Heading Off to the Hospital for Some Tests

by Scott Creighton

Just a quick note:

I’m heading off to the hospital for some tests. Been having chest pains and swelling in my legs for a couple nights now and it got pretty bad last night. Since I was kicked off disability, I can’t get my PT/INR tests so I know I’m not therapeutic anymore and this is just a foreseeable result of that judges decision. I don’t know if I will be admitted or not so I might be back this afternoon or I might be back in a couple days. I haven’t had a chance to send thank you notes to donors and I’m sorry about that and will do it first thing when I get back. Hang in there folks and try not to worry too much about the election. We’re fucked either way and there’s a kind of calming resolve to that fact when you think about it. Calming or numbing. Whichever applies. Neoliberal fascist Trump or neoliberal fascist Killary. Same same. Not a dimes worth of difference someone once said and sadly, that’s our fate for the next four years. So sit back and watch the fireworks. I’ll see you in a few hours or days. Take care.

scott creighton
American Everyman

17 Responses

  1. Good luck!

  2. Good luck, Scott. I pray you get the best help you need heathwise and otherwise. Don’t worry about this country, we have always survived and thrived to spite the Creepy Clown Club that’s tried to rule free people. They are slaves to their own deception.

  3. Please get well pronto and we need you to kick some neoliberal asses out there!

  4. This happened to me two summers ago – Try essential oils – 5 drops lemon oil in a glass of water several times daily and rosemary oil rubbed on your back on top of your kidneys twice a day. My leg swelling and blood pressure went down after about 48 hours. Hope you feel better quickly!

  5. Praying for you here in Indiana, Scott!

  6. Don’t know how Warfarin compares to Rivaroxaban in terms of cost (I’m insured and live in Canada), but the latter doesn’t require PT/INR tests. You take it and whether you like it or not, you’re not clotting. The only down side is that if you develop bleeding issues, the only antidote is to stop taking the medication and wait for the anticoagulant effect to cease. But if you haven’t had any problems with the Warfarin, it isn’t likely you’ll have issues with the Rivaroxaban. But maybe you’ve looked into this already and I’m not suggesting anything to you that you don’t already know . . .

    Anyways, good luck at the hospital. I hope you get it all sorted out.

  7. Wishing you the best!

  8. Don’t be chasing the nurses. Might not be good for the leg situation.

    Oh, and get that judge in there for a look

  9. Hang in there Scott. We hope to hear from you soon…

  10. Take good care of yourself Scott. Best wishes for a quick return to good health. Thanks for everything you do, day in and day out.

  11. Get well soon Scott!

  12. wishing you a speedy recovery. very sorry to hear about your disability situation, too — that sucks.

  13. courage.

  14. Prayers and encouragement from St. Louis.

  15. Hope you are okay

  16. On your side … Get well!

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