Lizard Does SPOT ON Impersonation of Hillary Clinton at DNC Convention!

by Scott Creighton

It’s PERFECT. How could a lizard have seen her performance? How could he have recreated it with such finely tuned perfection to detail? Maybe she’s a lizard? Inquiring minds want to know. All I know is, that ridiculous sycophant playing Killary on SNL has NOTHING on this lizard! He nailed it.


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    Hillary frequently explodes in rage at her staff members, screaming at them, throwing liquids in their faces, and so on. They all fear her wrath.

    In order to prevent her staff members from filming her countless tantrums, Hillary forbids all her staff members from carrying cell phones in her presence.

    She’s quite insane. Check this out. It’s very interesting…

    • My Lord. I can not even tell what is true and what isn’t anymore. If this is authentic, I think it at least levels the playing field on the crazies. Perhaps Trump may be at least more innocuous than Clinton. It’s a sad state of affairs to think I might need to vote in favor of less potential for successful actions. It’s disturbing to think that a grid-locked government would be better than an operational government under Clinton.

  2. Ah, that solves that little mystery. I thought she was just having the first innocent moment she’s had in 60-some years….but noooo! She was fantasizing about popping the bubbles of anyone dumb enough to believe in her for under six figures.

    • I tell you man, she’s one of the lizard people and her reaction was INSTINCT. she couldn’t help herself. some might say she’s in the early stages of dementia but I say she’s reptilian and like Di$info Jone$, I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS!

      • People would ask me if I believe in ghosts. I would say I don’t know ’cause in the old movies of my youth it was always the guy who said, “No way, that’s all bullshit!” You know that was the signal that it was all over for him….cue the screechy violins….BAM! You go, bye-bye. Same with extraterrestials….I don’t know. When I first owned my own beast of a PC in 2002, I was all over the place looking for answers to the 9/11 insult. One of my endless dead ends led me to David Icke. And he was the shit….until I clicked into his “elites are lizard people” riff. Uh-oh….WoooooHooooo, nut-boy alert! I go now, bye-bye. But I gotta tell ya when I see the demons (cold blooded) who have siezed power in this world….UFOs? I don’t know. Life after death? I don’t know. If these entities are humans and not reptiles….I don’t know. I’m just trying to believe in life after birth.

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