I Received an Interesting Email from the GMCIR (?) Just Prior to Coalition Attack on Mosul

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: See update at end of article

The battle to reclaim Mosul from “ISIS” has begun. It started at 2am local time last night and consists of coalition bombers, coalition attack helicopters, official Iraqi Special Police death squads and some Kurdish pershmerga fighters who have been ethnically cleansing some areas of Iraq and Syria trying to pave the way for Greater Kurdistan. There are a reported 5,000 US troops in the country at this time. It is unclear if US troops are advising on the ground in and around Mosul. Mosul is a city of about 2.5 million people and estimates put about 1 million remaining at the time of this attack.

It should be noted, Mosul is one of the key strongholds of the real resistance that developed in Iraq after the US pulled out a couple years ago and Prime Minister Maliki, our puppet, started killing off protesters in large numbers. That resistance is made up of a number of various groups that operate under the umbrella organization known as the General Military Council of Iraqi Revolutionaries or GMCIR for short.

There are a number of reports (here and here) that US/Coalition forces allowed “ISIS” to leave Mosul a couple days ago just before the attack began so they could travel to Der Ezzor in Syria and help with their destabilization campaign taking place up there.

“But under the supposed agreement – allegedly brokered by Saudi Arabia – the US-led coalition will only bomb targets agreed with the militants in advance, reports the Daily Star.

The military source in Moscow told the Star: “In preparation for the operation in Mosul, US intelligence agencies and Saudi Arabia agreed that before the assault all militants will be offered a safe route to leave the city with their families.” The Sun

CNN seems to have confirmed at least part of this story in their own backhanded way:

“The Nineveh Liberation Operations Center, which was set up to coordinate the offensive, has brought in dozens of American and British advisers. A US artillery unit has provided cover for operations south of Mosul.

On ISIS’ side of the fight, there have been reports of a growing network of tunnels leaving the city. The terrorist outfit has also allowed wounded fighters to leave Mosul and freed prisoners jailed for low-level offenses.CNN

So it seems to be confirmed by at least one MSM outlet: some “ISIS” fighters and prisoners were allowed to exit Mosul.

So if this is true and “ISIS” is nothing more than a destabilization campaign being used as justification for President Peace Prize to go into Iraq and put down a real insurgency, who are we actually bombing in Mosul and did they make contact with me a few days ago in anticipation of the start of the campaign against Mosul?

In this article from 2014 posted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, they write about how this struggle in Iraq is less about “ISIS” and more about curbing the growing insurgency of the GMCIR which is made up of many groups who oppose our occupation of the client state of Iraq.

“Today, the simplistic portrayal by media and world politicians of the rebellion in Iraq risks making a similar mistake. Headlines as well as political statements focused on ISIS as the only force behind the takeover of several Sunni cities north of Baghdad. And although more recent coverage started to acknowledge the presence of other forces, the dynamics in Sunni areas are still far more complex. But regardless of the extent of its role, ISIS is only one faction in the insurgency. There are at least half a dozen groupings that took part in the offensive.

Other than the two jihadi militias ISIS and Ansar al-Islam, insurgents include a coalition of nearly 80 Sunni Arab tribes, known as the Military Council of the Tribes of Iraq. This coalition has strong presence in Sunni areas especially in Fallujah, Ramadi, and in various areas in Nineveh and Salaheddin. According to Arabic news site al-Araby al-Jadid, the coalition is estimated to include about 41 armed groups, among them soldiers and officers from the dismantled Iraqi army of Saddam Hussein.

Then there is the Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order, a group allegedly headed by former Iraqi vice president Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri. Formed in 2007, the group consists of thousands of former members of the Baath party, as well Sufi and Muslim Brotherhood-leaning fighters. At least in terms of numbers, the group is a strong rival to ISIS and has strong social roots in the community. In 2009, U.S. officials warned that the order might be more dangerous than al-Qaeda because its members succeeded in establishing deep roots within Sunni Iraqi society.

The Naqshbandis, who operate mostly in Mosul, downplay their Sunni focus and claim to have Kurdish and Shia members.”  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

The GMCIR is made up of the Military Council of the Tribes of Iraq and the more efficient Naqshbandis, led by Izzat al-Douri, the red-headed former general of Saddam’s army.

Notice the cities they list that were the strongholds of these two factions: Fallujah, Ramadin Nineveh and now Mosul. These are the major attacks that the coalition and Iraqis claimed they attacked because they belonged to “ISIS” and as the article states, the media focuses on “ISIS” while they retake these cities from the revolutionaries in the country.

I’ll be covering this more in the next few days but I wanted to post something about an email I received the other day and chose not to publish due to a few questions I had for the sender(s).

It’s basically a press release supposedly from the General Military Council for the Iraqi Revolutionaries concerning the (then) upcoming coalition attack on Mosul.

