As Obama’s Mosul Shock and Awe Campaign Ramps Up, Preemptive Media Propaganda About “Human Shields” Surfaces to Explain Away “Tens of Thousands” of Civilian Casualties

by Scott Creighton

This is as horrible as it is sadly predictable. It’s straight out of the “IDF attacks Gaza” playbook and I hate to see it happening all over again because I know for a fact that the corrupt complicit MSM and their ladder-climbing quaffed talking heads will never say a truthful word about it.

Here’s the story: according to reports, over a hundred thousands Iraqi “Special Forces” troops (i.e. “Government-backed Shia death squads”), Kurdish pershmerga troops (Kurdish death squads accused recently by other Kurds as “ethnically cleansing” areas of Iraq for their own purposes) and US military “advisers” (recall Vietnam?) are moving in on Mosul which is supposed to house 5,000 “ISIS” fighters at this point. They have the whole of the awesome power of US/coalition air-power providing cover and airstrikes as they advance on the city of 2.5 million people (now reduced to an estimated 1.5 million)… and we are told this heavily one-sided assault will take…


I’m sorry… what was that? Over one hundred thousand troops and the full might of the US air force against five thousand guys with AKs and Special Ops pickup trucks….


Oh I don’t know, maybe it works that way because we’ve already allowed our “ISIS” contractors to leave the city on route to Syria and now we have to pacify the ENTIRE POPULATION OF MOSUL because they dared to say they didn’t want to live in neoliberalized client state of ours that Iraq has become AFTER THE ILLEGAL FUCKING INVASION WE CONDUCTED, BASED ON MORE LIES, BACK IN 2003.  Maybe it works kinda like that.

To that unfortunate end, the complicit media, especially the left-leaning complicit media (you know who you are Rachel Madcow (H/T Tom K.) is already starting the pretext narrative concerning “tens of thousands” of future dead civilians in Mosul. I shit you not. They are being trivialized already as “human shields”… you know, the kind that bin Laden used when he was supposedly killed in his bedroom. Oh wait. That never happened. Ah. Yes. I see. Now I get it.

Residents of Mosul said Islamic State was using civilians as human shields as Iraqi and Kurdish forces captured outlying villages in their advance on the jihadists’ stronghold..

“It’s quite clear Daesh (Islamic State) has started to use civilians as human shields by allowing families to stay in buildings likely to be targeted by air strikes,” said Abu Mahir, who lives near the city’s university…

Around 1.5 million people still live in Mosul and the International Organization for Migration said Islamic State may use tens of thousands of residents as human shields to hold onto their last city stronghold in Iraq.” The Huffington Post rag

“Tens of thousands”…. “families in buildings LIKELY targeted by air strikes”

It makes me sick to my stomach.

Wanna hear something worse?

“The IOM said there was a likelihood of chemical attacks by the jihadists, who had used such weapons previously against Iraqi Kurdish forces.” The Huffington Post rag

You don’t use chemical weapons on advancing troops. You use them to pacify targeted areas and to clear out the unwanted elements such as uppity dissident civilians. I guess the real evidence will be whether or not civilians are killed with the chemical weapons or pershmerga terrorists and Iraqi death squads suffer from them but I think we all know unfortunately how that tally will end up being counted in the end.

Before, I thought maybe President Peace Prize would wait until the lame duck session after the election before launching such a destructive and callous attack on the people of Mosul but it makes sense for him to do it now. The complicit media is all in on Hillary. They do everything they can all day long to nudge her corrupt, lying ass into the Big House and by extension, they would NEVER TELL A SINGLE TALE ABOUT A MURDEROUS SHOCK AND AWE CAMPAIGN BEING RUN IN IRAQ BY OBAMA AT THIS TIME BECAUSE HE IS ONE OF HER KEY SURROGATES AND SHE IS SEEN LARGELY AS A CONTINUATION OF THE CLINTON/BUSH/OBAMA PRESIDENCIES.

What we are about to see happen in Mosul will make My Lai and Fallujah look like a middle school lunchroom food fight and nobody, nobody, will pay the slightest bit of attention. Kinda like what happened to East Timor, it may take decades for the truth to get out.

