Exposed: Deep State Ties to the Failed Turkish Coup

(President Erdogan is still being routinely demonized as the “creator”, “protector” and “state sponsor” of “ISIS” as well as a supposed full fledged partner in crime with the US/NATO war of aggression in Syria in both the MSM and unfortunately the so-called “alternative” media as well. Several things prove this is not the case. Many have even tried to make the claim that the failed coup in Turkey was a false flag event he himself staged in order to justify more authoritarian crackdowns in the country he supposedly rules with an iron fist. None of that is true. As I have pointed out many times, Erdogan began drifting away from the neoliberal West years ago when he first refused to take out another IMF loan and ever since then he has been targeted for either hard or soft regime change. His understanding of the Greater Kurdistan project and his opposition to it (because it requires a third of his country to make it work) cinched the deal. His own military leadership attempted to take him out on behalf of Western interests, just like the Morsi presidency in Egypt not that long ago. It was these same military leaders who have been allowing their border to be infiltrated by US/NATO “moderate” terrorists for all these years and these same CIA-backed generals who helped US interests stage the shoot-down of a Russian fighter jet this year. Erdogan has, after the failed coup, fired hundreds of generals linked to NATO and the CIA and has gone out of his way to reestablish mutually beneficial ties with Moscow. He is still very much opposed to the formation of Condi Rice’s “new Middle East” with Greater Kurdistan as it’s foundation. The following article sheds light on perhaps the most important and influential deep state program of the past ten years but it shouldn’t be telling anyone here anything new, only providing more insight and confirmation of what I and a few others (like Penny) have been reporting for quite sometime. What is interesting though is how Hillary Clinton was still receiving briefings from very influential assets of the deep state long after she left office.)

By Stephen A. Molling , Activist Post

Emails released by WikiLeaks describe recent activities of the American deep state. Of note is a statement by Henry Kissinger about President Erdogan six months before a failed coup against the Turkish leader:

Kissinger felt it was a “fantasy” to think Erdogan could become pro-Western, since he is very pro-Islamic.

The quote is from a leaked email entitled Turkey and ISIS (Defense Policy Board) sent to Hillary Clinton Advisor, Jake Sullivan, on January 17, 2016. The sixteen-point memo is intended to alert the Clinton campaign of the Defense Policy Board’s conclusion that President Erdogan is persona non grata.

Henry Kissinger is famous for the statement that “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” He has proven experience exercising that power while removing uncooperative heads of state.

After serving on the Defense Policy Board (DPB) for decades, 93-year-old Kissinger is the ranking elder of the council. He expressed the consensus of the group when he called the Turkish President anti-Western. For Erdogan it could have been the kiss of death.

When Henry Kissinger was the National Security Advisor, Socialist President Salvador Allende of Chile died in a military coup followed by mass killings and arrests. Later, when Kissinger was the Secretary of State, a similar coup occurred in Argentina followed by a military dictatorship. Clearly, bad things happen when Henry Kissinger thinks a foreign leader is anti-Western.

Kissinger is not the only member of the DPB with experience removing foreign leaders. This leaked memo from the State Department announced the addition of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to the group. Her trophies include the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, and sanctions imposed on Iraq that starved hundreds of thousands of people. She later described those actions as “worth it.”

The author of the email, Stu Eizenstat, is a former Ambassador to the European Union and a former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton. He could not have known that his email would inform the public that U.S. decision makers discussed actions against President Erdogan six months before the failed coup.

Attorney Eizenstat’s memo reads like a court room indictment against the Turkish leader:

Turkey is a very difficult ally. Prime Minister Erdogan has taken Turkey in a more Islamic direction,

Erdogan was driving the country to the brink of civil conflict

His top priority and ours are different. Ours is fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq. His is combating the PKK.

He has acted provocatively in recent weeks… these types of actions have the risk of drawing in the U.S.

Erdogan believes the U.S. needs Turkey more than Turkey needs the U.S. There was a division in the Board of how to deal with this problem.

Eizenstat suggests that plans were discussed to use economic warfare and covert actions to “help” the Turkish President to understand that he “needs” America.