Before the NSA and Pentagon trolls reading this try to accuse me of treason or being in contact with the enemy, first of all, it’s not from “ISIS” is it? And we aren’t at war with the GMCIR are we?

Secondly, this is nothing more than an English translation of a statement they posted openly on their website, available for anyone to translate and read.

The reason they sent this to me is because I am one of the few who have written about the GMCIR in the past. Of course, for our friends at the NSA and the Pentagon, I’m not the only one who has written the truth about what is happening in Iraq like I did when they took Ramadi. Just reference the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace article above or check out the Washington Post writing about them taking Fallujah or the BBC around the same time.  In short, I’m a journalist trying to get a story out to the public about what’s happening in Iraq and specifically, in Mosul just like the Post and the BBC did way back when.

And if you guys don’t think a blogger is a journalist, just ask the Ninth Circuit Court:

“The Ninth Circuit ruled as such on Friday in Obsidian Finance Group v. Crystal Cox, a complicated case first decided in 2011. The court found that even though someone might not write for the “institutional press,” they’re entitled to all the protections the Constitution grants journalists.” The Atlantic

And with that Gitmo disclaimer out of the way, back to the story.

So, a week ago I received an email which included some screenshots of a declaration, supposedly from the GMCIR regarding the upcoming assault on the city of Mosul. As I have already stated, there seems there was a decided exodus of “ISIS” from the city in the days leading up to last night. This press release they sent to me mentions that but they suggest themselves “ISIS” take off and leave the city.

You can find those screenshot from the original email posted at the end of this article.

What follows now is an email I received just this morning after the coalition attack on Mosul started late last night. Again, it is purported to be from the GMCIR though I have not attempted to track the IP address associated with communication and have no confirmation that it is from them.

When I first received the original email, I replied that I could not in good faith publish their communication without having a couple questions answered first. The email below is their reply in which they answered all of them. Their responses are in blue bold text and their quoting of my email, my questions, are in black.

Dear Mr. Scott Creighton

Many thank for your e-mail and interest.

Please find our answer for your quotations and stated below

I certainly have a lot of questions for you .As you probably already know,

I have been writing about the General Military Council for the Iraqi Revolutionaries for a while now. I’ve been saying they are the real target in Iraq, like the legitimate Assad government is the real target in Syria and that the GMCIR is NOT affiliated with what we call “ISIS” over here.

I guess the most interesting question I have deals with:

  • what you call Iranian militias. Are you not aware of Iraqi death squads and special police units killing Iraqis? Defiantly aware, of those whom are officially and those whom are undercover  
  •  What are these “Iranian militias” …….. and why would they be aiding the US in their efforts to suppress a legitimate uprising in Iraq? Simply because the share the same Goal
  •  I’m confused because the Iranians are helping the Syrians in their fight against “ISIS” and the US-backed “moderate” terrorist organizations that are there to bring about regime change in the country?   We are very much convinced that the Iranian and the US share the same goals in Meddle East , and in particularly   in Iraq and Syria, However the  priorities  of both parties doesn’t have to be the same the time, that’s why you see some dispute  in the priority but Not on the principle of the goal
  • When your press release talks about “ISIS” in Mosul, what do you mean? We been educating the Tribes from day One that ISIS are the must Dangerous  enemy of the Iraqi and in particular the Sunni, and by our statement trying to prove to the Sunnis  that if really ISIS has slight concern of the Sunnis, They should leave the city and try to save the People of Mosul the Massacre which is going to happened
  • I thought Mosul was the heart of the resistance. I know the US and Brits and the French intend to attack the city and as you said, ….the result of that will be catastrophic for the civilian population there. This is the Goal of Iran,  and Unfortunately the US and France are achieving that goal,
  • I want to publish your press release, but I have to understand these issues better before I do.
  • Is the GMCIR still dedicated to liberating Iraq from the US occupation? No.                  We are fighting  the Iranian occupation
  • Do you see the new Prime Minister as being the same as Maliki? Defiantly, There are the same….. sorry for the American expression ( same Shit Deferent  Day ) these people are Iranian Employee
I hope you find our answer helpful 

Some interesting things I noticed about this:

  • yes, “ISIS” did leave the city, or they may have in large numbers or just a few “injured” ones accompanied by some “prisoners” but that apparently is not going to “save the people of Mosul the massacre” that is unfolding as we speak.
  • they claim they are not interested in ending the occupation of Iraq
  • they seem to be more focused on the “Iranian empire” than they are the US and NATO empire.
  • they seem to think the Iranians and the United States are colluding with each other to crush the Iraqi revolution?

It’s very confusing to me. The Iranians working with the US and France against the people of Iraq? What about Syria? Certainly the Iranians aren’t helping over there.

But then again, there is that 1.5 billion dollar cash payment from a little while ago.

