Yes, the Election Will Be Stolen

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Go here to see Hillary team feeding questions to reporters in a short presser on her plane after the debate.

All of the neocons back Hillary Clinton. The war-mongering bi-partisan establishment think-tanks back Hillary Clinton. Newspapers that have backed republican candidates for decades, even centuries, back Hillary Clinton. The complicit corporate media backs Hillary Clinton to the detriment of their facade of being neutral in this election. All of this because Hillary Clinton represents a continuation of our global hegemonic ideology set in motion by Dick Cheney and those same neocons in the 2000 PNAC study paper Rebuilding Americas Defenses.

Yes, the polls are skewed to count more democrat voters and more middle aged women so that they will show Hillary Clinton with a large lead. They’ve been doing this for a while. In fact, it’s a tactic we use in other countries when we try to influence elections in favor of candidates who we know will advance our national interests. The idea is simple: make supporters of our opposition feel the fight is already lost so they don’t show up and, if needed, create a false narrative of the opinion of the population to support the rigged election results prior to the rigging.

Why do I say the election will be stolen? Here’s one reason:

The CNN moderator was all smiles when she went to ask the question about whether or not these undecided voters made up their minds during the final debate and if so, who did they now decide to vote for. After she got the results, she wasn’t smiling anymore. Five chose to vote for Hillary while 10 decided The Donald was their guy. Only one of the five saying they decided for Hillary was a woman while five women decided to vote for Trump.

You see, the problem for these war-mongers and sympathizers of theirs is that there just simply isn’t enough of them to vote Killary into office. People are sick of neoliberal austerity being shoved down our throats. People are sick of “free trade” deals that do nothing but crush worker’s standards of living while enriching a few friends of people in high places. And people are sick of the endless war, the hundred year war, the Global War OF Terror we are waging all across the globe with no authorization and against international law.

The.. people.. don’t.. want.. total.. global.. hegemony.. at the cost of the lives of their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.

The people are sick of the lies, the spying, the political correctness and the Orwellian world we find ourselves in.

The people want something different and for all their efforts to dissuade folks from a CHANGE vote, the establishment are failing. And they are failing miserably.

So what do they do? They do what they always do… they make ready to rig the election because they can’t afford at this point to allow the people to “vote the wrong way” when the whole of the New World Order is right there at their fingertips.

If you don’t think elections can be hacked and rigged, you are simply not paying attention. They’ve already done it. That is why Hillary is the candidate from the fake left side and not Bernie Sanders. They rigged the nomination process for her by disenfranchising thousands of likely Bernie voters in many states and then by actually hacking the electronic voting machines. When the exit polls showed the election rigging, they simply stopped taking them. They couldn’t let that story get out.

But yes, they are going to hack the election and if caught, they are going to try to say the Russians did it. And this is how they are going to do it.

Whenever Donald Trump opens his mouth, talking about anything, there are 5,000 wannabe nightly news anchors all over the country looking for some way to make a name for themselves by twisting his words. Just turn on Morning Joe on any given weekday and you will see what I mean.

When he recently started talking about the election being rigged, the establishment went crazy. Everyone had to immediately call him out for saying such a dastardly thing. Even the president. Said he was “whining”

Yeah, Trump is whining. Because being a member of the elite, Trump surely understands that, yes, the elections are rigged and if they doesn’t work, they are hacked. We can thank George W. Bush’s “Help America Vote” Act for that one. That’s where they “helped” us with the election process by buying millions of these hack-able electronic voting machines right after Bush stole the 2000 election.

Apparently they wanted to “help” us vote the right way in the future.

The illusion of open and fair elections is crucial to our special brand of democracy. Without it there is chaos as 320 million people figure out they don’t actually live in a democracy.

To that end you and I will be inundated over the next three weeks with all kinds of public service announcements in one form or another telling us how there is no such thing as rigged/stolen/fraudulent elections here in the good old U.S. of A.

