Terrorists Sabotage Delivery of Aid to Aleppo, Threaten Civilians – Lavrov

from Sputnik International

Al-Nusra Front terrorist group and Ahrar ash-Sham rebels who are considered to be moderate by the West despite cooperation with jihadists shell the routes where the humanitarian aid can enter Aleppo.

“Both al-Nusra Front and Ahrar ash-Sham and other organizations that cooperate with them are essentially sabotaging UN efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to eastern Aleppo with our support, with the support of the Syrian government. They directly shell the routes where the humanitarian aid can enter. At the same time, they prevent the civilians leaving eastern Aleppo by using threats, blackmail and brute force,” Lavrov told a press conference.

On Thursday, al-Nusra Front terrorists shelled civilians attempting to leave Aleppo via humanitarian corridors.

A “humanitarian pause” was introduced in Aleppo at 08:00 local time (05:00 GMT) on Thursday to ensure the safe evacuation of unarmed militants, and civilians from eastern Aleppo via eight designated corridors. Later, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that Moscow had decided to extend the humanitarian pause in Aleppo for another 24 hours.

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