Syrian Army Claims US, Saudi Arabia Allow Daesh to Flee From Mosul to Syria

(Wouldn’t be the first time the US allowed “ISIS” to “escape” now would it.)

from Sputnik International

The Syrian Army claims the US and Saudi Arabia allow Daesh (“ISIS”) terrorists to flee from Mosul to Syria, the army statement released on state media on Tuesday said.

According to the statement the US-led coalition plans to entail securing roads and safe passages into Syria to allow the terrorists consolidate their presence and create “new battleground realities” in eastern Syria. “Any attempt to cross the border is an attack on the sovereignty of Syria… and would be dealt with with all forces available,” the army statement released on state media said.

2 Responses

  1. The Sunni insurgents in Iraq are not “ISIS.”™

    They are Sunnis who have been marginalized, discriminated against, and slaughtered by the US-supported Kurds in the north, and by the US-installed government in the south.

    Sunnis have traditionally lived in Anbar Province, in western Iraq, whose capital is Ramadi. In early 2014 they launched a successful campaign to seize control of their own province from the U.S.-installed government in Baghdad.

    Since then, the Baghdad government, with US help, has been working to exterminate the Sunnis. Most cities in Anbar Province have been cut off from main supply routes. Cities like Fallujah are almost uninhabitable because of radiation from DU munitions. The USA legitimizes all this by calling Iraqi Sunnis “ISIS.”™

    • the Sunni insurgency, represented by the GMCIR, are not alone in places like Mosul. We have had “ISIS” in some of those cities doing what our “moderates” do in Syria in places like Aleppo, basically doing what they can to terrorize the population of towns and cities who support the GMCIR and the real revolution in Iraq. They are the stay behind forces fighting a hit and run campaign. So, according to the GMCIR at least, they do exist in that city, or they did.

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