Don’t buy it. Of course this election will be stolen. There’s too much at stake for them to put the future of their New World Order in the hands of the unwashed masses and in spite of all of their efforts to sway voters away from the opposition, Team Hillary or Team Establishment has failed because their offering is so deeply flawed.

My guess is, looking back, they should have let Bernie beat Hillary in an unfixed contest. Better to buy him off than let The Donald take over. Now they are stuck dancing with the club footed date they brought to the prom and the only way to make her prom queen is to stuff the ballot box. Oh, what tangled webs they weave…

But yeah. They will steal the election. That’s pretty obvious at this point.

38 Responses

  1. Maybe, maybe not. And even if they try to if the count is suspect, I think Trump will demand and pay for a recount. If he is smart he will ask all his voters to capture a photo of their vote and send it to a secure site. This is not over.

    • QUESTION: U.S. Presidents are chosen by the Electoral College vote, not the popular vote, so what does it matter?

      ANSWER: The popular vote matters, because it can influence the Electoral College vote. There have only been four times in U.S. history when a president was elected without winning the popular vote. See

      More importantly, in the USA, just about every election at all levels is rigged. Not just elections for office, but elections for tax increases, for bond issues, for mandatory vaccinations, and for everything else.

    • I certainly don’t mean to suggest this thing is over. I hope that is not the feeling my article leaves one with. it’s not meant to do that. I’m simply saying to folks, don’t expect to vote you way out of this. By all means, go vote and compel others to do the same if that is how you feel. but be prepared for the aftermath because it will be rigged. And I will tell you something else, it will be an extremely low turnout, you can bet on that. Neither of these two is well liked. I would expect the lowest turnout since 2004 when W stole that election.

      • Not sure about the low turnout. Early voting numbers are supposedly up and from what I saw voting in Albuquerque this past weekend, I can believe that. I realize your comment above is from a few days back, so maybe it’s unfair to point out the early voting numbers.

        • When I say “low turnout” I guess I am comparing it to 2008 which set records. By comparison, 2012 was a “low turnout” year. And I think on average we have a pretty low voter participation rate don’t we, so “low turnout” isn’t so much of a contrast to previous years as it is a general statement of fact regarding presidential elections in this country. That said, we have two of the most unpopular and most disliked candidates ever in the history of elections over here so I have a hard time believing folks are running to the polls in record numbers. Early voting is up because there are 20 more states doing it than there were just 10 years ago. So yeah, numbers are up from then obviously.


    A short article at Counterpunch gets it right about Libya. The country had the highest standard of living in all of Africa, and was more developed than are many “developed” nations. Obama and Hillary destroyed all that.

    And now people cheer for Hillary.

    PERSONAL NOTE in connection with this…

    I’m one of those irritating people who talks to just about every stranger I meet. In stores, on the street, in government buildings to pay my utilities – it doesn’t matter. I initiate conversations, and I always find something to talk about, because there’s always a chance that I might learn something.

    And yet, when I think of Hillary and the state of politics in this nation, I ask myself, “Why do you do talk to strangers when you know that more than half of them are morons?”

    • My father told me once his scheme to pick up women when he was younger. He would go out at night in a club or something and literally hit on every woman basically as soon as he saw them. Real cheezy pickup line kind of crap. I just looked at him. He said he would be rejected (sometimes violently) 20 or 30 times a night but then, he would find that one out of a hundred… maybe that’s what you’re looking for… one out of a hundred.

    • I wish Trump would bring up Libya more. It’s documented through leaked emails that Clinton & Obama illegally shipped weapons & funded Al Qaeda to invade & overthrow Libya.
      Have you heard any of the interviews by the the AMerican couple, Mr. & Mrs Moriarity, who were both living in Libya at the time? IT’s bombshell info…

  3. **And yet, when I think of Hillary and the state of politics in this nation, I ask myself, “Why do you do talk to strangers when you know that more than half of them are morons?”**

    That was a LOL moment. Elizabeth, I wish I could just randomly begin a conversation with a stranger and find out he/she is as sharp as you.

