of yet another Clinton?

(Okay. No more after that one.)

I guess the fates have a sense of humor after all. Either that or the Clintons and everyone around them are just depraved, power-hungry jackals born without a moral center who will do anything to satisfy their baser cravings. I’m leaning toward the latter.

Earlier this weekend I, like so many others, wrote about the then breaking story about FBI Director James Comey sending a letter to the heads of several congressional committees informing them that they had found new information that “may” be pertinent to the previous Clinton email server investigation and that as a result he had authorized agents to look into it to see if there was any “there” there.

I concluded, based on faulty information, that there would probably be nothing to this investigation and it wouldn’t go anywhere, hence I came to the opinion that James Comey in a backhanded way was doing this in order to support the Clinton campaign by deliberately feeding the press mill some red meat to chew on so they wouldn’t have to cover President Peace Prize’s brutal assault on the civilian population of Mosul and his open support for al-Qaeda and “ISIS”-linked terror groups in Syria.

Though I still think it serves the interests of the administration and the war-party they serve, having learned a little more about how this event unfolded, I have to say it seems like there might really be a “there” there.

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