Glenn Beck Brings His Special Emoting Superpowers to Bear on Donald Trump (no Vicks Vapor Rub crying tricks needed)

by Scott Creighton

For the small sliver of folks still watching Glenn Beck, perhaps this might have some tiny effect on the current presidential contest. But I doubt it. He has previously  suggested voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton could be a “moral, ethical choice.”

The other day on Charlie Rose, Glenn Beck, a man who used Vicks Vapor Rub on is own eyes so he could fake a real emotional experience for the benefit of his audience (and his wallet), said of Trump

“Have you seen him, during the last year and a half, truly feel for someone that couldn’t help him? Truly connect on a human level and say, ‘This has made me stop. This has made me think. I’m deeply sorry for what I have said?’ Frightening,” Glenn Beck

When he said those words he used his “quiet, reflective, starring off into space going deep into the human condition voice”. It was like he was doing a bad impersonation of Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. You know, the good one.

The insincerity dripping from his performance is palpable, unmistakable, self-evident. It would be offensive coming from a 10-year-old much less someone of his advanced years. It’s as if he’s trying to give The Donald an acting lesson and in a sense that is exactly what he’s trying to do. Only, Glenn Beck sucks at acting.

“Instant sadness” says one of his little helpers in the photo shoot as Glenn pretends he’s crying while the Vapor Rub bombards his eyes with their… well their vapors. It’s almost as if old Glenn here can’t truly connect on a human level with anyone or anything outside of himself. So he needs a little help from cheap stage tricks.

Pete Santilli (I know, I know… sorry) did a show about a year ago when Glenn here decided to do his part in helping to bring into the country a bunch of “Syrian refugees” complete with all those military aged men with their fake Syrian passports. It was a big thing for the supporters of the NWO and Glenn stepped up to the plate to help them out. What did he use to help advance the cause? His special emoting superpowers.

Now, I hate Santilli. He’s a far-right commie-hater of the first order but he does make a good observation about the “refugee” crisis and that is these people are being shipped into socialist countries across Europe in order to destabilize them, turn folks more rabidly xenophobic and “push them right over the edge”. And on that point, he’s right on target.

And now for the end-all-be-all of bad Glenn Beck theater:

My point is this: Glenn Beck wouldn’t know a real human emotion if it walked up and fired him from yet another network show.

The only thing Glenn Beck feels is whatever at the moment looks like it might benefit Glenn Beck’s personal financial statements and that’s it.

Beck is constantly trying to stake out a position that aligns him with power. He has always done that and he always will do that. And for some stupid reason he thinks his most marketable asset is his performance chops. Talk about having a deluded sense of one’s self. How could he have ever watched a single video of one of his performances and not wanted to retire from public life forever? Oh yeah… he then goes and looks at his bank statements and comes to realize a sucker is born every minute.

So to Glenn Beck these days is working it for his own personal gain. By trying to advance the cause of Killary’s coronation, Beck is looking to ride that gravy train right back into relevance station. What a worm of a man. A perfect match for Hillary I might add.

It is kind of funny watching him emote. Watching him reach for the stars like his mortgage depends on it. It’s also kinda funny watching him chastise Trump for not having his special emoting superpowers and being able to call upon them at times when it best suits his own financial interests.

Sorry but I think there might be a definition of ‘sociopath’ in that evaluation I just gave. Let me work up some tears and I’ll do a video on it. Anyone got any Vicks?

p.s. Glenn Beck is a perfect surrogate for Hillary Clinton by the way.

6 Responses

  1. Die, Glenn, Die.
    If we’re lucky the CIA will figure that his usefulness is over and he knows to much and needs a Clintonesque “mysterious accident”.

  2. Reblogged this on Scoop Feed and commented:
    “… A sociopath is someone who doesn’t really see the human experience in anyone else.” With a straight face … To Charlie Rose. Amazing.

  3. Your analysis is hysterical!

    I used to know a guy who thought Glenn Beck was 100% truthful — the only guy he trusted. I could only shake my head. But, to be fair, I used to think Charlie Rose was a good guy.

  4. Former Weeper of the House John Boehner was likewise infamous for indulging in theatrics.

    During interviews, Boehner often gushed tears as he talked of the little boys and girls who would be tortured if we if we failed to ratify the TPP, for example, or if we adopted single payer health insurance.

    Regarding Beck, in 2012 he actively supported Romney who called parasitical rich people “makers,” and their hosts (the poorer classes) “takers.”

    In 2016 Beck is so rabidly anti-Trump (and pro-Hillary) that Sirius XM temporarily suspended Beck’s radio show when Beck agreed with a guest who called for Trump to be assassinated.

    Beck admits that he’s had lifelong problems with alcoholism and drug addiction. Reflecting on his life, he probably wishes he had chosen to be a religious televangelist instead of a political televangelist. At least he would have ended up richer.

    On a different note, the USA has become so surreal that Rush Limbaugh’s own right-wing fans attack Limbaugh (when they call his show) for defending Trump. They say that Limbaugh’s failure to support Hillary is “killing conservatism.”

  5. I’d forgotten all about him. Thanks a lot.

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