    Love your contributions here.

  4. Is hard to trust those machines or the newer ones after seeing that.

  5. Exactly 10 years ago, just for some lulz and $$$, I offered to work at “election day” voting offices of the small town (Oakville, just outside of Toronto) I was living in at the time. It was the first election that they were using voting machines, and the “team” had to assemble a few days before the election to learn the new voting protocols. At the end of the 1-hour presentation, we were asked if we had any questions. I put up my hand and asked how we could be sure that the machines wouldn’t be compromised and the vote count changed at source. I was assured that that couldn’t happen, but later that evening I got a phone call from someone at the election headquarters informing me that my services were no longer required and that I could pick up my check the next day. I was paid for three days’ work even though I just showed up for the training lecture. So I got my lulz and my $$$, along with a first-hand peek inside the source of Canadian democratic corruption. I have no doubt whatsoever that these machines will give the results that the ptb want and do not reflect the genuine results. The only way to bring elections back to transparency and genuine results is SHOW OF HANDS voting, like it was before secret balloting was imposed on us by the ptb over a century ago.

    • “my services were no longer required”

      That falls into the “too smart for your own good” category. You know there are ways to ensure voting machines aren’t hacked. One way is for it to print a paper copy that the voter reads and turns in at the station upon leaving. Those receipts are put in a box and used as the backup count if something is skewed with the official report from the machines. Almost impossible to rig that way and many other countries already use systems like that. Another key way to keep track of election fraud is with exit polling. Exit polling is traditionally a very accurate way to measure election results and when they are off, like they were in the Democrat primary, then something is wrong, especially when they are all off in favor of just one of the candidates. You’ll notice they stopped taking exit polls during the Democrat primary once people started noticing how far they were off and always in Hillary’s favor. A show of hands is a good idea, but like they did during the Democrat primaries in certain states that used that method, they can still rig that by simply pretending to count, calling the vote closed and then running away as fast as they can. Your story about the question that got you fired is very funny. I can certainly relate.

      • Show of hands, backed by a list of voters and their choices published in the local rag, is the only way to ensure honest election results. The problem with printing a paper copy and then stuffing it in a box is that boxes can be substituted for other boxes. This has been done in the past and is actually quite easy to do. “Those who control the elections, determine the results.” We voters have not controlled the elections since secret balloting was imposed on us by the very same ptb that now control the elections from behind the scenes. We have a very gullible populace (in most cases, willfully naive) controlled by a very unscrupulous ptb.

        • “The problem with printing a paper copy and then stuffing it in a box is that boxes can be substituted for other boxes.”

          The receipts have voter numbers on them and the receipt number has to match the electronic vote number in order to be valid. And anyone can look up their vote number. And of course you know, in this day and age folks will take cell phone snapshots of their unique numbered receipt. I don’t know how a pre-stuffed ballot box would deal with that. Like I said, several countries use systems like the one I am talking about already and they are allow observers to come in and monitor the elections from all over the world and are rated the highest in terms of being free and fair to my knowledge.

          Now, it does open up a different can of worms, specifically folks selling their votes. With a unique number and cell phone image of their receipt, some unscrupulous folks will certainly offer to pay voters to show up and vote their way. Another potential issue will be faked cell phone images being used to call the vote tallies into question if things don’t go the way of one party or another. That’s also a potential issue. I kind of agree that secret voting is probably a cause for most of this, and registered vote results could help fix some of our problems, but it would cause even more if you don’t vote “the right way” in some areas.

          • If people don’t have the balls at the very least to stand up and say “I voted for so-and-so”, then they don’t deserve to vote. If they’re afraid to vote because their choice might get them into hot water for one reason or another, they can always abstain, but I think this latter voter type would be a minuscule portion of the electorate. I honestly don’t know anyone who hides who they vote for (or who they would vote for, if they chose to vote).

