Professor Warren in 2004 Describes Senator Warren’s Current Choice for President as a “Puppet” of Big Finance

by Scott Creighton

Ironic or just foreshadowing?

Back in 2004 then Professor Warren was having a chat with Bill Moyer about what a puppet Hillary Clinton had become once she became a US Senator in Jan. of 2001. She used as an example a bill sponsored by the credit card industry that would make it harder for individuals to file for bankruptcy protection. Warren said this bill would have an especially detrimental effect on single mothers trying to raise children. Warren had written an op-ed on the subject and Hillary Clinton saw it, brought Elizabeth in for a meet and tutoring session on the bill, then she went off back to the White House to get her husband to veto it after he and his Wall Street cronies had been pushing for it all along. Killary then used that progressive momentum to help push her into office in Jan. of 2001.

Then according to Professor Warren, one of the first bills that came up in the senate after Hillary was sworn in was that very same bill and she voted for it.

Elizabeth doesn’t seem to understand Hillary’s real motivation for getting the bill squashed before her election and she certainly doesn’t seem to understand that all they were doing was kicking it down the road a little to buy her time to get in office. Immediately afterward, she dutifully voted for it, her pretend concern for the middle class and all the single mothers out there went out the window. It was a sham and Professor Warren got sucked in “BELIEVING” in an idea of a truly progressive and liberal champion who just happened to be a woman.

In short, Hillary Clinton USED Prof. Warren and her wide-eyed addiction to HOPIUM that kept her BELIEVING that Hillary was genuinely of the same moral center Elizabeth possessed. it was clearly a callus and manipulative move on Clinton’s part. The kind that has kept them in power for decades. But then again, it’s not that hard to figure out…

Image result for hillary clinton democrats are stupid

What’s ironic is the fact that Warren claims in the video below that once someone is a senator, they become locked into being beholden to special interests, like the credit card companies, to the point where they will turn on a dime and support something they once found repulsive.

ಠ_ಠ  You see where I am going with this?

Elizabeth Warren now supports Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations like a rabid dog… now that she is Senator Warren. Irony? Foreshadowing? Mr. Smith went to Washington and changed it. That was fiction. Prof. Warren went to Washington and it changed her. This video is a sad little glimpse into the inner workings of the machine made even sadder by the example Elizabeth Warren herself presents.

With all that said, it’s not hard to understand how folks (like Hillary) think things like this about Democrats:

Image result for hillary clinton democrats are stupid

4 Responses

  1. Wall Street installed Warren as a U.S. senator in order to create the illusion that there is someone in government who “cares” about Wall Street’s victims.

    Warren is on Wall Street’s payroll. She occasionally makes progressive noises, while remaining careful to never actually do anything.

    I had long ago surmised that Warren was a scumbag. My assessment was doubly confirmed during the seven-week-long Israeli mass-bombardment of the Gaza Death Camp (8 July – 26 August 2014). Warren justified the extermination campaign by claiming that “Israel has a right to defend itself.”

    She is as ugly inside as she is outside.

    • Her and her husband are multi-millionaires. She served as chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel created to oversee the TARP program. She dooled out bailout money to the banks starting in 2008. yeah, she’s got our back. I guess that’s how they brought her in to start with, then came the payoff… a seat in the senate for life.

  2. Too trusting or too stupid; which fits the Democratic voter better?

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