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  1. Thank you Scott, this one is epic.


    The surrealism continues…

    Glenn Beck will vote for Hillary.

    Rush Limbaugh is attacked by his fans for not supporting Hillary.

    Michael Moore is staunchly pro-Trump.

    Many progressives love Hillary, who represents the warmongering and neoliberalism that progressives claim to oppose.

    Vehicles owned by Latinos have “Fuck Trump” bumper stickers, even though Hillary (like Obama) will deport more Latinos than all previous President combined. And even though Hillary played a key role in creating the current nightmare in Honduras.

    In Vermont, state senator David Zuckerman is running for the post of Lieutenant Governor. Zuckerman is consistently progressive on all issues. However progressives don’t like him because he does not favor mandatory vaccination.

    I propose that this same warped surrealism happens to all Empires when they enter their twilight.

    • Yup that’s a pretty good run down of strange. “Twilight of the Empire” has a catchy ring to it.

      Speaking of twilight has anyone been following the rather “unusual” images of our sun coming out of SEECHI? Odd black outs where the sun’s energy on different spectrums disappears. Then we have Obama signing an executive order directed towards “emergency space weather events” and strange stories appear about periods of darkness occurring in Nov. I won’t distract with links since people may have no interest in any of this but if you would like more detail let me know. It might end up being more significant then we realize.

      • Sun Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation.

        Interesting. I’d like to know more.

        From humans to viruses and prions, and everything in between, all life forms on the earth depend in the sun, including life that exists where sunlight never penetrates, such as the deep sea or deep caves.

    • “Michael Moore is staunchly pro-Trump.” – NONSENSE!

  3. First of all, Scott, I hope that you are better and wish you all the health in this world.
    Finally, I think that after this election the American system will be worn out. Unintentionally, the movement of people who are behind the candidacy of Donald Trump has gone too far, to the point of wearing the cherished system that produced the same Donald.


    Propaganda works on most people, including most people who claim to see through propaganda.

    For example, John Pilger falls for U.S. lies…

    “Imagine two cities. Both cities are under siege by the government of that country. Both cities are occupied by fanatics who commit terrible atrocities, such as beheading people.”

    Pilger says the Russian campaign against Aleppo is the same as the U.S. campaign against Mosul, except the Russians are called the bad guys,” and the Americans are the “good guys.”

    In this, Pilger is trying to spotlight U.S. lies and hypocrisy, but in fact he has drunk the kool-aid.

    For Pilger, the people in Mosul are are the same as the terrorist mercenaries in Aleppo. Pilger regards both groups as head-chopping members of “ISIS.”™

    Hence, for Pilger the U.S. proxy war against Syria is a civil war, while the U.S. campaign against Mosul is against “ISIS.”™

    In short, Pilger believes the Empire’s lies.

    Propaganda works on most people, including most people who claim to see through propaganda.



    “As WikLeaks has revealed, it was only when the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in 2009 rejected an oil pipeline, running through his country from Qatar to Europe, that he was attacked.”
    ~ John Pilger

    John Pilger thinks the war on Syria is a pipeline war. Many people agree.

    Gareth Porter examines this idea, and concludes that it is mistaken, since the attack on Syria was conceived well before Qatar ever thought of building a pipeline in 2009. Moreover, Qatar’s pipeline idea was physically unworkable from the start. The pipeline would have had to cross Saudi Arabia, which that Saudis were strongly opposed to.

    Therefore the war on Syria is not a pipeline war.

    Instead, the war was originally a Saudi (and Israeli) project to break up the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah alliance. The USA joined in so the USA could maintain its military bases in Saudi Arabia, plus Kuwait, the UAE, and so on. (In 2003 the US Central Command had moved its headquarters to Al Udeid Air Base near Doha, Qatar.) Also the USA was eager to break up the alliance between Syria and Russia. In 2011 the USA, Israel, and Gulf States hijacked the “Arab Spring,” which caused the murderous game to start. Libya was destroyed, and then it was Syria’s turn.

    Thus, for Porter, the US involvement in the war on Syria is not about pipelines, but regional hegemony.


    • The attack on Syria might have been conceived after the 2006 Israel’s attack on Lebanon. Hezbollah defended Lebanon with guerrilla fighting against the conventional army of Israel. Many tanks were destroyed and the IMF had to retreat. This war proved Israel’s Army weakness. One of the main objectives of the war in Syria is to extinguish Hezbollah.


    “According to its own records, Nato launched 9,700 ‘strike sorties’ against Libya, of which more than a third were aimed at civilian targets.” ~ John Pilger

    I’m sick of people like Pilger talking about “civilian targets.”

    When the Israelis bombard the Gaza Death Camp –
    When the Saudis bombard Yemen –
    When the Americans bombard Syria and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Somalia –

    The anti-war people respond by saying, “Of which X percentage were civilians.” In this way the anti-war” people imply that the rest of the murdered civilians were soldiers.

    Nonsense. For the Judeo-Empire there are no civilians. There are only terrorists. (And “human shields” in the case of murdered children.)

    “Anti-war” people call brutal attacks “interventions.” When nations are annihilated, they say, “Of which X percent were civilians.” Thus, they support the Empire by endlessly repeating buzzwords and sound-bites fed to them by the Empire.

    And they display latent racism. When John Pilger claims that the people in Mosul and Aleppo are both “ISIS”™ (a label fed to him by the Empire) Pilger essentially labels all Arabs as “rag heads” and “camel-jockeys.”

    Pilger, aged, 77, is a vaccine advocate. Evidently a lifetime of cumulative mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde is having an effect. I’m not condemning him. I’m just saying that standard “anti-war” rhetoric (like Pilger’s) is lame, powerless, and counter-productive.

  7. hi, the link for the video is gone? Please post were we can still find it, thanks!

  8. WAWAWA….I wanna see the video too! Willy please fix it…in a nagging Hillary voice

  9. To justify the ongoing U.S. siege of Mosul, the U.N. claims that “ISIS”™ is executing hundreds of people in the city, and is forcing thousands of other people to serve as “human shields.”

    As “proof” of this claim, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said there are “credible reports.”

    The U.N. also claims that “ISIS”™ is using “dozens of suicide bombers.” (Presumably against supersonic U.S. bomber jets.)

    A Time magazine article about Mosul repeats the bullshit word “ISIS”™ sixteen times.


  10. It seems as tho infinite flames has been shut down.
    They were up yesterday and had been putting out quite a few vids a week. No trace of them anymore on Youtube. Channel is still up but ALL videos are gone.
    Their website is offline as well.
    Very very strange.

    On their discussion page “because of some problems We promise to come back very soon it is beyond our control We are sorry about this”

  11. The Washington Post is furious with FBI director James Comey for again raising the topic of Hillary’s criminal emails.

    FBI investigators turned up additional, previously unexamined Clinton emails on devices belonging to top aide Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner. The FBI had seized the devices during an investigation of Weiner’s alleged sex crimes with a minor.

    The Post says that Mr. Comey threatens the “democratic process” of installing Hillary in the White House.


    The Post says that just by mentioning Hillary’s crimes, Comey is guilty of an “abuse of power.”


    Comey exposed Hillary, and said the evidence of her criminal misconduct is overwhelming. Despite this, Coney recommended against prosecution. This will not save him. FBI directors are nominated by the US President, and confirmed by the US Senate. As soon as Hillary seizes the White House, she will likely purge Comey.

  12. This one also deserves to go as viral as possible:


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