            The other side of the discussion is, of course, that most of the electorate is so woefully misinformed, so easily manipulated and so willfully naive that they shouldn’t be given the privilege of voting in the first place. I could happily argue that position and times feel a fleeting sense of agreement with the way the ptb have rigged the system. I don’t like their lies and deception, but there’s a part of me that understands and acknowledges why they do what they do. As a philosopher once pointed out: We live in “the best of all possible worlds.” Things are the way they are because of choices we’ve all made, collectively, then mitigated in our favour. Stating that elections are easily or in fact rigged doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be rigged, given the frankly appallingly sheep-like state of the ‘average voter’. I’m not talking about the small minority of informed voters; I’m talking about your average voters, the vast herd that can be easily steered in one direction or another. Putting the decision about who runs a nation (or even a local town council) into the hands of these people would be lunacy. As I said, while I’m all for fair elections and transparency, I understand why they can’t be so.

            • “Stating that elections are easily or in fact rigged doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be rigged, given the frankly appallingly sheep-like state of the ‘average voter’. I’m not talking about the small minority of informed voters; I’m talking about your average voters, the vast herd that can be easily steered in one direction or another. Putting the decision about who runs a nation (or even a local town council) into the hands of these people would be lunacy. As I said, while I’m all for fair elections and transparency, I understand why they can’t be so.”

              Ah. So the people are too stupid, uninformed or easily manipulated to make an informed decision huh? I’m sure Mr. Kissinger would agree with you. As it turns out, the “ignorant masses” did just fine in the Democrat Party nomination process, actually voting more for Bernie Sanders than Hillary. But it was stolen from them and you can’t deny that. so am I too assume that based on your comment, you agree that decision to have her “run our nation” was the right call?

              • I didn’t say “stupid”, I said willfully naive, misinformed, and easily misled. People who are willfully naive, misinformed and easily misled should not be given the keys to a car let alone to a nation. I’d much rather live under the rule of a benevolent dictator than be subjected to the whims and passing “2-minute hate” fancies of a the unwashed horde. Now if that same horde picked itself up by the bootstraps and became well-informed, that’s another story, but that’s unfortunately not the case in most democracies these days. As we saw in the past American election, blacks voted for Obama solely because he was black, and now women are claiming to vote for Clinton solely because she’s a woman. People who vote along racial or gender lines should not be allowed to vote, but alas they are. The only solution to this inanity is to disallow their votes, which is what the machines do (not selectively, of course, but the end result is the same).

                Now if we could only work on making the ensuing dictatorship more benevolent….

                • well, it seems the machines are going to steal the election in favor of the candidate who is benefiting from all those black and women voters you just said shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they are basing their choice on identity politics. that’s kind of a contradiction in your logic, isn’t it? And, you seem to have ignored my question about whether or not you approve of the hacking stealing the nomination from Bernie supporters in favor of the MUCH WORSE candidate, Hillary Clinton. I mean, it seems pretty obvious the “unwashed horde” got it right that time and our benevolent deciders got it wrong (at least in terms of the 99.9% of the population and anyone who doesn’t favor WWIII breaking out next year). Do you have an opinion on that, because once again, the “horde” got it right and the masters of the universe got it wrong. Any thoughts?