I don’t know. I have to run right now. I’ll be back and post their screenshots then. I wanted to get this out early this morning to get your take on it. Could be the GMCIR are trying to soften their appearance as they hope to lessen the wrath of the coalition on the people of Mosul. Could be this was sent to me from MacDill Air Force Base. Or Tel Aviv?

You guys let me know what you think.

Here are the images of the press release they sent me.




sent to me on Oct. 12, 2016

UPDATE: If this is from the GMCIR (and I am starting to believe it really is) it is certainly a contradiction to some of their previous statements in some regards. However, their focus on the Persian invasion remains consistent.

statement 33, Sept. 20th, 2014

Our land is passing through a dangerous stage that places at a crossroads between two choices, the better of which is bitter, as two projects today face off against each other: the first being the project of division and separation and destroying Iraq with its people and by geography. The second is the project of Persian hegemony that will keep Iraq under the control of the land of the Persians, secluded and obscure in the pages of its project after its destruction is complete, along with the exhaustion of all its resources.

Indeed Iraq is set on crucial days and a bloody war that will last for years and exhaust all the capabilities and resources of the Iraqi people, its society, its sons, its kinship and its inheritance through an American strategy, whose plan of operations will rely on: (a) airstrikes from an international coalition on targets outlined by intelligence organization and drone reconnaissance, (b) ground assault forces whose support is [for] a sectarian army with sectarian mobilization militias backed by the Iranian Quds Force and new Sahwa formations, (c) Iraqi and Arab financial support that will drain the wealth and resources of the Ummah and will take away the rights of its peoples over these resources. Indeed this operation will cost Iraq souls that are the most valuable and dear just as it will cost Iraq years of burning in vain, towns under assault, billions spent, segregation of provinces, and demographic changes that will take place. Also this war will entrench societal division along ethnic and sectarian lines.

And behold how the new Abadi government- which includes amid its ranks four ministers officially linked to the Iranian Quds Force and whose names were elevated in the lists of its monthly salaries- has begun covering dangerous projects under the pretenses of fighting terrorism and fighting the “organization of the Islamic State [IS]”, and in the name of responding to the demands of the provinces in rebellion. And perhaps the most dangerous of those projects is the formations of the National Guard that are new Sahwa forces that will be promoted by tribal sheikhs from among those who have built up edifices from criminal wealth…

Indeed our sons in the General Military Council for Iraq’s Revolutionaries have resolved on the pledge they have undertaken for the people of Iraq: that they will continue with the revolution of all Iraqis until victory and with them all nationalists and noble ones from the sons of the homeland, in persons, components, and national, societal and tribal gatherings, who have chosen to side with righteousness and its people for the sake of Iraq and its steadfast people. GMCIR Sept. 20, 2014

At this point, I don’t have any question about this series of communications coming from someone acting on behalf of the GMCIR.

9 Responses

  1. This was the first item I chose to read this morning Scott. Regrettably, I will now spend the remainder of the day suspended in cognitive dissonance. I don’t know what to think or believe anymore regarding the GMCIR.

    The Iranians? What about their Russian affiliations in the region especially in Syria. I suppose they must wear several hats and make some strange bedfellows in pursuit of their principles. But could they be so short-sighted has to think allying with the coalition for a chunk of Iraq is in their best long term national interests?

    Seems hard to fathom but is it possible the Iranians are in cahoots with the Atlantis (US, UK Israel) power block? Again, it doesn’t serve their long term interests for the entire middle east to be carved up; at least I wouldn’t think so.

    Funny if true isn’t it? The Iranians making side deals with the Great Satan?

    Certainly more verifiable evidence is required.

  2. I agree with Hugh: this is curious as hell. I don’t doubt that Iraqi resistance groups have been smeared with “ISIS” paint to justify atrocities and all, but it seems funny how the GMCIR goals (at least as presented here) appear to align neatly with NATO (and friends) objectives in the region. Is it possible they were a sort of stay-behind force (perhaps call it GMCIA) to counter the expected Iranian influence?

    If this letter is for real and GMCIR is really fighting every bully in their neighborhood, where are they getting support from? How could they sustain a war so long without help?

    • that’s a good question. I know they get a lot of support from the communities themselves but that certainly isn’t going to provide them the military aid they need. It’s likely someone is arming them secretly.

      • I suppose with hardware left over from our military adventures, it’s possible they could squirrel away enough to hold out. Maybe they’re able to buy weapons from smugglers on the down low?

        Perhaps they’re legit? I guess it makes sense for GMCIR to deal with the proximal threat first (Shiite death squads) and distal threats second (i.e., Kurdistan Project, western proxies).

        Either way, it sure doesn’t make our imperial strategists look very competent.

        • I’m pretty sure they are legit and the one reason President Peace Prize needed the creation of “ISIS” to justify going BACK into Iraq after patting himself on the back for having to leave when Maliki refused to sign another agreement allowing the US to stay longer.

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