Cryptome Deletes Tweets from Our Conversation Yesterday After I Mention Founder’s Lifelong Association with CIA: @Cryptomeorg is a CIA Honeypot

by Scott Creighton

We caution people, don’t believe anything we publish,” he says. “We’re totally untrustworthy. We may be a sting operation, we may be working for the Feds. If you trust us, you’re stupid.” John Young of Cryptome, whose father-in-law was a CIA legend

image“Expect to [be] abused and hurt by the process if you want to join the nasty fun,” John Young

It started innocently enough. Cryptome jumped into a Twitter discussion I was having with Wikileaks yesterday when I sent them a message that John Young, one of the founders of Crytptome, said Wikileaks was a CIA honeypot. Cryptome replied “did not” and so I took that as a direct challenge to back up my claim which I did in a serious of Tweets using John’s own words published from various sources, including his own email published on Cryptome, in which he says the behavior of Wikileaks is like those ” used by snake oilers, pols and spies.”


The partial list above of the conversation between Cryptome and myself looks pretty one sided right now as if I was trolling Cryptome and sending them Tweet after Tweet with no replies. But that’s not what happened. What happened was, Cryptome, an online transparency promoting website which serves as an outlet for whistle-blowers (and a group who published a full email exchange between John Young and Julian Assange back in 2006 after Young figured out Wikileaks was behaving like “snake oil salesmen and spies” ) erased all of their Tweets back to me so that their followers on Twitter wouldn’t happen across the exchange and read what I was leaving. I was informed of this early today by Ethan Serone who has apparently run across the same kind of behavior from Cryptome himself. So much for full transparency.


As you can see, almost immediately afterwards, Cryptome tried to play it off by replying to Ethan that they consider all Tweets to be garbage, vomit, feces and urine and should therefore be erased.

This of course stands in stark contrast to the evidence on their Twitter page which has thousands of Tweets just sitting there, over a hundred since Oct. 22nd. It would appear only those that link back to my discussion with Cryptome would fall under the “garbage, vomit, feces, urine” category according to Cryptome. They even left one up promoting Kurt Eichenwald’s discredited recent redbaiting efforts at Newsweek. I didn’t see a link to the rebuttal from Sputnik or the guy who wrote the original. And I didn’t see Cryptome post a link to the Paste breakdown of Eichenwald’s offers of bribes and threats he leveled at that writer to keep his mouth shut about his anti-Trump/anti-Russia propaganda campaign.


That Cryptome Tweet promoting Kurt’s New McCarthyism garbage is still there. But any that link back to my discussion with them isn’t.

Wonder why? Maybe it’s because not only did I prove that earlier incarnations of Cryptome did in fact suggest that Wikileaks was a CIA honeypot, but then, after that, I did a little more research on Cryptome itself and I found some rather interesting information about them: specifically their co-founder’s lifelong association with the CIA.

Deborah Natsios and John Young founded Cryptome 20 or so years ago… long before Wikileaks was being promoted as the ‘go-to” leak site by CIA Mockingbird outlets like the Washington Post and TIME even before they published a single “leak”. Hell, even Mr. Cognitive Infiltration himself, Cass Sunstein, got into the act of promoting Wikileaks before their official launch.

In the past (and even the recent past) I have been of the opinion that Cryptome was a legitimate outlet for whistle-blowers. Years ago when I was doing my best to help expose Wikileaks as a honeypot trap for whistle-blowers and Assange as a lame opportunist party-boy wannabe, Cryptome seemed to be doing the same thing. At least, that’s how they started.

To be fair, many of the Tweets erased by Cryptome during out little Twitter chat did imply that Assage and Wikileaks were in it for the money and fame as opposed to what they seem to be about, just the sharing of information that would otherwise be lost down the memory hole. This view of their’s dovetails with some of what I wrote about Wikileaks. But Cryptome seemed determined to squash any notion that they once claimed Assange and crew might be affiliated with the CIA or that in fact, Wikileaks was a CIA honeypot trap like I stated. ( They recently did a little expose on “Edward Snowden” in which they call out “celebrity” “for-profit” journalism, the likes of which are being practiced by Glenn Greenwald, the Intercept and of course, “Edward Snowden”. I am not aware of them saying anything about the fact that the whole “Snowden” psyop was created by the CIA for the purpose of getting a new CISPA passed through congress (something I have covered since day one of the action). The article I just linked to suggests Cryptome are the only ones out there calling out Greenwald, Intercept and “Snowden” for this approach but of course, they are YEARS behind many others (myself included))

Many of the Tweets of mine you see listed above were in reply to suggestions along those lines by Cryptome.