                  • Bernie the Nice Old Guy Socialist was unrealistic in today’s brutal globalist environment. You need a psychopath to deal with psychopaths; Killary fits the bill. Plus, I can’t stand socialism. People who are truly in need I would gladly help; but people just standing perpetually with their hands out — one hand to point the blame at anyone but themselves, and the other hand to collect a free ride — royally pisses me off. The “horde” that your referenced didn’t “get it right” for the right reason, which still doesn’t exonerate their reasoning or give them the moral right to vote (i.e., they voted on their emotional whims rather than from a reasoned position). If I were American (or an illegal immigrant, which now appears to be the same thing), would I vote for any of the candidates? No. Voting for them would be the same as supporting them, and I don’t support people who lie, cheat and steal. My argument is hypothetical; I would openly support a benevolent dictatorship, but that’s not what we have anywhere in the world, as far as I can see. Choosing not to vote or not to support candidates still permits me the moral right (some might even say obligation) as an objective observer to point out when cheating is or is about to occur. I also believe that things are as they are not because of political or economic systems being corrupt or imposed on people but because people get back what they put out, they get what they deserve, karma can be a bitch or a benefactor, depending on the choices you make — however you want to frame it, we get the leaders we collectively deserve. You want better leaders, be better people.That’s my stand. Elections don’t change countries; leaders don’t change countries; people’s day-to-day choices — from the moment they wake up in the morning to the moment they go to sleep at night — change countries.

                    • “Plus, I can’t stand socialism.”

                      So you don’t like democracy and you don’t like socialism. The VA is socialism. Social Security is socialism. Trade unions are socialism. Medicare for the sick and poor is socialism. These things you don’t like?

                      “The “horde” that your referenced didn’t “get it right” for the right reason”

                      Well, that’s the troubling thing about democracy (if we had one) sometimes the will of the majority of the nation runs contradictory to yours. It doesn’t mean they got it “right” or “wrong”, they just wanted… something different.

                      And one last thing… I’m not going to sit here and tell you the people of this country aren’t greedy, selfish, shallow and easily manipulated… I’ve been writing about that for years. But what I will tell you is we don’t deserve what we got in terms of politics. We didn’t vote for Bush, but we got him. We didn’t vote for Hillary, but we got her it seems. We didn’t want TARP but we got that as well. And we didn’t want to live in an oligarchy (read my recent post) but that is what we have. In short, no. Can’t blame the masses for the corruption of the few. Now, I will say we need some pitchforks and torches and a couple million sets of balls. That would be good. But, no, I can’t let you get away with blaming the actions of the oligarchs on the “unwashed hordes”. Doesn’t work that way. Besides, it’s kinda like guilt socialism isn’t it?

                      And oh, by the way, what do you think about corporate socialism? That’s where the losses are paid by the taxpayer and the profits are pocketed by the owners and stock holders. How do you like that kind of socialism?

                    • So people DON’T get back what they put out? That’s your position? Universal justice is flawed just because the crook that people vote for is not the crook who gets in power? Most people, for the most part, live petty crooked lives, doing things that they think won’t affect them as long as people don’t see them doing the deeds. I’ve lived long enough and deep enough to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that people get precisely what they’ve earned. If Americans have earned Killary, they’ll get Killary. You seem to believe in the innocence of people and in a disconnect between actions and consequences. That’s a helluva drug to be on, and it’s bound to kick you in the balls when you least expect it. Again — if you want better leaders, be better people (and not just when the camera’s rolling).

                    • >>“Plus, I can’t stand socialism.”

                      I’m curious to know your definition of socialism, and your reasons for hating it.

                      The opposite of socialism is feudalism, in which a handful of people own everything and everyone.

                      >>“People just standing perpetually with their hands out — one hand to point the blame at anyone but themselves, and the other hand to collect a free ride — royally pisses me off.”

                      In human society, the richer you are, the more you are a parasite who gets a free ride at the expense of society. Fortunately for the parasitic rich, they have programmed their hosts (the poorer classes) to regard themselves and each other as parasites.

                      People play this selfish game at all social levels. They regard themselves as “makers,” and everyone below them as “takers.”

                    • “In human society, the richer you are, the more you are a parasite who gets a free ride at the expense of society. Fortunately for the parasitic rich, they have programmed their hosts (the poorer classes) to regard themselves and each other as parasites.”