Perhaps what we are about to witness with eyes wide shut is something on the scale of the Dec. 1989 invasion of Panama when George H. W. Bush decided he was going to prove to everyone he wasn’t a “wimp”

Thousands died, bodies lay piled in the streets and reports of our forces burning corpses so they couldn’t be counted among the dead were commonplace. And the press went right along for the ride from beginning propaganda to the cover-up in the end.

“Elizabeth Montgomery, narrating The Panama Deception, says: “It soon became clear that the objectives were not limited only to military targets. According to witnesses, many of the surrounding residential neighborhoods were deliberately attacked and destroyed.” [4]

Witnesses recounted U.S. soldiers setting residential buildings on fire. Video footage shows the charred remains of rows of housing complexes in El Chorillo, one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

“The North Americans began burning down El Chorillo at about 6:30 in the morning. They would throw a small device into a house and it would catch on fire,” recounted an anonymous witness in the film. “They would burn a house, and then move to another and begin the process all over again. They burned from one street to the next. They coordinated the burning through walkie-talkies.” [5]

People were crushed by tanks, captured Panamanians were executed on the street, and bodies were piled together and burned. Survivors were reportedly hired to fill mass graves for $6 per body.” Counterpunch, 2014

Mosul is a future documentary in progress brought to you by President Peace Prize of the “CHANGE” coalition under the careful complicit media cover of “Trump’s insensitive comments” circa 20 years ago. That and the Israeli standard “human shields” propaganda.

“Tens of thousands”… “families in buildings targets by air strikes”… “chemical weapons”… all so President Obama can pacify the population and reclaim George Bush’s Iraq in the name of our “national interests”

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    Saudi Arabia plans to raise up to $17.5 billion this week by selling bonds to international investors for the first time. Other Gulf oil sheikhdoms such as Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and UAE will do the same, ostensibly to plug huge budget deficits.


    Each of these countries has its own currency, which their governments create out of thin air in infinite amounts. So why do they need to raise money to plug budget deficits?


    They don’t. What these articles never mention is that the Gulf oil exporters need >>foreign<< currency. They export oil, and must import everything else, from food to medicine, to you name it. To buy imports, they need foreign currency, such as euros or dollars. To get foreign currency they sell more oil. If the price of oil is low, then they can only get foreign currency by borrowing it. They borrow foreign currency by selling bonds. Qatar and Saudi Arabia are especially in need of foreign currency so they can continue to buy munitions for their wars against Syria and Yemen.

    Meanwhile the USA does not need foreign currency, since the U.S. dollar is accepted worldwide. (Saudi riyals, by contrast, or only accepted in Saudi Arabia.)


    Why do these articles almost never mention the difference between foreign and domestic currency?


    Because their authors are liars. They want you to (falsely) think that dollars, for example, are physical and limited, so that you submit to gratuitous austerity, plus needless cuts in programs like like Social Security. They want you to (falsely) think that the U.S. government (which creates its money out of thin air) is the same as a private household, which must budget its expenses.

  2. “It’s straight out of the ‘IDF attacks Gaza’ playbook.” ~ S.C.

    Precisely. The U.S. government, and the Western corporate media outlets, learned from the Israelis to condemn all innocent civilian victims as “human shields.” Rachel Madcow likes this term, since she is a Jewish supremacist.

    U.S. troops are now participating in the siege of Mosul, which is far larger and fiercer than the Russian-Syrian operation in east Aleppo. Anything that moves in the central city will be vaporized. Innocent women and children are “human shields.”

    And yes, the “likelihood of chemical attacks by the jihadists” means that U.S. forces are using chemical weapons against the people of Mosul.

    The reason why the Mosul assault will take two months to complete is that it covers the entire Kurdish area of Iraq. Not just the autonomous Kurdish region, but other Kurdish majority regions such as Kirkuk, Khanaqin, Sinjar and Mandali-Badra, an area of almost 80,000 square miles.

    Everyone in these areas who is not a Kurd (or an Israeli) will be purged. Thus, an area about the size of Austria (Europe) will be subjected to ethnic cleansing with U.S. help. Then the USA will build the Kurds an infrastructure so they can have their own nation called Iraqi Kurdistan.

    This was the U.S. plan from the start, but it has long been stymied by objections from Baghdad. Now, spurred by the bullshit about “ISIS,”™ and by the loss of Syria, the U.S. will finally complete its plan.

    And yes, the carnage in Mosul will be epic.