That’s when I discovered a 2016 interview with Deborah Natsios, co-founder of Cryptome. In the first part, Deborah describes her childhood:

The French colonial villa in Saigon that was one of my childhood homes is described in a recent book lit up by nighttime tracer shells, surrounded by gunfire and sprayed with bullets as South Vietnamese paratroopers and tanks mobilized along the street. We had moved on to Paris a few months before this incident, which turned out to be a failed military coup d’état against the presidential palace next door, and as the author notes, a successor family now occupied the place.

Well-defined logistics of residential succession shuttled us in and out of such homes in capital cities across Europe, Asia and South America that I lived in during the Cold War. These were local residences reserved for the covert CIA chief of station and his family during postings that customarily lasted from two to four years. In Paris, we abruptly relocated to a new address halfway through our tenure when, during the final throes of the Algerian war, the French owners of the property were forced back to the metropole from France’s former North African colony.”  Deborah Natsios

When I read this, I was kind of shocked and so I posted a Tweet linking back to the interview. I’m sure this was the information Cryptome did not want their followers to read. Probably because they didn’t want them to do any research on the subject like I did. What I found was absolutely devastating.

Deborah Natsios is the daughter of Nicholas Natsios, who served as CIA station chief in Greece from 1948–1956, in Vietnam from 1956–1960, in France from 1960–1962, in South Korea from 1962–1965, in Argentina from 1965–1969, in the Netherlands from 1969–1972, and in Iran from 1972–1974.[22][45][46][47] While stationed in Vietnam, his deputy was William Colby, the future Director of Central Intelligence.[48] His name was included in the 1996 membership directory of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, which Cryptome helped to publish.[49] Cryptome acknowledged its link to Nicholas Natsios in 2000.[22]

Her cousin is Andrew Natsios.[22] He has served as Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan, and Vice President of World Vision. Currently, Natsios teaches as Executive Professor at The Bush School of Government and Public Service.[22]

Well how about that? Her father is CIA and her brother is CIA through USAID (a CIA front-group pushing regime change ops around the world). Damn. Her father was William Colby’s boss for Christ’s sake. They disclosed her relationship with her CIA father and cousin in 2000… a full four years after opening up the “leak” website.

Not only that, but it appears Cryptome keeps careful track of everyone who visits their website.

In 2015, it was discovered that Cryptome’s USB archives contained web server logs, containing clues to the identities of Cryptome visitors including their IP addresses and what files they had accessed on Cryptome. Cryptome initially stated that they had been faked as part of a disinformation campaign. Several days later, Cryptome confirmed the logs were real and shared their findings. The logs had been mailed out to users who ordered the site’s archive since they changed web hosts in 2007, which Cryptome blamed on their current ISP, Network Solutions.[73][74][75] Cryptome later added that “there are no accidental leaks”, and that the leak succeeded in its intention of creating scandalous publicity to increase visitors to the website.[76][77] Soon after, Cryptome posted pictures of their logs, showing that they had records spanning the sites’ history.[78][79] According to Cryptome, the then nineteen years of logs added up to about one terabyte.[80]

Cryptome has warned users that they do not have technical measures to protect the anonymity of their sources, saying “don’t send us stuff and think that we’ll protect you.”[81]

The last question from that interview I posted part of to start this section off, was the most telling in my opinion. Even more so than her admitting her longstanding family ties to the CIA.

Question: I’ve read that you’ve had more than your fair share of visits by the FBI. Yet, while Chelsea Manning and Barrett Brown are behind bars, Julian Assange is trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy, and others, such as Aaron Schwartz, are dead – well, here you are. Alive and not in prison. What’s the legal status of your work? How do you avoid prosecution? 