  6. The dear old USA is a Masonic entity and has been that since it’s unholy conception.

  7. Interesting how a single person managed to crap up this worthwhile piece about the theft of US elections with a bunch of BS about “unworthy voters”. This subtle “blame the victims” mentality lurks behind a great deal of neoliberal thinking, so I find it rather telling that a poster here fails to mention the ignorance of voters is in large part due to their limited exposure to truthful media while being bombarded with lies at home, work and school. To cast individual blame on the crappy votes of manipulated groups is pretty scummy. I also question anyone who claims to have lived so much as to know in truth that all or most people are bad. That simply isn’t the way life works. It is how propaganda and religion (same difference?) works, though…….

    • I guess you mean me. There is no excuse for “ignorance of the voters” in this day and age. Information is freely available online and elsewhere to those who choose truth over lies (or effort over laziness). Plus, there’s always the good old-fashioned “sniff test”. This isn’t about blaming the victim; it’s about saying that people get what they’ve earned. (You know — karma?) People who think they should get more than what they’ve earned usually don’t like to hear that.

      • it seems you’ve only “lived long enough & deep enough” to be a pig — as your screen-name appropriately labels you.

        your statements absolutely blame citizens for policies on which they were never consulted, never told about, and maybe never saw coming. i notice you didn’t respond to scott when he made this point in regards to bush, hillary, tarp, etc. but that’s supposed to be our collective “karma”? — what a load of crap.

        if you’ve lived so “long & deep” then you should understand the value of the individual’s right to vote. but i suppose you & others of your ilk are the only people qualified to cast a vote or decide who should have that right, since you’re so knowledgeable and wise.

        also, you can take your ideas re a “benevolent dictatorship” & stuff it — like your other statements, it’s pure garbage.

      • “I guess you mean me. There is no excuse for “ignorance of the voters” in this day and age.”

        yeah, it’s not like they are working twice as hard for twice as many hours as their parents to maintain a decent standard of living for their kids while the the MSM is twice as infiltrated by Mockingbird press agents and other Ayn Randian apostates who are constantly lying to them all day long. Yeah, folks got all kinds of time to run around researching better vehicles for their information gathering. And it’s not like folks don’t already understand that you can lose your job and be regulated to the scrap heap these days for having and sharing the wrong opinions on Facebook when their Ayn Rand worshiping bosses get wind of their posts.

        “Information is freely available online and elsewhere to those who choose truth over lies (or effort over laziness)”

        And there we have it. My father was a good man. A career Navy man. Smart as well. It took him a long time to realize I was right about our efforts in Iraq back in 2002 and 2003 but he eventually came around to it and in the end, he chose not to vote for Bush/Cheney in 2004. He had never not voted for the republican candidate. Ever. Big deal for him. Say what you will about him, he wasn’t willfully ignorant… nor lazy.

        That’s a big thing for the neoliberals isn’t it? People “getting what they deserve”? I suppose George W. Bush got what he deserved for being born into a rich, politically connected family with a father who was a traitor and a grandfather who was a Nazi banker. He got what he “deserved” right? As did all those service men and women who trusted him and Cheney and signed up to go to war in Iraq. The ones who came back broken, addicted or never came back at all. Did they “get what they earned”? Did Condi Rice? How about Donald Rumsfeld? Colin Powell? Hillary Clinton? Milton Friedman?

        “People who think they should get more than what they’ve earned usually don’t like to hear that.”

        You mean the “lazy” people right? No, I think people don’t get mad when they hear someone spout ridiculous sophomoric Atlas Shrugged tripe like that. They get mad being called lazy. Especially by folks who read a book of fiction written on a 6th grade level by an idiot who plagiarized most of it and think they are suddenly experts on the meaning of life, the deep state and macro/micro economic theory. That’s kinda like someone watching the Shining and thinking they are experts on faked moon landings.