  3. Here’s another reason why the Mosul campaign will be lengthy…

    Syria is full of terrorist mercenaries, sometimes called “jihadists.” Most are not Syrian.

    By contrast, native Iraqi Sunnis in Mosul are rebels, not jihadists. Their attackers are not united. The U.S. army, Iraqi army, Kurdish Peshmerga, Shia Hashd al-Shaabi, and Sunni fighters from Nineveh province suspect and fear each other as much as they hate the rebels.

    Why should Sunnis fight their fellow Sunnis? Why should Shi’ites fight Sunnis to liberate Mosul for the Kurds? Why should Iraqis do most of the ground fighting, while the USA provides air support and rear line support?

    Turkey does not want the Kurds to retake Mosul. Turkey has 1,500 soldiers at Bashiqa, close to the front line. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi wants them gone. Erdogan refuses.

    The average U.S. soldier has no idea what’s going on. He just follows orders, and hopes to finish his tour so he can get college tuition money back home.

    Thus, the Mosul campaign is chaotic and ramshackle. It only seems united because of the participation of 12 U.S. generals and 5,000 U.S. troops. If it is not finished quickly, it will bog down. If U.S. troops storm the city, they will begin coming home in body bags.

    The U.S. bombardment of Mosul and Yemen will make the USA seem even more hypocritical for condemning the campaign against eastern Aleppo.

    The fault for all of today’s nightmares in the Middle East (ALL OF THEM) lies with the U.S. government. Yes, the Israelis and Gulf oil sheikhdoms are involved, as is Western Europe, but they would all be helpless without the USA.

  4. Oh it will get drawn out. Two weeks, two months, two years. It’s all bullshit. It can’t be eternal war if it doesn’t continue eternally, after all.

  5. None of this really makes any sense, which is why I think general cognitive dissonance and apathy is actually one of the main goal. They hope We loose hope of peace and freedom

    They dont care what We find out about the wars as longs as we keep the narrative inside the geo political box. But what if the Real reason for alle the human suffering and deaths is really outside the box?

    3-4000 years ago some people and groups practiced human sacrifice right out in the open, burning people alive in the belly of a bronze Bull, not unlike the one on Wall Street and all other sorts of nastyness.

    Today We thing all this simple went away cos We became more cililized. But what if it never went away but only went Dark. What if the deep state is nothing more than the strong arm of an invisible death cult going back thousands of years?

    Just a thought.
    When civilians die in so great numbers, when it could easily be avoided, there might be a different explanation, I mean our past i rife with human sacrifices. Take the US Manifest Destiny Indian Holocaust

    Color me crazy, but I Am beginning to think that the elite is in fact a satanic/luciferian death cult, and they are rewarded for causing massiv human suffering and death, by what ever fucked up entity the think they are worshipping.

    So as long as the leaks stay inside the geo-pol box, they dont Care what is leaked. That is why you never hear about all the missing children in the US and the proven child cacrifices know to have happen

    • My own viewpoint is much simpler, and is based on the premise that the human experience of wealth and power is relative.

      If everyone has a million dollars, then no one is special. But if I have a million, and everyone else has nothing, there I am a god. Therefore my sensation of wealth and power is based not on what I have, but on how much more I have than you have. My sensation of wealth and power is relative to your lack of wealth and power. The greater the gap between you and me, the more I enjoy the sensation of wealth and power. The greater the gap, the more I am a god, and you are an insect.

      For this reason, I strive to continually widen the gap between you and me. I do this by acquiring more than you, and by stealing from you, so that you suffer. The more you suffer, the greater is the gap between you and me, and thus, the more wealth and power I feel.

      This is why rich people and their puppet politicians starve the masses, even though not a single penny of federal spending comes from the rich. Rich people pay little or no taxes, and in any case, the federal government has no need or use for tax revenue, since the federal government creates its spending money out of thin air.

      And so, the rich and their toadies (pundits, professors, and politicians) falsely claim that there is “no money” for social programs. They do this to starve you, so they can be above you.

      Rich people are not debt slaves or wage slaves. They do not wait in airports, or in traffic. They do whatever they want, whenever they want. They exult in knowing that 99% of people do not have such luxuries. Therefore, most rich people are sadists. (By “rich people” I mean people rich enough to control nations.)

      So for me, it’s not worship of Satan. Its sadism. (Perhaps they are the same thing.)

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