Along with most other world leaders, Erdogan has made many attempts to stay on the good side of the power-elite in Washington. The foreign leaders are motivated by videos showing Saddam Hussein hanging from the end of a rope and Ghaddafi being beaten and killed by a mob

Erdogan has also seen the unfortunate spectacle of Hillary Clinton squealing with delight over Gaddafi’s death. She was overjoyed that she completed her first foreign coup and could now join Kissinger and Albright in the Deep State Hall of Fame. The difference between her coup and those of her elder colleagues was that they left a government in place afterwards, while Hillary Clinton left only chaos behind in Libya.

Erdogan wanted badly to cooperate with the demands made on him by the deep state but he could not comply without losing his power and possibly his life. This email shows that Erdogan dispatched his Prime Minister to request a private meeting with Hillary Clinton in September of 2015.

It is important to realize that Hillary Clinton is not currently a member of the U.S. government. The official request for a meeting by the Turkish government was unusual as was her briefing by the DPB. Welcome to the American deep state, where the functions of government rest in the hands of a small group of unelected insiders.

Additional emails to the Clinton campaign foreshadow the demise of the Turkish leader. Two weeks after the memo from Eizenstat, Campaign Chairman Podesta received an article from the German Marshall Fund, a think tank headed by a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The article is entitled “Is Turkey a Reliable Ally?” The conclusion of the article is a definite “no.” More bad news for the Turkish President.

Erdogan is aware of his precarious position. He has seen the map created by the U.S. military illustrating what a “better” Middle East would look like. In the map, Turkey has lost a third of its territory to a new entity called Kurdistan. If Erdogan allows that to happen, his own people will rise up against him.

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5 Responses

  1. “Many have even tried to make the claim that the failed coup in Turkey was a false flag event that Erdogan himself staged in order to justify more authoritarian crackdowns in the country he supposedly rules with an iron fist.” ~ S.C.

    There is a difference between [1] staging a false flag coup, and [2] sensing that a coup is in the air, and then using political catalysts to make the coup happen, so that it can be used as a pretext to purge troublesome personnel. I think Erdogan did #2. I think he became tired of collaborating with the Empire and having nothing to show for it. I think he became tired of promises that were never kept, and tired of “deep state” intrigues that were never ending.

    He did not do an about-face and embrace the Russians. Instead, the way I see it, he decided that Turkey would now chart an independent course that is fully in the interests of Turkey. From now on, if Erdogan makes deals with the Empire or with Russia, he will do so cautiously. He will ask, “What’s in it for us?” and he will watch to see if promises are kept. No more reckless gambling or blind trust. No more consulting with the Empire before moving against Kurdish insurgents. No more bowing to the Empire today in the hope of getting something from the Empire tomorrow. (Something that never comes.)

  2. As more evidence that Turkey is following its own independent policy, last night a Turkish aerial strike killed 200 Kurds in the city of Afrin, Syria (23 miles north of Aleppo). That’s a Turkish estimate, and it may be exaggerated.

    Turkey has long objected to US support for the Kurds in Syria. Afrin is a special sore spot for Turkey, since it is far west of the rest of Syrian Kurdistan, though it has been a Kurdish area since at least the 1800s.

    The Turks invaded Syria in August 2016, and since then they have demanded that all Kurds withdraw to northeast Syria. That is, stay on the east side of the Euphrates River.

    • SANA News agency said it was around 140 but they didn’t mention the fact that it was Kurdish forces that were killed. Curious.

      • The media has made PKK synonymous with Kurds. Hence, when Turkey targets YPG, its ‘Kurds’ that are killed, as if they are all civilians. Some idiots on teitter claim its a genocidal campaign.
        PKK has been totally whitewashed, thanks to the MSM promoting them as eglitarian progressives, instead of virulent ethno-nationalists terrorists.
        They are daily killing security personal & civilians, but that is apparently OK.

        Syria has made some hard statements against the Turkish strikes, as have Russia, saying they must stop.
        It is perplexing to me, as Turkey is in a way doing Assad a favor.

        • that confuses me as well. unless both Assad and Russia have bought into the plan to give eastern Syria to Greater Kurdistan, it doesn’t make sense. that might be the deal the Russians forced on Assad though. I just don’t know but like you, it confuses the hell out of me.

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