        You know what gets me about folks like yourself coming around to places like this thinking you can influence how some of us think? Sycophants might be taught or told by their superiors that they can mold the minds of the non-believers due to their superior qualities and their more “realist” grasp on the way things work, but in reality, it’s like sending Hellen Keller into a juggling contest. They just don’t possess the tools to compete. Sycophants are sycophants because they lack the creativity to think for themselves and the courage to stand on their own even if everyone around them thinks they are wrong. And sycophants do that because they know they are handicapped and make a choice to find another way to succeed. Ironic isn’t it? The real parasites of our society are, as elizabethharris001 pointed out, the absurd rich and their unquestioning, insulting and desperate sycophantic hordes who do all they can to internalise the valuable lessons taught to them by ‘massa”. That’s the true parasites of this society. The ones who do the most damage. The ones who see themselves as elevated slaves who hate more than anything when other people, people they see as less valuable than themselves, call them out for what they really are: “house n@ggers”

        • In most cases, the higher we are on the ladder of wealth, power, and privilege, the more we are parasites who imagine ourselves to be hosts.

          Put another way, the more we are wealthy, the more we are “takers” who imagine ourselves to be “makers.” The more we imagine that without us, the people below us would be lost, when in reality the reverse is true.

          In connection with this, some people cope with their poverty and powerlessness by imagining themselves to be one of the rich. They do this by adopting the perverted rhetoric of the rich — e.g. “I can’t stand socialism,” or, “I’m tired of seeing takers and parasites all around me.”

          Average people do all the work in society. Rich people collect rent and interest in their sleep, parasitically sucking the lifeblood out of society while they call their slaves “parasites.”

      • and just for the record… you know that VIA Rail pass you have been enjoying so much as of late? Riding around Canada and posting on your blog about it? Seeing the country, learning, gaining a wider knowledge of the world and country you live in? You do know that VIA Rail is an independent crown corporation, subsidized by the Minister of Transport, and that a crown corporation is “A state-owned enterprise (SOE) is a legal entity that undertakes commercial activities on behalf of an owner, the government.” And you also know that VIA “was created by an Order in Council of the Privy Council” for the public good after CN decided it couldn’t make money on the passenger lines anymore.

        In short, that lovely little trip you are taking (and don’t get me wrong, it sounds lovely) is only affordable… because the train you are riding is a socialist entity of the state of Canada. That’s why you can afford it. Funny how that works huh? If it were up to private enterprise and the captains of Canadian industry, you would be hitchhiking right about now, and that is a lot less pleasant, i can assure you.

        just thought you would like to know.

        here’s a hint: while riding around enjoying socialist aspects of Canada, put down the Ayn Rand. 😉

        • Ayn Rand, von Mises and all the libertarian ideology was put here to corrupt minds of young because only young (a subset of them) can be susceptible to such a primitive and vile ideology. How to explain the older ones who are still into it? One group makes money out of it (gold bugs…). The other group is preyed by the first one. To which Ms. Piggy belong?

      • and finally, I am going to assume you are a young person due to your website and your taking the time to travel around Canada on that socialist train system you guys have. That’s good. Ever wonder why millennials don’t like the status quo as it is right now? Because they sense what is happening. Read this article about how the US ranks way down on the index that measures opportunities for young people across the world. It measures everything from employment/career opportunities, access to medical care and education… things like that. We are way down on the list and my guess is, it is getting worse. You’ll also notice a large number of the countries that top the list are those that are socialist in nature. Then if you go take a look at similar studies relating to the standards of living for entire populations per country, many of those same socialist nations rank at the top of them as well.

        of course, the neoliberalised countries, the brutal austerity “free market” economies, they rank way down on the list. You should check it out.

  8. Obama says it is simply not possible for a U.S. election to be rigged.

    Unless, of course, the person doing the rigging is a “Russian hacker.”

  9. Integrity of voting system: I believe that only paper voting with cameras on, into locked transparent boxes and then unsealing the boxes at the voting precinct and counting them (by hand!) it in a full view of cameras (and public) and reporting the results right away before sending them (and ballots) further up in the chain can assure the integrity of voting.

    No machines and no computers.

    Multiple voting can be eliminated by using indelible ink on fingers just like it was done in South Africa vote.

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