Heading Off to the Hospital for Some Tests

by Scott Creighton

Just a quick note:

I’m heading off to the hospital for some tests. Been having chest pains and swelling in my legs for a couple nights now and it got pretty bad last night. Since I was kicked off disability, I can’t get my PT/INR tests so I know I’m not therapeutic anymore and this is just a foreseeable result of that judges decision. I don’t know if I will be admitted or not so I might be back this afternoon or I might be back in a couple days. I haven’t had a chance to send thank you notes to donors and I’m sorry about that and will do it first thing when I get back. Hang in there folks and try not to worry too much about the election. We’re fucked either way and there’s a kind of calming resolve to that fact when you think about it. Calming or numbing. Whichever applies. Neoliberal fascist Trump or neoliberal fascist Killary. Same same. Not a dimes worth of difference someone once said and sadly, that’s our fate for the next four years. So sit back and watch the fireworks. I’ll see you in a few hours or days. Take care.

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Russia Sells Out Syria: Proposes Federalization of the Country and Busting Off A Piece for Greater Kurdistan (Rojava)

by Scott Creighton (H/T Penny)

(first a little background)

Well, I hate too say I told you so.

“Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has insisted just the other day that Syrian Kurds be allowed to participate in the next round of peace talks. Apparently Russia wants to help the Kurds (our new beloved Freedom Fighters) break off a piece of a sovereign nation for themselves.” Scott Creighton April 2016

In fact, I’ve told you many times.

Russia Sells Out Syria – Opens Syrian Kurdistan NGO Offices in Moscow as Balkinization Process Begins Feb. 2016

Even provided nifty graphics, this one from Ekurd (who got mad at me for writing about the “Bust Off a Piece of Syria” plan before they were ready to go public):


Over at Penny’s place (Penny for Your Thoughts) she has posted an article about Syria rejecting a Russian proposal for Kurdish federation. According to the new proposal, three cantons would be federalized as sovereign territory for the Kurds: Jazeera, Kobani and Afrin. As it just so happens, those three cantons just happen to make up what the Kurds refer to as “Rojava” or… “Western Kurdistan” as seen in the image above. You will notice a piece of Turkey is “Northern Kurdistan” a piece of Iraq is “Southern Kurdistan” and that leaves one more, if you follow the logic, and that is “Eastern Kurdistan” which will have to be scratched from a little existing country in the Middle East called “Iran”

Here’s what Wiki says about “Rojava”

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‘Intl community still financing & protecting terrorists’ – Mother Agnes and journalist Vanessa Beeley on Syria

AT&T Is Spying on Americans for Profit, New Documents Reveal

from The Daily Beast

The telecom giant is doing NSA-style work for law enforcement—without a warrant—and earning millions of dollars a year from taxpayers.

… “The Government agency agrees not to use the data as evidence in any judicial or administrative proceedings unless there is no other available and admissible probative evidence,” it says.

But those charged with a crime are entitled to know the evidence against them come trial. Adam Schwartz, staff attorney for activist group Electronic Frontier Foundation, said that means AT&T may leave investigators no choice but to construct a false investigative narrative to hide how they use Hemisphere if they plan to prosecute anyone.

Once AT&T provides a lead through Hemisphere, then investigators use routine police work, like getting a court order for a wiretap or following a suspect around, to provide the same evidence for the purpose of prosecution. This is known as “parallel construction.”

“This document here is striking,” Schwartz told The Daily Beast. “I’ve seen documents produced by the government regarding Hemisphere, but this is the first time I’ve seen an AT&T document which requires parallel construction in a service to government. It’s very troubling and not the way law enforcement should work in this country.”

The federal government reimburses municipalities for the expense of Hemisphere through the same grant program that is blamed for police militarization by paying for military gear like Bearcat vehicles.

“At a minimum there is a very serious question whether they should be doing it without a warrant. A benefit to the parallel construction is they never have to face that crucible. Then the judge, the defendant, the general public, the media, and elected officials never know that AT&T and police across America funded by the White House are using the world’s largest metadata database to surveil people,” Schwartz said…

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