Answer:Since 9/11, New York State has issued an ID card that grants us licensed professionals special access to sites during times of emergency and critical need. Let us assume our efforts on behalf of code-mandated criticalities of public health, safety and welfare are being tolerated. We’ll leave it at that. Deborah Natsios

So because she has an architects license in New York, the powers that be simply turn a blind eye to all those “state secrets” she’s been exposing?

Anyone buy that shit?

It’s not quite of me to focus solely on Deborah when John Young’s background is almost equally interesting.

” In person and online, Young casts himself as an outsider and misanthrope. There is some truth to this portrayal. At the same time, he has done architectural work for some of the most powerful members of the political establishment that he has sworn to attack. “It’s an easy way to make money in New York, to do corrupt work,” he says with a shrug. He has worked for the Council on Foreign Relations, the bête noire of the conspiracy set. He was, for six years in the 1980s, the consulting architect to the Pierre, a Fifth Avenue apartment hotel that has been home to Sumner Redstone and Mohamed Al Fayed.” John Cook

“”We caution people, don’t believe anything we publish,” he says. “We’re totally untrustworthy. We may be a sting operation, we may be working for the Feds. If you trust us, you’re stupid.” John Young

According to the interviewer, John Young wasn’t very happy with the results and he immediately started lashing out in an effort to control the narrative even before it was published. At one point the interviewer told him Young said “Expect to [be] abused and hurt by the process if you want to join the nasty fun,”

It would appear that Young got dragged into the “nasty fun” when he met and married Deborah Natsios. He was already a successful architect in New York and it makes perfect sense his social circle would bring him into contact with the likes of insider CIA assets.

John Cook may have his own angle to work with regards to Cryptome and John Young. Perhaps the “nasty fun” is nothing more than a squabble between the NSA and the CIA. But his article is an interesting read and it reflects some of the information I have come to understand about Cryptome in general, so you might want to check it out.

Thus, it is my opinion that John Young and Deborah Natsios are still alive, free at large and still running their website because she is still linked to daddy’s lifetime commitment to The Company and because apparently they are providing services to the CIA as well.

That’s why she tried her best to squash any inference I made to remind folks of what John Young said all those years ago about Wikileaks. And that is why Crytpome has a very controlled opposition opinion of “Edward Snowden” and that is why she deleted almost all of her Tweets back to me for fear her followers would read our discussion and start doing some research of their own.

That’s because Cryptome is a CIA honeypot.

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

Thank you all so much

(For my mailing address, please email me at



16 Responses

  1. Look at some of the few pics online & see how Debbie has such a beautiful well defined Adam’s Apple!

  2. “…and another one bites the dust; and another one’s gone and another one’s gone, another one bites the dust…”

    “It’s a crazy world we’re living in…
    yeah, someone oughta sell tickets…
    “Hell, I know I’d buy one…”

    Front row at the freak show…lol

  3. Nice work, Scott … convincing.

  4. Yeah, keep their heads ringin’…

  5. Also, though I suspect you may be already aware, World Vision has also been strongly linked to the CIA.

  6. Hard work appreciated Scott -You make me laugh you make me weep. “Let us assume our efforts on behalf of code-mandated criticalities of public health, safety and welfare are being tolerated.”
    Who talks like that?

    • Ha. I love this. Starting off any answer with “Let us assume … ” is plain and simple a way of absolutely not answering the question. It puts the responsibility on the questioner to make up their own answer. Plausible deniability. There is no question she is hiding something and most likely an intelligence asset.

  7. Reblogged this on asidewrite.

  8. Scott, are you familiar with Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis? He referenced John Young twice in a recent podcast. I tried to share this article with him twice on his Facebook page, but he removed my comment each time. I was polite, explaining I didn’t intend to be argumentative, just wanting his opinion.

  9. Scott, you might be interested in this piece:

    It alleges that Robert Eringer is Cryptome’s secret admin.


  10. I’m late to this party. But whew! So glad I haven’t been devoting any time or energy into Cryptome.

    My thoughts are that Cryptome are either…
    A.) Intel spooks and have always existed for nefarious Intel purposes.
    B.) Intel spooks who have legitimate interest in making docs public, so long as nobody gets hurt and they get to look like bad ass Robin Hoods.

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