I’m Free!! yea… and there was great rejoicing

by Scott Creighton

Hi guys. I am back from my short stay at the hospital. Everything went alright. Seems like I had a small embolism in my right lung but remarkably, my PT/INR is still therapeutic somehow… so it wasn’t all that bad. I’ve gained some weight (so they claim, lying bastards) and my cholesterol is kinda high (is 187 really high? really?) so they gave me a script for that. Plus now I have to wear a compression stocking. I hear they come in fashionable looks these days. I want one that reads “Google Building 7” There’s an idea: conspiracy theory compression stockings. I like it.

Or how about one that looks like a big open wound on my calf? That would be cool. Or one that looks like a sock with a kilo of coke in it. I could wear that one to the airport. Or one that looks like a little drop-gun holstered on my leg. I could wear that one to the courthouse. Just think of the fun you could have with those.

Anyway, thank you all for the support and the comments on the other thread. I couldn’t reply with my phone at the hospital but I did read them and it was nice too see folks care about you when your feeling a bit low like I was. It meant a lot.

I’ll be back at it later today. Gotta get some rest without having someone wake me up every hour for a test or some blood (what do they do with all that blood anyway?) or a probe (do they really have to probe you like that or were they just messing with me?) so I’m taking a nap. Will be back soon. Thanks again guys.


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  1. Glad you’re doing okay!



    It is true that the private insurance industry pays politicians to kill Single Payer (aka Universal Medicare).

    However this is not the real reason why we can’t have it. The true fault lies with average people around you.

    In November the people of Colorado will vote on Amendment 69, which would establish “ColoradoCare” to provide affordable healthcare for all Colorado residents.

    Across the USA there are increasing calls for similar programs.

    All proposals is doomed to fail, even if voters approve them. Why? Because state governments cannot afford them, unless state governments radically (and continually) increase taxes, while radically (and continually) cutting all other state programs.

    Meanwhile the U.S. federal government can afford anything, since it creates infinite dollars out of thin air. For this reason the U.S. government does not have to raise any taxes or impose any austerity to afford Universal Medicare.

    Average Americans know this truth, yet they reject it at the same time.

    And so, people call for single payer at the state level, where it cannot work, while they reject single payer at the federal level, where it can easily work (as it does in every other developed nation). If you try to explain their error, they smugly reject you.

    This, grasshopper, is why you will continue to be killed by ever-rising medical expenses.

  3. Comment eaten by wordpress

  4. Glad you’re home, but go easy for a while. Take care of yourself. I understand the furious desire to right the upside-down world….and we have do our best but, in my belief, after that it’s God stuff. I think we all need compression stockings to secure the top of our heads from the “Ding!” and the toast popping out of our skulls from the madness today. Anyway….later for that. Hey, you could get a Redskins logo sock. You know, they started up here in the Red Sox’ Fenway Park. They were the Boston Braves, wanted to call themselves The Red Sox (like NY Giants’ two sports teams). They were denied and switched to “Redskins”. Fascinating….that and two fifty will get you a small coffee. Be Well.

  5. Cool! Glad to hear. I use 200 as the cholesterol barometer.

    • Indeed, Cholesterol is an essential part of the Brain Works & Statins are a poisonous scam. Search : This drug makes women stupid.

  6. Hey Scott- glad your back and I know, yes I know with certainty you are the one person I can share this info with and you will ‘get it’

    Kirkuk Iraq- where it seems the Kurds are ethnically cleansing the Arabs, which is not a surprise- but this tidbit is most interesting


    the linked article is embedded within that post
    and the piece de resistance

    “Many reports suggested that the Daesh (ISIS) fighters who attacked Kirkuk were Kurds rather than Arabs”

    I repeated that at my place, so I’ll repeat it here

    “Many reports suggested that the Daesh (ISIS) fighters who attacked Kirkuk were Kurds rather than Arabs”

    • yep. see that? the conspiracy theorists who were even too far out there for even the conspiracy theorists to go along with em… turned out to be right … again. Nice.

      • Hey Willy!

        Well you and I have graduated from the lowly conspiracy theorists to ‘conspirologists’ – that’s way way elevated above the entry level theorist, accomplished only after years of arduous study 😉


        • I take it there is no pay increase associated with this promotion. However, we will get priority seating at the reeducation camp of their choosing. so there is that…

  7. Wait a minute Scott, I just gotta say it one more time:

    “Many reports suggested that the Daesh (ISIS) fighters who attacked Kirkuk were Kurds rather than Arabs”

    Time and time again the symbiosis was apparent- but I was ridiculed for pointing it out and Scott was the only one who understood

  8. Fantastic, I am so glad it went well, enjoy the socks!!

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