Continuing with Their “SAVE HILLARY!” Campaign, the FBI Just Teamed Up With the Czech Republic to Arrest a “Russian Hacker” Patsy

by Scott Creighton

The biggest drawback of their “The Godless Russians did it!” story is that they have no proof and everyone is coming to understand, even The Donald, that it’s all simply cover for embarrassing Hillary, Podesta and DNC email leaks with a little New McCarthyism thrown in for good measure.

That’s all about to change.

The FBI just teamed up with police from the Czech Republic to arrest a “Russian hacker” they will claim is the culprit behind all of these leaks. I wonder if the FBI team that helped them “find” this guy were some of the new international FBI teams they got in that quid-pro-quo deal with the State Department. If so, they are certainly earning their new paychecks aren’t they?

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As Obama’s Mosul Shock and Awe Campaign Ramps Up, Preemptive Media Propaganda About “Human Shields” Surfaces to Explain Away “Tens of Thousands” of Civilian Casualties

by Scott Creighton

This is as horrible as it is sadly predictable. It’s straight out of the “IDF attacks Gaza” playbook and I hate to see it happening all over again because I know for a fact that the corrupt complicit MSM and their ladder-climbing quaffed talking heads will never say a truthful word about it.

Here’s the story: according to reports, over a hundred thousands Iraqi “Special Forces” troops (i.e. “Government-backed Shia death squads”), Kurdish pershmerga troops (Kurdish death squads accused recently by other Kurds as “ethnically cleansing” areas of Iraq for their own purposes) and US military “advisers” (recall Vietnam?) are moving in on Mosul which is supposed to house 5,000 “ISIS” fighters at this point. They have the whole of the awesome power of US/coalition air-power providing cover and airstrikes as they advance on the city of 2.5 million people (now reduced to an estimated 1.5 million)… and we are told this heavily one-sided assault will take…


I’m sorry… what was that? Over one hundred thousand troops and the full might of the US air force against five thousand guys with AKs and Special Ops pickup trucks….


Oh I don’t know, maybe it works that way because we’ve already allowed our “ISIS” contractors to leave the city on route to Syria and now we have to pacify the ENTIRE POPULATION OF MOSUL because they dared to say they didn’t want to live in neoliberalized client state of ours that Iraq has become AFTER THE ILLEGAL FUCKING INVASION WE CONDUCTED, BASED ON MORE LIES, BACK IN 2003.  Maybe it works kinda like that.

To that unfortunate end, the complicit media, especially the left-leaning complicit media (you know who you are Rachel Madcow (H/T Tom K.) is already starting the pretext narrative concerning “tens of thousands” of future dead civilians in Mosul. I shit you not. They are being trivialized already as “human shields”… you know, the kind that bin Laden used when he was supposedly killed in his bedroom. Oh wait. That never happened. Ah. Yes. I see. Now I get it.

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“CrossTalk” – Media lynching?